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Jenna was from the future, the year 2260 to be exact. She had come back to 2007 to do something she could never do in her time. Jenna wanted, needed even, to subdue, torment and dominate others. And this was the time and place to make all her dreams come true.

The tools she had brought with her would make all the difference. Her computer, disguised as a twenty-first century laptop, was quite ordinary by 2260 standards. Here, Jenna could hack into the pentagon undetected if need be. The cybernetic implants that gave Jenna superhuman strength and speed were unremarkable in the future, and quite unmatchable in 2007. Even the contact poison that had given Monica an immediate call of nature, the holographic projector that had allowed Jenna to pose as a janitor and the sonic neutralizer that had allowed Monica to scream her head off and be totally unheard, were completely unknown in this time.

Jenna felt like she was hunting caveman with a machine gun, firing from a hang glider.

More than her other tools, it was the biosensors built into Jenna’s computer that gave her the biggest advantage. Her desire to torment others always took the form of tickling. The biggest problem in tickling other people was in finding a ticklish victim. There was no point in spending all the time to subdue some cutie whose skin was as sensitive as wood. You needed a way to quickly find the ticklish diamond in a mountain of rocks.

That’s where the biosensors came in. Jenna’s ocular implants not only sent an image of the person she stared at to her computer, it sent a medical readout. It was easy from that data for Jenna’s computer to decide how ticklish the subject was. Monica’s biostatistics had placed her in the 90th percentile for ticklishness. A perfect victim.

Now Jenna was looking for another one. The problem was that very few of the students at Plains State University would reach that level of sensitivity. Out of a school of fifteen thousand people, she expected to find less than a dozen. Finding Monica so quickly had been mostly luck. It was going to take time to fin another.

So, for the third night in a row, Jenna walked around campus, looking for her diamond. Her computer was in its case, but still functioning. It was giving Jenna the biostatistics of the people she saw with by visual feedback. All of the people walking past Jenna glowed in her eyes, as if they had an aura.

Unfortunately, most of them glowed blue or green, showing limited ticklishness. They were worthless to her. Jenna did see a few yellows here and there, but that wasn’t ticklish enough for her. Two or three times, she had seen an orange. That made her stop and think, but in the end, Jenna had decided against it. Even with their inferior technologies, the locals would catch on eventually to what Jenna was doing. She wanted to make each victim count.

When her opportunity came, Jenna almost missed it. She barely caught a flash of red out of the corner of her eye. Even then, Jenna almost dismissed it as a brake light from one of the twenty-first century’s primitive automobiles. Only her training made Jenna pursue farther.

After making sure nobody was observing her, Jenna easily jumped on top of a maintenance shed. Looking around, she again saw a flash of red disappearing behind some trees. Jumping again to the roof of the Science Building, luckily only a two story building, Jenna caught her first good look at her entertainment for the evening.

Walking alone was a mousy looking brunette. Barely five feet tall, and dressed in drab browns and grays, she would be easy to overlook, except, of course, to Jenna. In her eyes, this unremarkable co-ed was practically a bonfire. Glowing bright red, this one was probably even more ticklish than Monica had been.


Easily remaining unseen, Jenna tracked her target to an apartment on Baker Street. Jenna watched her press a button at the front door, heard a buzzer, then watched her disappear inside. Dropping down to the doorway, an infrared scan of the doorbells showed her target had pressed 4A, labeled “Melanie Marks”.

Knowing that her prey would be staying put for a few minutes, Jenna quickly got out her computer. The girl she had followed was Alice Green, a senior accounting major, who was graduating in just a few months. Melanie Marks, the girl Alice was visiting, was a senior marketing major. The girls had been freshman roommates, and had taken several classes together over the last four years.

Easily climbing the outside of the building, Jenna found the correct window thanks to a hastily downloaded blueprint form the city zoning computer. Looking inside, she Melanie and Alice going through a standard greeting ritual. Melanie was blond, like Monica had been, but a little heavier and shorter. Not unattractive, but not swimsuit model caliber either.

Unfortunately, her aura was as blue as Alice’s was red. No tickling twosome tonight.

The presence of Melanie complicated things. Jenna wasn’t fond of eye witnesses, and subduing two women would take more planning. As Alice taking off her coat, sliding off her pumps and showing every sign of staying for awhile, Jenna decided to observe longer and gather information.

It didn’t take Jenna long to make a very interesting discovery. These women were more then friends. There was an intimacy in the way they talked, brief touches when they passed by, and accelerated heartbeats when they sat near each other. Melanie and Alice were definitely a couple.

Oh, the possibilities


Melanie and Alice were cuddling on the couch when their special moment was interrupted by a loud ruckus from the bedroom. What in the world was that?

Melanie wanted to ignore the noise, continue with what she and Alice were doing, but it was persistent and definitely killing the mood. Breaking from a particularly tender embrace, Melanie went to go check the noise out. Whatever it was, it sure had lousy timing.

Reaching the bedroom, Melanie found that her radio had somehow turned itself on full blast. That was strange. The radio didn’t have a timer, and Melanie never listened to it that loud. Crossing the room to turn off the errant appliance, she never noticed the door closing behind her.

Then, from behind her, two arms enveloped Melanie. One wrapped around her torso, pinning both arms to her side, while the other placed a hand firmly over her mouth. She squirmed, tried to pull herself free, but the arms had the strength of a gorilla.

“That’s right, struggle,” a female voice whispered in Melanie’s ear, “That will just make this go faster.”

