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Next day when the girls woke up and they were having their breakfast. They were all dressed the same as Kelly and Michelle were dressed the day before, but their jeans were cut of, to uncoverg most of their ticklish thigs and the rest of legs. Again they were barefoot. Kelly was holding Beyonce's feet on her knees and she was lightly teasing and sometimes licking them. Later she was doing the same to Michelle's feet. Both girls were giggling playfully. Beyonce asked:"So, shall we repeat our tickle session?" Kelly and Michelle confirmed. "But this time we should be tickled together in the same time by someone else." said Kelly."Who can be our tickler?" asked Beyonce. "Do you remember Sarah? She said she liked to tickle people. I'm sure she would give us a pure torture." answered Kelly. "OK, I will go and phone her. Get ready. We must be tied up very securely." said Michelle. When she came back she said: "Sarah will be at 2 hours. To that time we can play together. Who is first to be tickled?" "Me" answered Beyonce. "But this time tie me up in the other position". "You know, I think that our tickle sessions yesterday were too short. Today, when we know we are strong we should have about 15 minutes of tickling with a short break. Do you agree?" asked Kelly. "And everybody should get 2 tickle sessions" added Michelle. "OK, no more talking! Tie me up." said Beyonce lying down on a bed on her stomach. This time she was hogtied. Kelly and Michelle gave special attention to her bare feet this time. First Kelly was licking them for a minute, causing Beyonce giglle silent. Then the real torture began. Michelle took an electric toothbrush and touched it to Beyonces foot. Beyonce was screaming "Arghhhhhhhhhh, NOOOOOOOOOO, stop it, it's horrible!" Kelly took a feather. She started making smal circles on Beyonces left sole. Michelle's electric toothbrush was tickling the softest part of Beyonces foot under her toes. Beyonce couldn't take it. She was fighting against the rope restraining her, but she was tied up very well. The only thing she could do was screaming. Then Kelly moved to Beyonce's sides for a short moment. She was scratching them with her long nails, later she was teasing them with a feather. Michelle was still tickling Beyonce's soles. This time without a toothbrush. Her long finger nails were mercilessly scratching her feet. Beyonce was in tears. "Stop it you sadists! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AHHAHAHAHAHAHA, please no more, please no more please... OH MY GOD NO AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAH STOP IT PLEASE". Then there was a break. Kelly untied Beyonce and decided to tie her up in the other position, because the previous didn't give the good access to all her ticklish spots. Beyonce was lying on floor with her wrists tied to the legs of bed and her ankles tied to a chair so that they were higher then the rest of the body. A moment before Beyonce's torture was resumed Kelly asked her how does she feel. "Oh my god, that's the most torturous experience of my life. It's a sadism!" answered Beyonce. " Do you want us to stop?" asked Michelle. "No, never. Tickle me! I love it". The merciless tickling was resumed. Kelly started to tickle beyonce between her toes with a long soft feather. "AAAAAAAAAA, NOOOOO,HHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA" laughed Beyonce. Michelle was looking at her tortured friend for a moment and began tickling her armpits. "Noooooooooooooo, not my AAAHAHAAAAA armpits!" screamed Beyonce and fell into constant loud laughter. Kelly took a second feather and started tickling Beyonces arches without stoping tickling her toes. It was a horror for poor Beyonce. She couldn't even scream. Michelle soon moved to Beyonce's most ticklish spot - feet and helped Kelly in torturing them. While Kelly was tickling them with two feathers Michelle again took an electric toothbrush and began merciless tickling of her soles. That drove Beyonce to hysteria. She was fighting against the bondage, screaming, but everything was useless. "You've 4 minutes left. Save your strenght for the end" said Kelly. She threw out the feathers and began scratching her soles with her own nails. Beyonce was completely helpless. She was crying. Her every muscle was exhausted. But the tickling was continued. Each girl tickling her feet had different technique. Kelly was tickling her sole with nails o her one hand in slow, long moves and torturing her arches