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  1. The Hunt for a Trophy {M/F}
  2. My Little Thief {M/F}
  3. The Serial Tickler {M/F}
  4. The Search for a Tickle Pet Saga {M/F, F/F, FF/F} [Parts I-IV]
  5. Mission Complete {M/F}
  6. Ashley's Punishment Saga {M/F} [Parts I-IV]
  7. Survival of the Fittest {M/F}
  8. The Taming of the Concubine {MM/F}
  9. The Ultimate Penalty {M/F}
  10. The Unfortunate Aftermath {FFF/M}
  11. The Captain's Treasure {M/F}
  12. The Tickling of Leto {M/F}
  13. The Chronicles of Elenya Wynwood: Part I-II {M/F}
  14. The Legend of Ena the Fallen {F/F} Parts I-II
  15. The Glass Wall {F/F, M/F} Parts I-IV
  16. The Perfect Choice [M/F] (Highly Erotic)
  17. The Punishment of Kira McKee