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  1. The Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience (part 1)
  2. Welcome to the Underworld! *New 5/24/07
  3. California Travelers, Online Ultimaitums, Frozen Out Love, & Acceptance, Or , Denial?
  4. Interrogation Story F/M, then M/F, non-sexual
  5. Slick and Slippery Tickling M/F feet
  6. Foot Slime
  7. Cat's-paw Reprise (m/f; >18)
  8. Kayden's Punishment Part 1.
  9. Capital , Queen , And Brotherly City Sojourn. Then, Calming, Or Eruption?
  10. Angel's Auctioning
  11. A new story in my archive and here is a teaser. Comments are always appreciated.
  12. Apple City, Peach City, And Rocket City Business. Then, A Step Backward
  13. Plumber tickles home owner M/M
  14. The Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience (Part 2)
  15. WOWE/WOWF "The return" (wrestling/tickling) F/F part 1
  16. Laura's Fantasy (F/m)
  17. Center Country, Western Hospitality, Then, A Truce?
  18. "Fantasy Dream Makers f/f" My projects Preview!
  19. The industrial spy
  20. Of Course You Can, Part One (f/m, sexual situations)
  21. Western Wars, Second Coming Endings, And, Calm Seas
  22. Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience (Part 3)
  23. Rihanna falls victim to Turtelli
  24. Contest! (no story)
  25. BLAST FROM THE PAST: Sweet Revenge # 4 (F/F Intense)
  26. searching for a story
  27. Princess Alisha's Ransom, part 4
  28. Going back to Canelli
  29. Trapped on the Subway! Sexual - FFFF/M
  30. Big-breasted tickling: Michelle's mother's day
  31. WOWE/WOWF "The return" (wrestling/tickling) F/F part 2
  32. Football Fantasy Tickling (some adult content)
  33. Second Schedule Endings, Insensitive Comments, And, Back Into Obilivion?
  34. Crossroads Facility, entire series (*/F)
  35. Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience (Part 4)
  36. Final Road Trip, Return Home, And Then, October
  37. Quit Smoking Organization Part 1
  38. Quit Smoking Part 2
  39. Quit Smoking Part 3
  40. Quit Smoking Part 4...To be Continued
  41. Question to my fellow writers concerning sex in stories
  42. Quiet, Painful Winter. Arrival Of Spring. Opening, And, A Rapid Start
  43. First Time Out, Second Home Stanza, And, Status Quo
  44. The tickling tutor strikes again
  45. Tenderfoot Part Sixteen (Fantasy Tickling Story)
  46. The Ultimate Lynda Carter Experience (Part 5/Final)
  47. Country And Western Tickling; A Fanfic by Mastertank1
  48. You and Me at the Beach (not your run-of-the-mill beach story)
  49. Midwestern Advantage Meetings, Then, West Coast Welcomers
  50. My Latest Story
  51. Who shall dont turtelli get next?
  52. The Buxom Brunette Returns!
  53. A Small Circle of Friends Chapter One (F/F Intense)
  54. REPOST: first story
  55. A Breach Of Secrecy (Chapter I)
  56. An Unexpected Guest FF/M
  57. Just in time for summer...
  58. A Small Circle of Friends Chapter Two (F/F Intense)
  59. The Meaningless Game
  60. Elms high (m/f, extremely sexual)
  61. Danica Patrick, tickle tortured by Don Turtelli
  62. Prancing Near The Pacific, Full Circle Homestand, And, Slowdown
  63. Intensley Aniston (Parts 1-5 M/F, F/M, FFF/M, Adult)
  64. My first story! f/f-ff/mm
  65. Potomac, Delaware, and Queen River Sojurn, Then, Redux, And More Intense Lovin.
  66. The very first story I wrote for here, reposted and here is a teaser.
  67. A Breach of Secrecy (Chapter II)
  68. Fitness-tickle club part 1
  69. An older story by Tummy Dragon (XXX) M/F
  70. Story by Tummy Dragon M/F Very Erotic!
  71. Kristin's torture (m/f)
  72. S E A M L E S S
  73. S E A M L E S S (( Pre-downloaded version ))
  74. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Three (F/F Intense)
  75. The Paris Hilton in Jail Story
  76. Drums
  77. Session 1: Master Ovation
  78. The Tickling War: Prologue
  79. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Four (F/F Intense)
  80. I'm in trouble now !!!
  81. Ticklish Tandom
  82. Fruits And Rocket Cities Visitors. Then, Personal Issues Engulf, On All Sides
  83. "Barbiee barefoot in Boston" M/F
  84. Barbiee's Next move to Boston F/M
  85. Tenderfoot Part Seventeen (Fantasy Tickling Story)
  86. A Breach of Secrecy (Chapter III)
  87. New story
  88. Silence From Afar, Central Standings Visitors. Pacific Welcomers, And Progress?
  89. requesting?