and toes with a feather held in the other hand. Michelle was tickling violently moving her fingers very fast on the tormented sole and tickling arches with an electric toothbrush. That mix was unsufferable. Beyonce was in cold sweat. She was fighting so wild that she managed to free one of her hands. But the tickling of her feet was still in progress. At last it got to end. The half dead exhausted girl was untied. After she rest a litlle Kelly asked her: "Wasn't it too much for you? Did you enjoy it?". "Oh yeah it was too much, but I really loved it. You have to experience it." answered Beyonce. "I will, it is my turn now. You have to tie me up better than I tied you." said Kelly lying down on a floor. She was tied up with double piece of rope on each wrist and ankle. Beyonce sat on a chair at Kelly's feet to unable her overturning the chair and get good access to her feet. "How do you feel? Are you scared, Kelly?" asked Beyonce. "No, I'm not scared, but the anticipation is killing me. Start!" replied Kelly. Beyonce started tickling very slowly. She was just touching Kelly's feet for a short time and then she was moving her finger back to intensify Kelly's excitement. Suddenly the real tickling began. Beyonce started tickling Kelly's feet moving her fingers faster and faster until Kelly exploded into loud giggles. Then Michelle started her part. She started tickling Kelly's armpits. "AAHAAHAHAAAAAHAAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOOOO not my armpits! I'm too OH MY GOD, NOOOOOOOOOOO NOT UNDER MY TOES! tickliAAAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAsh. STOP!" screamed Kelly. "No way! I'm just begining!" said Beyonce, starting tickling Kelly with a feather beetween her toes. From Beyonce's face you could see that she really enjoyed torturing her friend. On her face there was a devilish grin. Kelly's helpless feet seemed to scream "Tickle us!". Kelly was trying to curl her toes to unable Beyonce tickling them, but Beyonce was stronger. She was holding her toes wide and moving the feather between them. Kelly couldn't stand it. She was fighting against her bondage, but when Beyonce stopped tickling her toes for a moment to change her feather to a softer one she said through the laughter: "Don't ARGH stopAAAAHHHHH". Beyonce soon resumed the torure. Now she used a softer feather that was giving better effect on a soft skin of Kelly's toes. Now Kelly couldn't even scream because of the constant laughter. Michelle was tickling her sides. Beyonce started tickling Kelly's soles with her long nails. She was moving them very fast. Kelly started wiggling her feet to avoid contact with her fingers but it was useless. Beyonce's nails were tickling her soles faultlessly without loosing contact with them or stopping. Michelle was tickling Kelly's navel with a stiff feather. Kelly's navel was very ticklish, almost as ticklish as her feet, so she was going crazy with every second of torture. Beyonce decided to let Kelly taste her own medicine. She took an electric toothbrush and started using it under Kelly's toes. This time Kelly was in tears. "What's up Kelly? You seem not to enjoy it." asked Beyonce. Kelly didn't answer. She was laughing too loud to do it. Then she got a break. This time the victim didn't have to change her position. The actual position offered very good acces to all ticklish spots of her body. Asked for her expierences she said she loved her tickling session. After a few minutes the tickling session was resumed. This time Michelle was at Kelly's feet and Beyonce was taking care about upper-body. Beyonce took two soft feathers and started tickling her armpits and stomach. Beyonce had very skilled tickler so just after the beginning of torture Kelly was laughing uncontrollably. Michelle was tickling Kelly's left sole with a stiff feather. Tickling from both ends of her body drove Kelly to madness. She was fighting like a lion, she was screaming loud and jumping on the floor but the double rope restraining her was strong enough to hold her in the right position. Then Beyonce started moving down her body. She tickled her long legs. They were ticklish but not enough ticklish to give satisfaction to Beyonce. She moved to her feet. Now Kelly had two merciless ticklers at one of the most ticklish parts of her bodies. She managed to scream: "You bitcAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA BITCHES!" and she fell into loud, constant laughter. Beyonce was tickling her arches using a feather. Michelle was taking revenge