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Taming The Wild Woman
Inspired by Cassie,
Written by ticklishscribe
c. 2007.

My, my. We do want out of those don’t we?” Len smiled. Leaned forward and gave her a soft gentle kiss on the lips. “May I say again how adorable you look and how even more adorable you tied to the bed. Girl you are beautiful in body and soul and I have had the most wonderful time with you.” Seriously I could marry you in a minute

Cassie was a Barbie doll when it came to looks. A petite five foot two inch model figure, with sensual greenish blue eyes and very long blond hair. Those size 5 feet had captured his interest as well and he loved the cherry tattoo on her right foot as well has her French manicured toes. What really got him though was her personality. She wasn’t shy in the least as she was very sarcastic and bitchy. Yet while she was all that and outgoing, she could also be a sweetheart when needed.

’Ill be back later, when you’re good and ready. Or should I say when you’re BAD, and ready.” He smiled again, then turned on one foot and left the room.

Cassie shivered and writhed intensely on the mattress, the bonds holding her good. She called out to him to release her, but got no reply. She knew he was going to tickle her and had the feeling that he was going to give her the intense works. All she had left on her in the form of clothing was her micro bra and panties and she was stretched out so tight that she couldn’t hide, much less defend any part of her body from her tickling fingers.

She eyed the room warily and looked around once more, seeing all the usual pieces of furniture one would find in a bedroom. Except this was not a bed, but just a box mattress set and an old one at that, and she squirmed as she felt the buttons of the mattress on her back and they seem to tickle a little. She tried to see as much as possible, but with the curtains having been drawn tight, there was very little light in the room.

She immediately stopped looking around the room when she heard the doorbell, and listened intently for who was there. She could hear faint whispering by a couple of other people and an occasional giggle. The other voices were female and the sheer suspense of not knowing who they were and what they were doing here was really unnerving her. She could hear footsteps on the carpet and was greeted by their presence in the bedroom doorway. In walked her two best friends Kaaren and Sarah and they approached her and stood on either side of the bed.

”Hi Cass.” Kaaren spoke, entering the room. “Don’t we look nice.”

“Yeah.” Sarah added. “A picture perfect portrait of a lee.”

Cassie’s eyes froze at the site of the rather large black plastic toolbox with a red feather emblazoned on it that Kaaren was holding. The red feather was a dead giveaway to what Kaaren referred to as her “Pleasure chest,” and Cassie wasn’t fond of what was inside at all. This box meant torture to her in the most sensual of ways and Kaaren was the most devious girl when it came to sensual torture. Sarah was much the same, but in a more bi-sexual way and that unnerved Cassie a little. And she didn’t like Sarah using the word lee.

Kaaren placed the box on a table and Cassie heard the gunshot of a snap as the blond opened the latch. She tried to see in the box but it was placed so that the lid was blocking her view.

“What do you want to use first?” Kaaren giggled as she said it.

“The blindfold.” Sarah replied.”

Kaaren laughed. “Aside from that.”

“Does she have to know?” With that Sarah leaned over and gently kissed Cassie on the lips. “Mmmm mmmmh, I could get bi with you any day of the week girl.”

Cassie wasn’t sure about that, if she even liked it all and squirmed as Kaaren pulled out a blindfold and hovered it over her eyes. She passed it to Sarah, letting it lightly drag over Cassie’s nose. Instantly she began to erratically move her head from side to side, trying anything to keep the blindfold from covering her eyes.

“Ooooooooh I love you as a fighter Cass.” Kaaren said. “Your feistiness makes it more fun that way.”

Cassie was terrified, as she knew what the girls were all about and what well they liked to do to her. Each time she was as vulnerable as she was now, only this time thanks to Len, whom she thought was going to tickle her.

Kaaren laughed gutturally. “You can leave us now Len. Come back in a few hours and maybe we’ll let you have a stroke or two.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Sarah added laughing.

