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03-09-2002, 08:24 PM
title: Ticklish Merchandise
producer: TC Videos (Femfeet)
running time: 39 minutes
above-the-waist tickling: 45 %
below-the-waist tickling: 55 %

The web page for this video is http://www.realtickling.com/videostore/ticklishmerchandise.htm

Segment #1: Crystal is the mayor's daughter and has been kidnapped for ransom. While waiting on the ransom money, Priscilla and Kristin decide to have some fun. Crystal is sitting on a board placed across a pair of sawhorses. Her ankles are taped to one of the sawhorses and her wrists are attached to a rope going to the ceiling. Priscilla asks Crystal if she is ticklish. Crystal, who is blindfolded and gagged, responds with a sound indicating no, but Priscilla doesn't seem to believe her. Priscilla then removes one of Crystal's shoes. My favorite scene in the video follows: We see the arch of Crystal's hose-clad foot as Priscilla slowly runs her finger up it a few times. Crystal responds with a giggle and we know the fun is just beginning. Priscilla then begins to tickle Crystal's foot harder and Crystal responds more strongly. After several minutes, Priscilla moves to the other foot and repeats the process. Priscilla really gets into torturing her victim and at one point says "Poor little rich girl's feet are so ticklish." in baby talk. Now Kristin helps Priscilla by working on the first foot.

About 8 minutes into the video, Kristin moves to tickle Crystal's armpits and ribs. Crystal squirms and tries to move away, but she can't. Priscilla can't stand missing the fun, so she moves to help out. This only lasts about 1 minute.

Now we find Crystal stretched out on the board with her forearms and lower legs strapped down with Saran wrap. Her dress is gone and she is only wearing a bra and pantyhose. The gag is also gone, but the blindfold remains. Priscilla and Kristin then begin tickling Crystal's underarms and ribs. The women make Crystal say that she loves it in between laughs. After a couple of minutes, Priscilla and Kristin say that they are getting hot and remove their shirts (they are wearing bras). I wasn't sure why they did this, but I wasn't complaining. :-) Then Priscilla decides to move back to Crystal's feet. Priscilla tears open the hose on one of Crystal's feet and begins her trademark move of licking the feet while tickling them. Crystal responds with a soft laugh. While she is doing this, Kristin begins to tickle the other foot. After a brief time, Kristin tears off the hose on Crystal's other foot and now both bare feet are tickled. The women tickle the feet for about another minute before moving back to the upper body. Now Priscilla has a duster and she slowly strokes Crystal's underarms and breasts with it. This produces a good response from Crystal (what doesn't?), but the duster is soon abandoned for the fingers. The women continue to tickle Crystal's underarms and ribs, but now they also tickle her stomach. Kristin tries the duster again, but only for a moment. The women tickle Crystal a lot longer, with one on the feet and the other on the upper body. Crystal says that she can't take it anymore and offers the women money to stop. After considering it briefly, the women tickle her even harder. Priscilla tells Crystal that if she can repeat the phrase "I love to be tickled." three times without stopping, then they will stop tickling her. Obviously, she is never able to do this. When Priscilla moves to the feet, she uses her tongue a few more times while Kristin works on the upper body and also Crystal's thighs.

We are now 22 minutes into the video, and Crystal is now face down with her hands bound together under the board and her ankles tied to the rope from the ceiling, causing her feet to be up in the air. The women tickle Crystal's feet, back, underarms, ribs, hips, butt, hamstrings, and backs of the knees. At one point Crystal says to the women "You guys are brutal.", which seems like a fair assessment. They don't cut her any slack throughout the video. Finally, at the end, Priscilla tells Crystal that if she can say "I want you to come back and tickle me awfully, extremely in one hour.", then they will stop tickling her. Poor Crystal. She has trouble getting the phrase correct and the women tickle her every time she is wrong. Eventually, though, she does say it correctly and the women leave her.

This entire segment lasted about 30 minutes.

Segment #2. This segment begins with the following statement on the screen: "Later, Kristin was feeling both ticklish and submissive. We had some fun with her."

Kristin is now attached to the board, stretched out with Saran wrap holding down her forearms and upper legs; she is wearing shorts and bra. The Tickler in Black (TIB) moves in and immediately begins stroking Kristin's underarms. As his fingers dance around, Kristen really starts laughing hard. TIB moves around a lot, even tickling Kristin from under the board at times. He tickles her underarms, ribs, belly, and feet. When he begins with her feet, she says "No, not my feet." as if she thinks that other body parts would be safer; she doesn't seem to have any non-ticklish body parts. Because the Saran wrap on her legs is only over the upper legs, she is able to kick and at times her legs pump up and down about as fast as she can laugh.

The camera moves to a different position at one point and a guy can be seen in the background working at a table, apparently oblivious to the tickling taking place. The video even points him out with the statement "Hey cameraman! Stay out of the scenes!" flashed on the screen. He must really not be into tickling to be reading something while this is going on. Now more Saran wrap has been used to hold Kristin's legs down while TIB works her over. Eventually the Saran wrap is removed so that TIB can stand with Kristin's ankles under his arm.

Here is a summary of my review.

What I liked:
1) I liked the scenario of a kidnapped woman being tickled for fun.
2) Crystal and Kristin are both great ticklees and each has great reactions to being tickled.
3) The women really torture Crystal, pushing her to the point where I was starting to feel bad for her.

What I didn't like:
1) There wasn't really anything that I disliked about this video. This is by far my favorite video from TC Videos.

Related Videos: Crystal and Kristin can both be seen in other videos from TC Videos: Crystal in "Of Sweet Suffering" and Kristin in "Dungeon of Reversal".

03-12-2002, 07:38 AM
I just ordered this video and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'm glad to hear it's a good one! Thanks again...