on Kelly for her merciless torture, when the toothbrush was used first time, using the same tickling device as Kelly used then. She was using it mercilessly. The toothbrush was working on a highest speed causing Kelly laughing and screaming louder. Beyonce had no more ideas how to torture her friend. She threw the feather out and started licking Kelly's toes. Her feet were so sensitive, that even such a light touch of Beyonce's tongue was making her going crazy. When she was bored with it she got an idea. She took her hair-brush. It had a small ball on the end of each soft and long bristle. Tickling using it was giving Kelly new unsufferable expierences. Hair-brush in co-operation with toothbrush were making Kelly so exhausted that she almost passed out. After the end of a torture she was half-dead. She couldn't stand up because of exhaustion. She was half-dead, but she was happy. Again she said: "I loved it, it was painfull and sadist, but fantastic. I have to get it again." Then there was w half-hour break to let Kelly rest after merciless torture. For all that time Michelle was lying tied up on a floor to get better results during torture. Michelle couldn't stand waiting. She wanted the torture to start. After a short time it happened. Both ticklers started at her upper body. Beyonce was tickling sides and Kelly was tickling armpits. Both used only their nails. It was enough to make Michelle laughing uncontrolably. Beyonce was tickling her sides first slowly moving her nails, later she started moving them faster and faster and then slower again. "AAAAAA, Beyonce, that's HAAHAHAAHAH fantastic! Ticklie me more! NOOOOO" When Beyonce heard it she decided to let her friend have even more fun. She took a feather and started tickling, moving it from Michelle's soft armpits to the end of her stomach in slow, long moves. At the same time Kelly moved to Michelle's legs. She was tickling her slim thigs. It was a very ticklish spot. Michelle lost control over herself. She was screaming loud and jumping on a floor. "Oh, you seem to enjoy it, don't you?" asked Kelly playfully. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I lo...lo...lo...AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA OH SHIT! love it!" answered Michelle through the laughter. Hearing it Kelly started tickling her thigs more intensive. This caused Michelle laughing so hard that she couldn't scream. Beyonce was bored with tickling Michelle's sides, so she moved to a place she loved to tickle most and by the way the most ticklish part of Michelle's body. FEET. Michelle's feet were just begging to be tickled. Her long toes were wiggling as Kelly was tickling her thigs. Her feet were so helpless and so lovely that Beyonce couldn't take looking at them anymore and started toruring them. From the first touch Michelle was laughing twice louder. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOT MY FEET! THEY ARE TOO... OH MY GOD NOOOO HAHAHHAAHAHA TICKLISH! PLEASE". After Michelle screamed it, she felt into a constant laughter. Beyonce was developing her torture. She was tickling both Michelle's arches with her nails. Michelle couldn't scream throgh her laughter. Kelly moved to her knees. She was using feather under them. They weren't as ticklish as her thigs, but she decided to give them some attention. Beyonce soon also took a feather. She was using it between Michelle's toes. It was a very soft feather. It was ideal for tickling such a sensitive place. Michelle went crazy. She was in tears, fighting against her bondage and laughing as loud as she could. "I see I will have to give some attention too your feet now too. If you're going to loose so much strength right now I won't get an ocassion to tickle your feet before you pass out!" said Kelly to Michelle stopping tickling her knees "Let me tickle one foot beyonce, please". Before Kelly started tickling Michelle's feet Michelle only managed to scream "NO, NOT MY FEET!". Then a real torture began for Michelle. Kelly was tickling her using her favorite weapon - electric toothbrush. With two feet tickled so violently Michelle couldn't catch her breathe. A few moments of tickling would make her faint, but then the bell at the door rang. Both the ticklers went to open the doors. Restrained Michelle waited in a room resting. She heard female voice: "Helo girls, I see you're ready yet". Into the room walked: Beyonce, Kelly and Sarah Michelle Gellar. "Hi Michelle! I see you're having fun yet" said a new guest "I'm sure, together we'll be playing