Instantly the wildcat and wild woman had been let loose as Cassie strained in her taught bondage. She knew what these two could and would do to her and she desperately wanted to be anywhere but here. She jumped as she felt one of the girls straddling her and then wriggling their body on her waist. She jumped again when she felt fingers suddenly pinch her nipples, not once but three times fast. Again the fingers pinched three times and Cassie tried to squirm and get away. The fingers pinched and now Cassie could feel her nipples beginning to get hard. She had lost control of her nipples as she could feel two little hard points beginning to form and this was suddenly driving her crazy. Although she couldn’t see who was on top of her she knew it had to be Sarah and she was uncomfortable about the girl playing with her sensual senses. Her bra had offered her no protection in the slightest and now her nipples were Sarah’s for the taking. She wondered when Sarah was going to begin kissing them and even bearing them to further her own pleasure.

Suddenly she felt lips kissing her again and was really beginning to loose it when she felt fingertips dancing on her toes. Her head jerked and she burst out in hard laughter. The nipple pinching was sensual murder, the kisses were just as bad and now the toe tickling was even worse. She remembered Kaaren telling Len to come back in a few hours and she felt as though she would be tickled to death by then. Suddenly she tried to buck as the ten fingers now became skittery spiders and moved down onto her soles and arches. She screamed with laughter and tried even more desperately to break free of her bondage, but the spider tickling went on and on and on. So did the nipple pinching and to make matters worse, Sarah was now kissing and nibbling her right armpit.

“You are sooooo awesome Cass.” Kaaren called out over the loud laughter. “I’m so glad that Len won’t be back for hours.”

“That is IF we decide to let him in the house when he does return.” Sarah added.

“I don’t think he’d mind letting us have you Cass, for as long as we wanted.” Kaaren announced.

“That’s cool by me.” Sarah added again.

Cassie wanted away from them in the worst way, but the bonds prevented that in the worst way. And with Sarah in top of her as well the situation looked even worse. She frantically writhed her feet but the murderous fingers effortlessly followed them and the tickling continued non-stop. Her laughter continued non-stop as well and she was getting more hysterical by the minute.

“Cass, you’re such a tickle treat.” Kaaren cooed. “Maybe we should have Len stay out all weekend so that we can really sensually play with you.”

“Yeah.” Sarah added. “We can really get that clit in shit.”

Cassie’s mind was suddenly reeling from the phrases “Sensually play” and “Clit in shit,” and now she really wanted to be anywhere but here. They both meant business and were going to make sure that she fulfilled their sensually evil fantasies to the max.

“Which begs the question,…” Kaaren asked. “Does she really need her bra and panties anymore?”

“Not in my books.” Sarah answered. Continuing to nibble.

Cassie froze momentarily at the thought of these two stripping her naked once again. That thought that the last time they had done this, they had taken her poppin fresh clit and had done some very sensually sadistic things with it. Teasing clits was one of Sarah’s favourite pastimes and Cassie knew how she liked to torturously teas hers. Cassie struggled with these thoughts and struggled to get free as well. She writhed even more as she felt Sarah pushing her bra up and off her breasts.

“Awwwwwwww, just look at those exquisitely wanting and virgin little nipples. Just ravenously craving for some nip, nip time.”

Cassie screamed no and writhed even more, but Sarah was able to push the bra up and over her head and up around her wrists. Suddenly there was a deafening silence and she stopped writhing as she felt Sarah get off her. The room was totally quiet and Cassie began to writhe again, hoping to loosen the bonds. She was in total panic, knowing what both girls were capable of and she prayed that Len would return at this very moment. She jerked, arched her back, froze for a moment, hanging in mid air then fell back on the bed thrashing cackling. Two feathers were now lightly stroking her nipples and she could feel a deep fervid arousal within her. No matter where she tried to writhe to, the feathers followed Her tormented torso with exquisite ease and the feathers continued their torturous teasing of now not only the nipples the also the areolas as well. The fiendish feathers circled the outer edges of her areolas, teasing the sensitive skin there, then circled smaller and smaller until they were now circling and teasing the nipples, to finally flick the very tips of the feathers over the tip of the nipples. This was driving Cassie insane and in between the hysterical laughter she was calling out for Len in the worst way.

“Sorry Sweetheart.” Kaaren laughed. But we told Len to call first and we would decide when he could come back.”