  90. Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" deleted foot tickle scene
  91. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Five (F/F Intense)
  92. The First Time (m/f)
  93. Regular Endings, Special Beginnings, Chilling Episodes, And, Ultimate Outcomes.
  94. A Black Van (m/f)
  95. Katrina the Great: part 1
  96. Good Guys Opening Story Of New Season.
  97. The Search For The Foutain of Laughter F/m m/m
  98. The Many Ticklings Of Valerie Part 1: Discovery
  99. Story Request- One Tree Hill
  100. Story Request :)
  101. I saw Amanda on line and just had to re-post her story.
  102. The Ghost F/M
  103. The Concerto, Part 1 (MMM/fff)
  104. The Rooms
  105. MT. Giggle F/M
  106. She shouldn't have done it... F/F sexual
  107. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Six (F/F Intense)
  108. The Devil's Own (M/M Intense)
  109. Dr. Friedlichstein's Experimental Insomnia Cure
  110. First Road Trip, Relief While Away, And, Back Into The Fire?
  111. Cheering for revenge
  112. The Concerto, Part 2 (MMM/f)
  113. New Tickle story series
  114. The Manor
  115. The Warden's Newest Tickler - F/F - Intense (teaser)
  116. Second Away Stanza. Left Coast Hospitality, And, A Time Of Tranquility?
  117. Paris Hilton story (The Photo Session)
  118. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Chazz Princeton Tickled - M/m (upperbody, good for belly lovers)
  119. Rhyme to a rival
  120. gwen stefani
  121. Pure Tickle Hell! (F/M with sexual content)
  122. A Night at the Symphony! (F/M with sexual content)
  123. Jessica Biel feet tickle/Massage
  124. Tenderfoot Part Eighteen (Fantasy Tickling Story)
  125. Tickling the Teacher
  126. Switch (M/f, erotic tickling, sexual situations)
  127. Tickling the Teacher II: From the ler's perspective
  128. For the ladies,
  129. Other Coast Visitors, Then, A Return To Hell
  130. Tickling Thera (the beginning)
  131. REPOST: The Window MMM/f
  132. A Breach of Secrecy (Part IV)
  134. Roundabout Schedule Completions, And, Deja Vu Beginnings
  135. The Weekend After
  136. Famous City Song, Dixie Song, And Texas Two Step Vistors. Then, Progress, Or Regress?
  137. Minerals, Lakes, And Rivers Visitors. Then, Backpedaling, Into The Fire
  138. The Secrets are Out (M/F)
  139. The Flower Delivery
  140. California Goings, And Comings, Then, Finally, An Understanding?
  141. Rosie vs. Elisabeth
  142. Serum # 24 (very long story, all F/F)
  143. Serum # 24 (very long story, all F/F)
  144. 24 Hours Ago
  145. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Seven (F/F Intense)
  146. Regular Season Endings, October's Beginnings, And, Heartbreak, In More Ways Than One?
  147. Stolen Education: Finished (F/M&F)
  148. The League of Extraordinary Ticklers F/m M/M
  149. Casting Out the Spirit of Heaviness (fiction) m/f m/m
  150. The Quiet Season, The Big Decision, The Right Move, Or, The Wrong Path?
  151. First Soujourns, Second Welcomings, And, Running In Place?
  152. The World At Their Feet (Preview)
  153. Central Standards, Volcanic Eruptions, And, Near Oblivion?
  154. Little California Nightmares, Then, A Massive Nightmare, In Paradise.
  155. Foreboding of Things to Come
  156. Pay your gambling debts - (m/f, mm/f, f/f)
  157. 60 Minutes of Hell (F/M, True)
  158. The Angel and Navel Mysteries, Case 1, f/m,*/f, f,m/m
  159. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Eight (F/F Intense)
