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05-21-2001, 08:22 PM
This ain't mine.Super Ticklish Part 1: Dred Tatum


It's around 11:13 PM. Three very sexy black women all-dressed in tight-fitting black spandex have broken into the docking area of an industrial lab and are loading canisters into their van. Iman, the ringleader, directs the other two as they load their van with the chemicals. "Come on you two, the someone will be here soon", Imani orders. Victoria loads the last canister into the van with the forklift. Iman enters the driver's side and Victoria and Siccola enter into the opposite end. The van is started and speeds out of the area, into the driveway and onto the highway. Another attractive black woman is sitting in a hidden out of view and has just witnessed the entire event. Val steps out of her Honda Accord. She pulls off her tight fitting sweater to reveal her enormous breasts barely holding up a black bikini top. Her nipples stiffen in the semi cool evening air and her long, frizzy auburn hair blows in the light wind. She then proceeds to remove her jeans and underneath those are nothing but a matching thong, beautiful brown thighs and knee-high black leather boots. She quickly throws her removed clothes into the car, locks and closes the door and hides the keys on the top of the right front tire. Val then suddenly levitates into the air and shoots a straight course for the van she had previously been spying on. It doesn't take long for the superheroine to catch up to the super criminal's get away van. But by now it has left the city limits, gone past the suburbs and is cruising along a rural highway. Val is careful to maintain a safe altitude so as not to be discovered. The van finally pulls off the highway onto an even more rural road and onto what looks like private property consisting of several acres of open land and a small unassuming white building in the foreground. In the field rest three dirigibles that are in the process of being inflated with hydrogen and several female workers manning them. The van pulls into the white building. And a garage door closes behind it. Val comes to a soft landing in front of the garage door and is unnoticed by the women in the field behind the building. She studies the heavy garage door and decides the best method is to simply force the entrance open with her super strength. The door is of course no problem for her and she lifts it easily with one hand. To her surprise the van is gone. But she quickly realizes the reason it is gone is due to large elevator lift that she is standing over. She steps over to a control panel on the wall and pushes the largest button. The high-pitched wail of hydraulics commences and the lift lowers. Val quickly hops on it and is lowered down into what appears to be the parking garage of an immense underground complex filled with several vans similar to the one driven from the industrial lab. The garage is empty and Val jogs over to the nearest door, keeping careful not to let her ample breasts pop out of her bikini top. She slowly opens the door to reveal…nothing again! A corridor is behind the door. She slowly walks the length if the corridor. The entire facility has the sterility of a research lab. At the end of the corridor is another door. Val opens it and behind it is a dimly lit room filled with computers and a large view screen on the wall to the right. There also appears to be the stolen canisters. And it seems to be a figure standing beside the canisters. Val isn't totally sure until someone turns the lights on fully. She jumps with surprise. "So, how do you like our little facility", Imani says as she stands beside the stolen merchandise. She also has her hands behind her back as if to hide something from her nemesis. "I wouldn't stay too attached to it. You won't be seeing too much more of it I have anything to do with it" Val sarcastically shoots back. "Oh, we're gonna be here for a while", Imani replies. "I have a little something the boys in our bioengineering lab cooked-up for you to play with", Imani says with a devious grin across her face. She pulls out from behind her a softball-sized mass of tentacles that looks like a ball of green earthworms. In her left hand is a small cylindrical shaped device. Imani lobs the green mass over to Val and it lands right in front of her feet. Val smirks in disbelief, "what the hell is this supposed to be?" "You'll really be laughing when you see what it does to you"; Imani says as she pushes a button on the device in her hand. "You see", Imani continues, "this little thing in my hand emits ultrasonic frequencies that cause that little ball you're makin fun of to grow into this…" The ball of tentacles at Val's feet suddenly grows to several times its previous size in a matter of two seconds. Val is stunned by the creature's swiftness. Two huge tentacles quickly wrap themselves around her thighs and advance to her waist. The underside of each tentacle is covered with thousands of little hair-like structures similar to cilia. Val can feel the cilia moving rapidly against her thighs, knees and the areas behind her knees. She lets out a huge burst of laughter. Val pleads, "NO! You can't HAHAHAH!! Do this…I'm HAHAHAHA!! Extremely ticklish. HAHAHAHA." "I realize that Val. In fact I know all of your weaknesses", Imani says nonchalantly. " Ya know, it's damn ironic that with all the strength you have, that you can be brought down by a simple rib tickling. Not only are you a lot stronger than the average person but you're vastly more ticklish! But I know lil something else. I also know that you're most ticklish on your breasts and nipples and that you lose your strength when those areas are…how shall I say…stimulated." Imani smugly reveals how much she knows about Val's secrets as she slowly paces a circle around the beautiful heroine. Val meanwhile is struggling to stand and up and keep from doubling over with laughter. Even with two of her legs in its tickling embrace, the creature has plenty more limbs to put to work. Two more tentacles proceed to force the zippers of her boots open in an attempt to torture her feet. Simultaneously, two more tentacles move toward her full and jiggling brown breasts. Val catches them with her two free arms but her attempts to protect her mammarian liabilities are futile. Her breasts are simply too large to protect. Two more tentacles go for her breasts and are successful at pushing her bikini top aside and sticking its tickling hairs to her huge areolas and nipples. The hairs begin to move rapidly. Its obvious to Imani that the tentacles are working her enemy's breasts over since Val immediately throws her head back and begins to laugh even harder. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm becoming HAHAHAHAHA weaker", Val manages to utter in between guffaws. To make matters worse. Two more tentacles come from behind her back and tickle torture any remaining areas of her breasts that were not already under attack. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH." Val's laughter increases to yet another level. Two more of the creature's limbs wrap themselves around her useless arms ad work their way to her armpits. "HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" The laughter is again increased to another level. Val's full, round, firm ass is now the next target as tentacles attack both cheeks. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" The laughter is increased again. The beautiful heroine has finally fallen to her knees, visibly weakened, laughing harder than she ever has before in her life. The creature pulls her backward to the floor and she is now on her back. Val's boots are finally forced off of her calves and feet and those too are now being titillated. "NooooHAHAHAHAooo! ma ma make it stop HAAHAHAHAHA" she pleads with Imani again. "No, not just yet. I want to bring big bad Valentina down. You know, this is actually good for you. It forces you to realize you're just as human as the rest of us. Plus I have a little experiment I wanna test on you" Imani replies with that same devilish look. Val just looks at her captor and continues her fit of laughter that belies her fear, a feeling that is not often felt by a person with her abilities

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