Cassie was really unnerved by this display of cold, cruel efficiency and now began whimpering and begging for mercy. Both girls then began dragging their feathers down her forearms and Cassie immediately began to whimper again. The closer they got to her armpits, the more she whimpered, the louder her whimpers got and the more she writhed, trying to escape the feather’s touch. With one quick simultaneous flick in the armpits, Cassie was off and screaming. Both girls were taken aback from her initial scream and her now intense writhing, but soon settled in, tormenting her armpits with a diabolical and methodical fiendishness. Obviously they had done this before as their feathers expertly picked away at Cassie’s armpits and demolished them one millimetre at a time.

“Don’t you just love a nice wide open helpless and oh so defenceless pair of hyper ticklish armpits.” Kaaren asked.

“The only kind in my book.” Sarah answered. “What say you Cass, you love your armpits as much as we do?”

"God I just can't get over how virgin, soft and taught the skin on your armpits is. Is it strokable?” Kaaren said. “And being that your armpits are wide open and totally and exquisitally accessible, they will give you little protection from what will be an a most excruciating onslaught by my torturously tickling fingers." She slowly single finger stroked Cassie's left armpit and she instantly rocked the bed and giggled to a scream. Her back arched, her legs strained then buckled and her head reeled from side to side and pounded the pillow. She screamed once more as a finger slowly and torturously slithered up and down the deep recess of her right armpit. She always shaved them extra close and now she was really regretting it. The taught skin of her pits was greatly adding to the already immense and intense torture that she was experiencing, and this was driving her insane.

"Yes, yes she certainly is sensitive to your touch isn't she?” Sarah commented “So sensitive and oh so tickly."

Cassie was on the virtual edge of going totally and completely insane as the two torturous and fiendish fingers played havoc with her hysterical senses. The tickling was unbearable and the more that Kaaren slow tickled the more sensitive Cassie became. She tried anything and everything to close her arms and protect her armpits from further torture, but to no avail.

“I think it’s time to remove the blindfold for a bit. She needs to see her tickling.” Kaaren announced. And with that she removed the blindfold.

“Isn’t she just so precious.” Sarah commented with a fiendish giggle. “Those big blue eyes pleading, lips quivering with the chills of what’s to come and a voice so virginally innocent and insecure.”

"OOOH... You're going to be so exquisite." Kaaren said, stopping to admire her writhing victim.

She then returned to teasing Cassie's armpits, then with a lightning swiftness she dug all ten fingers into the deep hollows and the poor girl rocketed off the bed with off the wall and off the scale laughter and writhing. Kaaren's relentless and torturous tickling fingers were everywhere, digging in and wrenching and wrecking those pits.


"So you want me to stop hmmmmmm? Kaaren then stopped tickling the armpits once more and smiled evilly. Cassie took in a big gulp of air and her chest heaved.

Then she and Sarah each took nylon brush each and eyed them all over, sighting methodically down the bulbous tips with precision. Kaaren carefully adjusted a few of the tips on hers, eyed it again and smiled evilly. Sarah was gently massaging her palm of her hand with the brush, to see how the tips moved, as if to see which would be the best way to stroke it. Cassie was really unnerved by this display of cold, cruel actions and began whimpering and begging for mercy again.


Kaaren began dragging the brush down Cassie's forearm and she immediately began to giggle again. The closer Kaaren got to her armpits, the more she giggled, the louder her giggles got and the more she violently writhed, trying to escape the brush's touch. With one quick simultaneous flick in the armpits, Cassie was off and laughing non-stop. Kaaren was having great fun tormenting her left armpit with a diabolical and methodical fiendishness and she expertly picked away at it, demolishing it one millimetre at a time. Cassie's bum and head repeatedly slammed into the mattress and she jerked intensely at her bonds. Every one of her senses and nerve endings in her armpit was blowing its gaskets. Tickling sensations repeatedly exploded within her, causing one intense conniption after another.

"Tell me my sweet ticklish Cassie, do you like this?"


Kaaren ignored her pleas and continued demolishing her armpit with the brush. Suddenly Sarah added her brush in as well as she let it twist and turn in the armpit, allowing the bristles to swirl over the length and breadth of the sensitive skin..

