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03-02-2002, 10:51 AM
Our Yahoo Group, set up partly to organize people for the gathering, has already got 180 members. This is after only two days! While I have yet to find out how many are planning to attend the gathering, I see several names of people who have expressed interest in recent weeks.

So what?, you ask. Well...space is limitted. So, if you're interested in joining us for what is shaping up to be a great gathering, you need to move on it ASAP. We don't want people to be left out only because they failed to act soon enough. If you are interested in attending, please complete the survey/agreement and get it to me so I can add you to the list. Please also consider joining the Yahoo group, as we will be scheduling a few chats to discuss details.

(There will be no admissions at the door without prior clearance and reservations.)