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03-02-2002, 10:55 AM
Greetings everybody!

If you are interested in attending this summer's CAT gathering, please fill out the form below (copied & pasted into an e-mail) and try to be as detailed as possible. This is just a preliminary survey to give us information while the final details of the gathering are being completed. We want to be sure we take any special needs into consideration.

The purpose of this survey is to make us aware of anything that could effect your ability to enjoy this gathering. Except for reports of previous refusal to obey the rules or simply running out of room, the ONLY thing that would keep us from allowing you to attend the gathering is a refusal to fill this out and/or agree to the rules of the gathering. Please be as honest and thorough as possible.

If any of these questions seem personal or offensive in any way, please excuse me. This is a touch of the first-aider in me coming out. We never know when someone will become sick or have an accident. If, God forbid, anything were to happen while you're with us, we want to know whatever may be necessary to provide you the proper care.

Be assured that NO ONE will see or hear the details of this survey other than myself and the other two people on our committee. Once you have completed the form, please e-mail it to me at gathering@ticklechamber.com


1. Are you at least 18 yrs of age? (State law requires proof of age. Since we are responsible for our own group, we will check IDs at the door ourselves to keep your anonymity secure.)

2. Do you have ANY health problems or special dietary needs/requests (i.e., food or other allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart condition, blood pressure problems, *PTSD*, etc.)?

3. Do you take drugs, prescription or otherwise, on a regular basis? If so, what do you take?

4. Where do you live (city/state)?

5. What is your real name (to be matched with your ID at the door and then forgotten unless you wish otherwise) and the name by which you wish to be called at the gathering?

6. Do you prefer to tickle, be tickled, both.

7. Have you ever experimented with consensual bondage?

8. Would you object to the use of bondage, either on others or yourself?

9. Have you ever tickled another person as an adult?

10. Have you ever been tickled by another person as an adult?

11. Where do you like to tickle a person most?

12. Where are you most ticklish?

13. Are there any areas people should avoid when tickling you, whether for physical or emotional reasons (IF you choose to allow that)?

14. Are you married, involved romantically, or single? (Please note that this form
should also be completed for any partner who may be planning to attend with you.)

15. If your partner is attending with you, do you foresee any difficulties with others asking for play (provided that this is done in a courteous and respectful manner)?

*NOTE: If there is anyone who is aware of a history of abuse and is concerned about the possibility of flashbacks, please feel free to discuss this with me personally offlist. Since I've been there and experienced this myself, I may be able to assist you. If you wish, I will monitor any session in which you choose to participate to try to avoid any difficulties for you.


Please read and indicate your consent to the following agreement. Anyone, regardless of who they are, who violates these rules will immediately be asked to leave...no second chances. The following Rules and Regulations are strictly enforced for the comfort and safety of all of our participants.

I, ____________________________________, being of legal age to attend an adult oriented gathering, agree to the following RULES OF CONDUCT:

1) There is a strict NO UNINVITED TOUCH rule with anyone that you do not personally know. We don't want our guests to feel like people are going to be poking at them all day long. If you see someone that you would like to tickle, just like in any social situation, strike up a conversation and ask them if they would mind.

2) If someone does touch you uninvited please remember to be courteous if you don't want them touching you. Remember, this is a gathering of people who like to tickle so don't humiliate or embarrass them by making it seem like they just violated you. Simply inform them that you prefer that they not touch you at that time.

3) NOBODY is to be made to feel uneasy for not getting involved in play. (This could mean the entire day or simply a break period taken.) Some people may be more comfortable simply watching and visiting. Be sure to treat them with respect, as you'd like to be shown yourself.

4) If you approach a person wearing a "collar" it is respectful to ask their partner first.

5) If we choose to have a DEMO please do not touch the person being demonstrated on unless you are asked by the Hosts.

6) If you feel uncomfortable watching a demo you can leave the play area. But, please do not say anything inappropriate.

7) Do NOT join into any tickling scene unless you ask first. Approval must be given by the ticklee first and then by those ticklers involved.

8) Please use common sense when dealing with anyone you do not wish to play with.
If someone continues to annoy you after politely telling them to stop you may go to any of the hosts and they will handle the matter.

9) Safe words are a MUST...even if you don't expect to need one. It should be something chosen by the ticklee and easy to remember and say. Anyone who does not immediately honor a safeword or a warning from others in a scene to cease tickling will be immediately evicted from the gathering. Safety is a big concern....both physical and emotional. We would prefer a momentary delay in the fun to a real problem because the scene wasn't stopped when it should be.

10) Anyone caught stealing (either from the club or from fellow attendees) will be dealt with severely...including legal action.

11) Nudity will not be an option in the gathering space. Some people simply are not comfortable with this. If you prefer to wear something more revealing, a haltar/swim top and shorts for the ladies and shorts for the guys would be a good choice.

12) We all want to have a good time and enjoy ourselves. Any violation of the Rules may lead to being banned from future gatherings. It WILL result in your immediate eviction from this gathering.