Cassie was in a state absolute total panic and was on the edge of going insane. While she had been tickled many times before, this was far beyond even her wildest nightmares and what she had experienced. She felt sure that she would be wrecked, that her sanity would be thoroughly demolished. While she knew that Kaaren was showing no signs of mercy or even knowing what the word meant, a small part of her still held out and clung for the hope that some minute scrap of mercy would be granted to her. But both Kaaren and Sarah continued brushing Cassie’s armpits and it was like letting the wildcat loose, as her arms jerked wildly at the restraints and she screamed for freedom. The slow sensual brush strokes were pure torture on her armpits and it made her buck even more. Sarah straddled her again to keep her down and continued brushing an armpit, causing Cassie to get hysterical.

“Oh , you are so nice and ticklish!” Commented Kaaren. “And isn’t nice that we have all the time in the world to take you apart brush stroke by brush stroke. But now, what’s say we tighten these bonds a little, she’s moving a little much for my liking.”

“Cool by me.”

Cassie felt her arms and legs going rigid and knew she was in for a rough time. She felt kissing in her lips again and tried to move her head out of the way, but to no avail as one of the girls held it still. Suddenly five fingers ballet danced in her right pit and she squealed. Her squeal was cut short as a ball was placed into her mouth. And two straps tied around her head. She was now gagged and knew that she couldn’t call out to Len for help. Suddenly twenty fingers assaulted her armpits once more and also assaulted her ribs as well. She screamed through the gag and desperately pulled on the restraints. The fingers were murderous on her armpits and equally as murderous on her ribs as well. Her laughter came out in ten-second repetitive spurts and her whole body shook like crazy. She was really putting on a show now. Bucking wildly, screaming hysterically, head pounding on the mattress, body struggling to get free. She was giving the three of them the full ticklish Monty, as the girls systematically rape tickled her pits, ribs and tummy.

Cassie went absolutely ballistic under the tickling and then went even further ballistic as Kaaren began stroking her ribs. She teased and tormented one rib at a time, sliding a single finger from the tip to the back and then back again.

“That’s one ribby.” She teased, surfing the tender skin. “And now another ribby! Such tender ribs you have . So exquisite.”

Cassie went equally as wild under the rib tickling as she had done with the armpit tickling. She bucked wildly and screamed hysterically, her back arching higher now, head thrashing from side to side, her body thrashing wildly trying to get free.

As Kaaren continued to tease and torment her ribs, Sarah began teasing and tormenting her tender tummy with its simply deliciously inviting button. She ballet danced ten fingers all over the soft taught skin and every so often, would graze the button. Kaaren then went back to her ribs and placing her hands on either side of the spasming ribcage, she dug her fingers in. her fingers flew all over the tormented ribs, digging, probing and stroking with a lightning swiftness that was absolutely amazing. Her fingers were almost a blur and seemed to be everywhere at once, tickling, tormenting and basically torturing the Shell of the ribs.

“Lets remove the gag and hear that delicious full-bodied laughter shall we?”

Cassie took in huge gulps of air as the gag was removed and begged them not to put it in again. Kaaren came up beside her head, leaned forward and whispered in her left ear that four-letter word that that made her breathless. That word that sent chills up and down her spine and practically devastated her.


“O-O-OH-M-MYG-G-G-GOD-D-D-Dplease noooooooooo… tickle anywhere but my feet please, not the feet not the feet!” Cassie went way beyond ballistic at this point, rocking the bed and straining at the bonds that held her down. Once again she was off the wall and off the scale with her writhing and the two of them were finding this exquisite.

“Obviously her feet are extremely ticklish in the primeval sense!” Kaaren commented as she moved to the foot of the bed.


Kaaren looked down Cassie’s feet, all bare and oh so helpless and defenceless. She wriggled her left foot and instantly it shot from her grasp and flailed wildly about. All the while Cassie’s foot jerked and writhed intensely and she screamed and begged for Kaaren not to tickle her feet. Kaaren let five fingers surf the sole for a brief moment and the entire foot spasmed and she went ballistic again.

“O-O-OH-M-MYG-G-G-GOD-D-D-D please noooooooooo!!! Tickle anywhere but my feet please. I promise, you can tickle me anywhere for as long as you like, just please don’t tickle my feet!”

“Are your feet too ticklish for words?” Asked Sarah, while teasing her with another rib stroke

“Well too bad if they are.” Kaaren added, then laughed. “Cause we’re going to rape tickle your arches!”

