View Full Version : Sunday Trivia Suggestion

09-27-2007, 12:51 AM
I know the trivia has had its way of being run for years, but if you do intend to make changes in the future, i have some ideas to consider.

Obviously, the test is on trivia knowledge, but equally the same how fast you can type and read the question.

My suggestions are one of three things:

One, making spelling a more enforceable rule would slow people down when answering perhaps. I personally don't advise this suggestion, it's just a possibility.

However I do believe this is a good idea. Punish incorrect answers with minus a point. Granted, in the beginning, the winner might be the lowest negative number, or you could just keep 0 a minimum. But by making a consequence to a wrong answer will stop obnoxious guessing and only leave those who are certain of the answer. This can be ignored for Mimi's Family Feud type questions. But even the quickest of us will think twice first before putting an answer out there and read the question more carefully knowing we could be losing our well earned points.

This may also be a reasonable solution: This would be based on Administrator's opinion, but if a lot of people answer quickly at once, first person to answer can be awarded more points and still reward those afterwards with 1 point or some form of scale. If the administrator believes an answer was typed too late after the correct answer was first posted, they would not reward that person due to suspicion of cheating.

In conclusion to this, I believe something should be adjusted in some way because even though we still all have fun, it's become a game where we play for fun, knowing there's never a hope to win when people type so much faster even if you know the answer.

10-08-2007, 12:27 AM
I agree with Bond's suggestions. While Trivia has always been fun, it has become slightly stagnant. A competition, even for fun, is only enjoyable for most until they realize they have no chance of winning or answering questions quickly enough to even be competitive.

One addition to the Family Feud Style questions: I see why they are fun, but in certain cases they can lop-side a game so that no one can catch up anymore. The likely-hood of it being taken out of a game is near nil, but I would like to see only three answers being accepted from any one person in those type of questions. If someone gets 2 out 3 guesses right out of 5 right answers then it is more manageable than for one person to get all 5 with 20 answers...it's easier to make up a difference of 2 rather than 5 from behind.


- Chaneda