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03-02-2002, 10:42 AM
OK, I started a new thread to bring the current info. up-to-date. We are in the final planning stages of this summers gathering. Space IS limitted. So, sign up now if you're interested. For more information, join us at Tickle Chamber Group (http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/TickleChamberGroup) our new Yahoo group for info. on the gathering and our web site. Survey, rules, etc. can be found there. Details from the old thread are below.

Venray and I have set the date with the local dungeon for our first annual CAT Gathering! Here are some of the details...

Date: Saturday, July 27th, 2002
. 12 noon - 6pm (incl. lunch)
Location: LaChateau Fetish Club in Meriden, CT
. LaChateau (http://www.lachateau.com)
Cost: $10 registration and $10 at the door
. (If money is tight, don't let it stop you. We'll work
. something out.)

The club is a regular fetish club in central CT. They have all sorts of events. But, we were able to get the place to ourselves for the day. They open to the public at 7pm. So, we need to be cleaned up and out the door by 6...which shouldn't be a problem. For anyone who's into BDSM or anything else and would like to return during regular hours, they will stamp your hand and give you a deal on the cover when you get back.

We had been looking at a restaurant for lunch before going to the club. But, we've gotten permission to have our lunch there instead. So, we'll be discussiong options as far as that goes. Most likely, we'll keep it simple and do a combination of pizza a cold cuts for sandwhiches. We'll also have plenty to drink and some nibbly snacks for the afternoon.

The room we will be in is upstairs and is a combination set-up. One end of the room has tables and chairs set up for eating/socializing. This will also give people room to hang out and take a break/visit as they wish. The other half of the room has a rack, stocks, framework set-up, web, and all sorts of good stuff to use. We can bring extra bondage gear as we wish. Just be sure to keep track of your goodies.

Just up the street from the club is an excellent fetish store, D/s Toychest (http://www.dstoychest.com), that you can check out. For anyone who wishes/needs to stay the night, please contact us. There are several area hotels and restaurants within a few minutes of the club.

We're really excited about the way things are coming together. It's looking to be a great time! For anyone who is interested, please join the Yahoo group I've set up (see above). We'll be having more discussion and a couple of attendees only chats there as things progress. Also, EVERYONE, pleae e-mail me at TklChamber@attbi.com. I want to be certain that everyone is on ur list. (I know i'm missing a couple of addresses.)