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3 Women In Search Of An Exit

Inescapable tickle torture... a common theme, but in this trio of stories, it takes on an entirely different meaning. There are no locks or chains that are stopping these ladies from escaping, only uncaring forces that have trapped them in these ticklish situations. The question for them is not how to get out, but whether a way out even exists. Inspired by classics like the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, this anthology will appeal to anyone who enjoys the mix of sci fi/horror with tickling. These are the stories of 3 Women In Search Of An Exit.

Table of Contents...

Becoming Shiva: Wendy was the lead scientist of Prometheus, a device that was at the heart of a weapon that ended the human-Shikeej war in one terrible moment. Now, trapped alone on a station, the Prometheus reactor is going critical, and the computer is convinced she has the password to stop it. But no amount of torture can cause it to stop, because it didn’t work the last time the reactor exploded, or the time before, or the time before that... Can Wendy find a way to stop the explosion and break the cycle?

My Days Have Been A Dream: Dr. Christina Shore is the head of a facility that houses women kidnapped by the rich and powerful. Told to make their stay unpleasant, she has them tickled to satisfy her superiors. But now, even when things run smoothly, she has become overwhelmed by depression. In her nightmares she’s incarcerated in her own prison, subject to the same horrible torment. Can her therapist help her find a way to stop the nightly tickle torture she’s come to fear so much?

Alderson Loop: Sharon awakens alone in the engine area of her massive ship in the wake of a collision. With the ship stuck in hyperspace, space and time have bent in on themselves, and dimensions are constantly shifting without pattern. As if that weren’t bad enough, the distortions have created an Alderson Loop in the programming that is interfering in her rescue efforts, not to mention convincing the ship’s drone that the solution to the crisis is to tickle her. Can Sharon manage to evade the tickling

**Three tales of tickle torture
**Over 27,000 + words!
**Stories by Tarr2k
**Illustrations by Scavenger
**Cover art + 3 story illustrations
**Female tickling

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