“O-O-OH-M-MYG-G-G-GOD-D-D-D noooooooooo, you can tickle anywhere but my feet!”

Kaaren turned her back to Cassie and straddled her left leg and ankle. Cupping her right hand under her heel She firmly gripped the foot and then slowly brought her fingers closer and closer to her now curling toes. Seizing the opportunity She probed and danced her fingers in the crevice between Cassie’s big toe and the foot and then she began to dance her fingers up and down the full length of the sole. Cassie’s reaction pleased Kaaren as she felt the poor girl’s back try to arch and again heard her frantic, jagged laughter.

“Care to take the other foot Sarah?”

Sarah needed no second asking, as she firmly grabbed the right foot and tucking it under her arm, began rape tickling its arch for all it was worth. Cassie really took off and it seemed that all of the circuits in her nervous system had blown all at once and her two tormentors had to steady themselves to keep up the tickling pressure. Ten sharp fingernails dug deeply into the soles of her feet and Cassie screamed in torturous agony. She screamed and writhed as the tickling sensations invaded her feet. She laughed as hard as she was allowed. She was unable to sense anything except for the nails scratching the bottoms of her extremely ticklish feet. She then went into silent laughter and jerked and writhed relentlessly. Her whole body was on fire and they were constantly stoking that fire within her. Her back was arching far more than she ever thought it could and she was off the Richter and decibel scales in so many ways.

Cassie was racked with torturous torment, racked with an agony that she never dreamed could be possible. She begged for release, begged to her ticklers to stop.

Twenty fingers were now on her, probing, tickling and torturing every ticklish area of her feet. Her entire body was now blazing with tickles and the fires were out of control. She had no control over what was happening and this helplessness enhanced the tickling 100 per cent. Her nervous system was gone, yet her nerve endings were now sharper than ever. Even just touching her body set off explosions of volcanic screaming and writhing. She was a mass of sweat and ticklishness, experiencing one conniption after another. But Kaaren and Sarah continued to tickle Cassie with a hearty zeal that caused the poor girl to shake, shiver, writhe and scream all over again.

Sarah’s fingers again were lightning fast and were all over the foot at once, not missing a micrometer of ticklish skin. She was devious, diabolical, demented, relentless, sadistic and torturous and it was driving Cassie mad. Sarah’s fingers were the fingers from Shell and she tickled the foot for all it was worth. She hauled back on the toes and gave the now taught sole another rape tickling of a lifetime.

“Lets try my latest tool.” Kaaren announced. She then picked up the vibrator and turning it on its humming resonated throughout the room.

“FFFUUUCCCKKK SSSHHHIIITTT NNNOOO!!!” Cassie was a blur in her writhing as she heard the vibrator get closer and closer. But something wasn’t right and she suddenly realized that there were two vibrators, not one and she screamed no once more. Something else wasn’t right too, as she didn’t feel the vibes on her soles like they had been used many times before, but rather snuggled into her armpits and again she screamed then cackled and thrashed. In her mind they were being pure fucking sadistic and this was pure fucking torture.

Kaaren and Sarah moved the vibrators slowly up and down Cassie’s armpits, then rested them in the deepest recesses and the resulting action made Cassie again explode with jagged laughter and frantic movements. They cruised the vibrators up and down a bit more and then again rested them in the deepest recesses. As they moved the vibrators lightly and slowly across the ultra-sensitive skin, Cassie’s laughter was now tenor and both Kaaren and Sarah delighted in finding another volcanic spot.

“I love how cool these work on the armpits, but that’s not what they’re for.” Kaaren said.

Suddenly the vibrators were turned off and Cassie let out a sigh of relief, but continued to squirm. She also listened intently for any movement that the cruel girls were making. Her senses were at the breaking point, having been shredded into tenuous threads that were already in a frayed state. Suddenly she felt ten fingers lightly and sensuously ballet dancing on each of her soles, dancing from the horizontal mid line of her soles and outward to the heels and toes. Her feel flailed around and suddenly five fingers gripped each of her feet by the toes and five other fingers then continued to lightly and sensually ballet dance over the soles. Cassie’s hysterical cackling was so loud it was threatening to disturb the neighbours and she was putting every micrometer of strength into freeing her tormented feet. This was by far the worst tickling they were doing on her feet and it looked as though they would never stop.