even better." said Sarah taking of her sandals, exposing her perfect feet. She was dressed similar to the other girls in a room. Most of her possibly ticklish spots were uncovered."But before you start tickling us all Sarah, we must finish with her" said Beyonce to Sarah Michelle Gellar. "No problem. I will help you" answered Sarah grinning. "How long were your tickle sessions?" asked Sarah. Kelly answered "Yesterday they were five minutes long abd today 15." "Great. I see I can give you a real fun." All the girls walked to helpless Michelle. "So, what is your most ticklish spot Michelle?" asked Sarah grinning. Michelle was trying to hide fear in her eyes. She have never been tickled by 3 persons before. "Oh, you've got very nice feet. I guess those toes are desperately ticklish" continued Sarah. "No, that's not true, my feet are completely unticklish!" lied Michelle. "Really interesting. We'll see. C'mon girls!" said Sarah walking to helpless feet. "Kelly, you take upper body. Beyonce will help me with feet. I haven't told you Michelle, tickling is my hobby. I tickled hundreds of men before. I'm very well skilled" Sarah took a long feather and started tickling. Beyonce followed her. From the first seconds of torture Michelle was going crazy. Sarah's tickling was unsufferable. "ARGHHHHAAAAAAAA I'LL DIE! NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "Don't worry. My previous victims were feeling so too, but all of them survived" answered Sarah without stopping tickling. Kelly joined the tickling too. Her fingers were wiggling fast on Michelle's armpits. Then Beyonce took a toothbrush. The effect was immediate like usually. None of the girls tortured before was screaming as loud as Michelle. Michelle was crying. She was too exhausted to scream. She haven't rested after a previous torture and now she was getting something twice worse. Unfortunately after 2 minutes she passed out and the torture had to be paused. "Untie her and take care about her. I will bring my stocks. Get ready." said Sarah walking out to her car. When Michelle was recovered Sarah was still outside. "Oh my god, how you did it? I have never felt like this." asked exhausted girl. "That was Sarah's job. We must rest now. When she is back, she will tickle us together" replied Beyonce. Sarah came back soon. She brought her stocks. "OK girls, now a real fun begins. Sit down here." said Sarah, setting the stocks at the sofa. Kelly sat down at once. Beyonce followed her. Michelle was unsure for a moment, but she also sat down. Sarah locked them and tied their hand above their heads. "How do you feel?" she asked. "Great, what are you waiting for? Tickle!" answered Kelly. Other victims were silent. "Oh, don't worry, soon you'll beg US to stop. Let me introduce you my helpiers." Into the room walked all the previous members of Destiny's Child: Le Toya, Le Tavia and Farrah. "Hello girls! together again!" said Le Toya. The captured girls couldn't say anything. "So, we may start." said Sarah quiet. All the ticklers stepped to the stocks. Le Toya took Kelly, Farrah took Michelle and Sarah with Le Tavia took care about Beyonce. The ticklees looked at each other and the torture began. Le Tavia was tickling Beyonce's underarms, Sarah was at her feet. "You've got very sexy feet. I think they are the most beautyful feet I've ever tickled." said Sarah as she started tickling. Beyonce's beautyful toes started wiggle to avoid Sarah's feather. Soon all the ticklees exploaded into high, helpless giggle. Beyonce was laughing loudest. She was tickled by two merciless tormentors, one at her armpits and one at her feet. "And one more thing. There will be no breaks. When you're unable to stand tickling anymore, you will pass out. The most happy hour in your life has just begun!" said Sarah. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screamed Beyonce when Sarah's feather was put in between her toes. "YOU BITCHHEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGHS" screamed Kelly and fell into constant laughter as Le Toya was scratching her silky armpits. Michelle was the bravest. Although Farrah was tickling her most ticklish spot - feet she was only laughing silent. After 15 minutes Beyonce's tormentor decided to change the tickling device. She took the electric toothbrush and used it for torturing Beyonce's arches. Beyonce couldn't scream, she was laughing silent. Her eyes were filled with tears. She couldn't stand it even without toothbrush. After about ten minutes of torturing with toothbrush