  160. Washington, Philly, And Cincy Sojourn, Then, Instant Replays Homestand
  161. REPOST: Pay Your Gambling Debts - (M/F, MM/F, F/F)
  162. Karen and Michael's First Meeting (Sexual content)
  163. T I C K E L
  164. The Come As You Are Party
  165. The Investigation
  166. Rotten Fruits, And Stalled Rockets. Then, Armegeddon, For A Marriage, And A Career?
  167. Unleashing Passion - Part 1 (F/F, true)
  168. The Call (F/m)
  169. Mid Central Sojourn, Mitch On Ice, And, Reflections, Of A Career, And A Life
  170. Harry Potter story? (Spoilers on book seven)
  171. St. Vitus Dance (fff/m)
  172. The Damned Do Laugh (F/MM Intense)
  173. The long-awaited sequel to "Complimentary Tickles"...
  174. Katrina the Great: part 2
  175. A tickling surprise
  176. A Wife's Secret: Part One
  177. The Tickling War: How to Fight a War Without Really Hurting Anyone
  178. The Tickle Bets/Fights Thread
  179. Mother May I (ff(f)/mm)
  180. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Nine (F/F Intense)
  181. Can somebody help JT
  182. Should I keep writing?
  183. A Wife's Secret: Part Two
  184. Western Woes, Ongoing Explosions, Early Offers, And, Final Decisions?
  185. REPOST: Barbiee barefoot in Boston
  186. REPOST: Barbiee's Next Move to Boston
  187. Ticklish Mindy and the delivery(M/F)
  188. Nymphadora Tonks
  189. Furniture Store Tickling
  190. Nymphadora Tonks 2
  191. A Wife's Secret: Part Three
  192. Nymphadora Tonks 3
  193. Tenderfoot Part Nineteen (Tickling Fantasy Story)
  194. Nymphadora Tonks--please Read!
  195. Nymphadora Tonks 4
  196. My Dream Girl F-M Extreme Tickling and Foot Worship
  197. Regular Endings, Special Beginnings, A Happy Ending, Or.. The Ultimate Ending?
  198. one tree hill...kinda
  199. Big-breasted tickling: Michelle's Backstory fmm/f
  200. Quiet, Chilly, Winter, Opening Times, And, Up, And Down.
  201. Laughter in tickling stories.
  202. A Wife's Secret (Full Story, Parts 1-4)
  203. CIA Couple(f/m)
  204. First Times Away, Return Home Stanza, And, Keeping Stability
  205. The Madam Laughs M/F
  206. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Ten (F/F Intense)
  207. The Coven M/f F/m.. M/M.. F/F
  208. A new story in my archives and here is a teaser for you.
  209. The Family Failure(mmf/f)
  210. A Viper and his pet.(m/f, non-tk, a BDSM story)
  211. Prologue : The Two Couples Meet (m/f, f/m)
  212. Central Country Cries, Inadvertant Hurts, Removal From Spotlight, Future Decisions?
  213. Oh no, how embarrassing...
  214. Woeful Western Way. Eastern Return. Welcome All Comers, New Beginning, Or, Ending?
  215. request
  216. One in a Million F/M Part 1 The Set-up
  217. One in a Million F/M Part 1 The Set-up
  218. Midway Soujourn, Restless Thoughts, Island Return, And, A Last Minute Save?
  219. New Story on my Archive...
  220. Another new story in my archives. Here is the teaser and the link.
  221. The Carpet (*/f)
  222. Mid Ocean, Peach, And Texas Sojourn, Then, A Big Hurt, And, A Hiatus For A Star
  223. Old friends
  224. Midwestern Missings, Then, Welcome Back To The Prodigal
  225. About the Harry Potter story I was going to write
  226. Important Message About Nymphadora Tonks series
  227. Western Waves, Communication Storms, And, Finally, A Return To Tranquility
  228. Days Of Resistance (Part I)
  229. Moneypennys Vacation
  230. A Small Circle of Friends, Chapter Eleven (F/F Intense)
  231. Moneypennys Vacation part 2
  232. The General Store
  233. Voltron: Defender of the Universe tickling story #2
  234. Big-breasted tickling: Michelle and Nora's contest mm/ff
  235. Bounce Chix Story 002a
  236. Regular Ending Approach, Return To Friction, And, Thoughts.. Of Moving On
  237. One in a Million F/M Part 2
  238. Scifi story; The Princess Slave
  239. The phone book saleswomen (F/FF feet)
  240. Going to give a shot at a story, here's some questions for the readers.
  241. The New Adventures of Batman Part 1 The Joker Trapped M/M
  242. Regular Season Ending, Special Season Beginning, And, A Fall, Like No Other
  243. Painful Reflections Of Old, Beginning Anew, And, A Resolve For Only One Outcome
  244. The Two Couples : Road Trip...Part 1 ( a bit of m/f, but mostly f/f)
  245. Happy Birthday Hayden
  246. A new story and so here is a teaser and a link.
  247. Rasputia's Revenge f/f (Norbit tickling story)
  248. It Happened While Housesitting (M/F)
  249. First Times Away, Distant Feelings And Thoughts, And, Testy Times
  250. The Dungeon Chronicles - Part One