“We know how your feet are your most ticklish spot.” Kaaren announced.

“And how you just LOOOOOOVE them to be tortured.” Sarah added.

Cassie’s cackling was now turning into silent laughter, but the girls kept tickling on and on and on. While Cassie’s laughter had gone silent, she was still very much vocal in her intense writhing, bucking and thrashing. This pleased the girls no end and they continued to rake their fingers over her hypersensitive arches. Kaaren now also began nibbling Cassie’s left foot’s toes and in less than a minute, the poor girl’s laughter screamed forth returned full bore. Sarah added in her own nibbling and Cassie swore at them once more.

“Swearing will get you a lot more tickling, only this time we won’t be so nice.” Kaaren announced, stopping the nibbling momentarily.

Cassie jerked, feeling someone massaging her feet and realized that they were putting oil on them. She squealed and tried to wrench her feet away, but they were held firm and more oil was applied. Suddenly the oil application stopped and Cassie shrieked as a bulbous tipped nylon brush was raked over her left sole. She instantly went into hysterical cackles and went wild in her bondage.

"Ahhh, you like my brush do you." Kaaren then rubbed the brush across her arch and she instantly spasmed, went into a conniption and began writhe intensely.


“Awwwwwwwwww what’s the matter Cass, it’s just a little brush.” Kaaren, said.

“Yeah a little EVIL brush.” Added Sarah.


“I can’t understand you Cass, what are you trying to say.”

“I think she wants you to stop.” Sarah spoke.

“Like yeah, like I’m going to. I don’t think so. Since when have you ever known me to bow to a lee’s wishes. Why don’t you grab that other brush and show her why.”

Sarah wasted no time in grabbing the other brush and attacking Cassie’s right sole in the same way Kaaren was doing the left. Cassie screamed hysterically and really put on a show with her struggling. The girls laughed at her and wrenched the brushes all over, getting in between the toes and raking the arches and balls of her feet. Cassie was loosing it now, straining at the bonds that held her, arching her back to the point it might break and bucking up and down. Every nerve in her nervous system was being sadistically smashed and she was going insane because of it.

"OHMYGODDDDDNOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" The bed was now rocking again and she tried desperately to free her feet from Kaaren’s and sarah’s grasp.

“Sounds like someone just loves the brush” Sarah announced.

“Why I do believe you’re right.” Kaaren answered back.


Kaaren held the brush horizontally and revved it back and forth as fast as he could. Cassie’s reaction was to cackle intensely and as Kaaren made sure that every bulbous bristle was kept at the centre of the arch, She began to scream with laughter and Kaaren knew that she had found a hotspot and the tool with which to torment it. Continuing to rev it back and forth, she pressed firmer and the bristles dug into Cassie’s silky soft virgin sole and caused her to scream again.

"That's it." Kaaren called above her laughter. "You just let it all out. Let's get all that laughter and horniness out in the open shall we.” She delighted in the fact that she had the upper hand, or upper foot so to speak.

The brush was pure torture to Cassie and she bounced her leg up and down, trying to get her foot free. She repeatedly slammed her head and bum onto the mattress and her laughter never stopped. Kaaren had her on the edge and knew that she could keep her keep there as long as possible. But that wasn't what she wanted and so she stopped tickling altogether.

Even though the brush wasn't tickling her sole anymore, Cassie still writhed, but her screams had ceased and her cackles were subsiding.

"Oh my gawdddddd! pleeeeeease, pleeeeeease donnnn't dooooo thiiiiiis! hahahahahahahahahahahaha. You're thoroughly fucking evilhahahahaha."

She felt one of them leave her feet and jerked when she felt the brush stroking the deep recesses of her left armpit. She instantly and intensely tried to bring her arms down, but the bonds denied her that luxury and defence. She cackled feeling the brush in the deep recesses of her tender left hollow and wanted to protect her armpits even more now. Suddenly the brush stopped.

"Time to pleasure her." Kaaren announced.

Sarah also stopped. “We’ll be FUC-KING evil.” She added. “Shall we get lezzy with you Cass?”

“With perverted pleasure.” Kaaren responded. “We’ll give her clit a good case of the coochies.”