she passed out. Sarah and Le Tavia took care about other girls. Sarah went to Michelle, Le Tavia to Kelly. Kelly's soft soles weren't tickled yet. Le Tavia decided to change it. She started scratching them with her long nails. "NOOOOOOOO, NO 2 ON 1! PLEASE STOOOPAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAH" screamed Kelly. But the ticklers were merciless. Le Toya moved to Kelly's ribs. She was tickling them with a feather. Michelle was tickled on her feet by two persons now. That was unsufferable for her. Althuogh Sarah started tickling very slow, Michelle was going crazy from the begining. Farrah, who wasn't very good tickler decided to try something different. She took Michelle's toes to her mouth and started licking them. That was tickling Michelle too. "Oh, you have very tasty toes Michelle." said Farrah "What foot lotion do you use?" Michelle didn't manage to answer through constant laughter. Soon she passed out. The only girl who left was Kelly. Sarah ordered Le Toya and Le Tavia to stop tickling Kelly. "So, Kelly now you're alone. There are still about 20 minutes left. If Beyonce doesn't wake up, you will be tickled by four persons for 20 minutes. Le Tavia, Farrah go to her upper body. Feet are mine and Le Toya's." Kelly didn't answer. She was resting before a torture of her life. When Sraha only closed her feather to her sole she screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE! OH NO NONONONONOAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA". All ticklish spots of Kelly's body were tickled now. Farrah was tickling armpits, Le Tavia stomach, Le Toya legs and feet. Sarah gave her attention only to Kelly's feet. She was tickling between her toes. Kelly's skin was very soft there. Every touch was causing her jump. Sarah's feather was soft, ideal for tickling places like this. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYOU SADISTS!That had to be fun!" screamed Kelly. Farrah was tickling Kelly's armpits. They were soft and smooth. Her fingers were dancing fast, making Kelly laugh and scream uncontrollably. Kelly was tickled by four persons for ten minutes. Then Beyonce awoke. She was looking with fear at her tormented friend for a moment. When Sarah realised that Beyonce is ready for torture again, she and Le Tavia wlked to her. "Welcome again! Your friend has just got a beutyfull torture and now you'll get it too. Sarah and Le Tavia were tickling Beyonce's feet without mercy, causing her scream and cry through the laughter. But that was just a beginning. Soon Kelly passed out. Now Beyonce was the one tickled by four ticklers. Three of them were tickling her feet, Farrah was tickling sides. Exhausted Beyonce was standing tickling for 5 minutes then she also passed out. All the beauties were unlocked. The ticklers were waiting until they recover. The first to wake up was Michelle. "Oh god, I'm a masochist. I'm exhausted, I've got stomach ache from laughing, but I'm happy. I loved it. Thank you." said exhausted Michelle. The other girls soon awoke. Their experiences were similar. All of them said that it was the most painfull event in their live, but anyway they loved it. "So, Sarah you arethe best tickler in the world. You tickled us almost to death! Now we deserve a good revenge. Sit down" said exhausted girls. Sarah had no choice, she sat down on a sofa with her feet in stocks and she let her previous victims lock her...

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**CHANTING** sequel! sequel! sequel!

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I'll try to create sequel next week. Can you tell me what do you think about this story? That's my debut and I would like to know what's your opinion.

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I think it's really good dude. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see Sarah Michelle Gellar get the shit tickled out of her :D

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Thanks a lot. Sequel will be ready tomorrow. I'm not sure if I can do it good enough. Sarah Michelle Gellar realy deserves something special. I dream about tickling her. Have you got any sugestions?

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Loved the stories. They were great. Terrific work. I can't wait for more stories from you.

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Wow, thanks a lot. More stories soon...

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Great sequel

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great :)