“And we can take hours to do it too?” Sarah asked. “I love to take my time and I know every orgasm denial technique there is. And I will take great delight in wrenching you Cass.”

Cassie didn’t like the words “Orgasm denial” at all and was most certainly worried about the word “Wrenching” and what exactly a wrenching was. She tried to squirm intensely as Kaaren began using a single finger to stroke up one side of her panty-covered clit then down the other. The sensuously slow firm finger was pure torture to her and she knew that if Kaaren kept it up long enough, she would lose control of her clit the way she had lost her nipples.


Kaaren’s finger was a sensual sniper and Cassie’s clit was it’s target and with each stroke, Cassie’s nervous system and its senses were being sadistically assassinated one by one and she was screaming in protest. To make matters worse, Kaaren now used a single finger on either side of the clit and Cassie knew she was in serious trouble. Her muscles flexed and she desperately tried to close her legs in the worst way. She wanted it to stop, wanted Kaaren to leave her alone down there, wanted Len to return and put an end to this.

“Wrenching coming up.” Announced Sarah.

“But that’s for us to know when and you to find out at the last second Cass.” Kaaren added. “After all, you don’t need to know ahead of time do you?”

Cassie desperately needed to know but didn’t want to know. Her loins were on fire and her senses were still being assassinated and she wrenched in her restraints more than ever. She knew where this was going and didn’t want to know where this was going. Suddenly the evil fingers stopped and Cassie jerked as she felt something cold against her leg. She could now hear the slow snip of scissors and she knew but didn’t want to know that her panties were being slowly and meticulously cut off.

“Just look at that volcano down there, all fervid and molten.“ Kaaren commented.. “Ready to erupt with the most earthy and sensually desirous juices. Each one of your senses being backed up against the wall and jacked like a mugger’s victim. Your wetness ready to geyser forth and mercilessly throw you into the black hole of heightened sensitivity.”

Kaaren let out a guttural laugh that froze Cassie’s spine, and she wrenched even more. Suddenly the fingers were back and stroking slower than ever and this made Cassie continue to wrench. Then suddenly Kaaren began to lightly pinch the clit up and down. Cassie squealed then swore at them and kaaren gutturally laughed back at her. She continued to pinch the clit then used the palm of her hand to rub it.

Cassie was totally loosing it and now beginning to moan and this put an evil smile on Kaaren’s lips.

“You can cum for us Cass, you can cum for us big time.”

“Shall we tickle her feet to assist her in cumming?” Sarah asked.

Cassie knew that tickling her feet would never assist her in cumming, but rather make it almost impossible to cum. She also knew that Kaaren would stroke her until she did cum and she feared the circle of hell she was being thrown in.

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Hi Scribe,
Wow!! Sorry it took me so long to respond to this it took me several hours of slow reading, but on my God this was truly amazing.
Extreamly well done.

Now I hope to complete my new story it's an F/M peice entitled "One in a Million"

But hey you just got yourself a new fan keep it up bro and don't stop.

08-07-2007, 03:01 PM
It's always a pleasure to see another story from the Scribe and this one did not disappoint. Hot stuff, sir! Sent you a PM.

08-07-2007, 06:42 PM
I thank you for the compliment and I read your message. Interesting.

08-07-2007, 09:11 PM
Slow reading OMG I'm honoured.:bowing: I wish I had given her slow tickling as that would have really set her off.:D:blaugh::manicd::evilha:

Hi Scribe,
Wow!! Sorry it took me so long to respond to this it took me several hours of slow reading, but on my God this was truly amazing.
Extreamly well done.

Now I hope to complete my new story it's an F/M peice entitled "One in a Million"

But hey you just got yourself a new fan keep it up bro and don't stop.

Tickle Assassin
08-09-2007, 04:12 PM
i am a fast reader if u are comparing this post with the one fromt he other forum
what a story had everything in it now u should do a revenge story they always seem to have an edge for me

Tickle Assassin

02-08-2008, 06:13 PM
wow nice story.....your awsome....hehehehe

02-24-2008, 12:52 PM
I very much enjoyed this one, sweetie. I think the sadistic nature of a tickler is so delicious to encounter...

I look forward to reading your others.