Melanie was frantic. For all she knew, she was going to be raped and killed. She pulled, twisted and turned with all her might. Nothing she did loosened Jenna’s grip in the least. Even her cries for help were completely muffled by the hand on her mouth.

Then a funny thing happened. Despite the situation, Melanie felt her panic start to ease. Muscles in her arms and legs started to relax and a warm feeling started spreading through her body. Once she calmed down, Melanie noticed a very pleasant odor in the room. It filled her lungs, making her want to breathe in even deeper.

“Easy baby, easy. You don’t want to fight me, do you angel?” The warm breath whispered in Melanie’s ear again.

Melanie shook her head ‘no’. A fog seemed to settle over her brain. Why had she been fighting so hard? It was so hard to think all of a sudden. Why had she thought this woman was dangerous? She couldn’t remember.

“We could be doing things so much more fun than fighting,” the voice said again. The hand that had been clamped tightly against Melanie’s mouth loosened and a finger caressed her jaw. The arm around Melanie’s torso loosened into an embrace.

Melanie was suddenly aware of the strangers body pressed against her, so firm and well-built. The two breasts, resting against Melanie’s back, were soft and cushiony. And that smell, probably her perfume, became more than pleasant. It was…tantalizing, taunting her, calling her. Melanie felt her blood start to boil. She wanted this strange woman, wanted her more than she’d ever wanted anyone else in her life.

A hand slipped under Melanie’s blouse, fingertips running across her bare skin, sending shivers up Melanie’s spine. The only thing that stopped her from her from turning around and passionately attacking Jenna were Jenna’s arms. Even after relaxing their grip, they still kept Melanie where she wanted her.

“The only thing better than you and I making love would be if we included Alice. Wouldn’t a threesome be fantastic?” That seductive, husky voice whispered again.

Melanie’s brain readily agreed. Her real feelings for Alice added to the chemically induced ones, magnifying Melanie’s lust. Sex with the exotic stranger and her love! She had to have both of them! Except…

“Alice…Alice won’t…too…too straight laced. She’d never…never…” Her voice slurred and full of passion. She couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“Well, why don’t you convice her?” The voice said again, “Tickle her until she’ll do anything that you say,” Jenna’s hand suddenly fondled Melanie’s large breast through her bra, “Then we’ll all have fun.”

The idea caught fire inside Melanie. Of course, tickle Alice! She was very ticklish! Melanie knew that from their earlier foreplay. And didn’t everyone like being tickled? It would get Alice as excited as she was, then everyone would be in the mood for a crazed evening on kinky sex.

Even in her intoxicated state, something nagged at Melanie’s mind. Some inherent danger in the plan. For the life of her, Melanie couldn’t figure out what it was.


“That took awhile,” Alice said when she heard Melanie finally come out of the bedroom, “I thought I was going to have to go looking for you.” She never took her eyes off the television. If she had, Alice would have noticed her partner’s disheveled clothes and the drunken look on her face.

Melanie wasn’t in any way capable of formulating a complicated plan. She merely stood behind the couch, behind Alice. Without saying a word, she reached over and started tickling Alice’s underarms.

Even through her brown sweater, Alice clearly felt the tickling. Taken by surprise, she squealed in a pitch high enough for a teakettle, and clamped both arms to her side. All she did was trap those fingers in her sensitive hollows.

“Ehe eheh ehehehehehe stawwwwppp it t heheheheh mehehehlannieehe ehehehehheh,” Alice broke into s string of sweet giggles, “Youuhuhuu hehe kno I hate this hehehehh…”

Alice leaned forward, trying to escape the fingers wiggling in her armpits, but Melanie only moved with her. She sat there, giggling for a few minutes, tossing her brown hair from side to side. She didn’t know what game her partner was playing, but Alice was willing to indulge Melanie for a few minutes. Surely she’d stop soon.

But Melanie didn’t stop. Her fingers kept tickling Alice’s underarms, and the sensation was starting to drive Alice crazy! Finally, she rolled off the couch, landing on her back on the shag carpeting, looking up at Melanie, still standing behind the couch.

Alice expected to see a playful smile on her lovers face, maybe hear words of apology for tormenting her too long. Instead, Alice saw a glassy look in Melanie’s eyes and a look of naked lust on her face. Instead of hearing an apology, Alice saw Melanie literally vault over the couch and land on top of her.

Melanie wasted no time. Straddling her girlfriend, she began tickling Alice’s sides and her belly. Alice tried to cover up, to move her hands to protect her ticklish body, but every time she did, she left another spot vulnerable. When she knocked Melanie’s hands away from her belly, for example, they simply attacked her ribs. Shield her ribs, and Melanie’s fingers started prodding into Alice’s waist.

Alices’ laughter got louder. She couldn’t stop those fingers from dancing all over her writhing body. She begged and pleaded for her friend to stop torturing her, but Melanie seemed almost in a trance. She just kept finding new spots to attack.

“HE ehe ah eheheHEHEH pleeaasshehehehhehe pleeaassheheheh lovehehe bugggg heheheh,” Alice desperately tried Melanie’s pet name, “Pleaseeheheheh stoppppp hehehh heh cannn’ttt stand he eheh thisssssessesesss hhehehehhh!!!! Lovev eheheheh youhuu!!”

Melanie never hesitated, her hands were always one step ahead of her partners vain attempts to protect her body. She wasn’t a particularly talented tickler, never having been that interested in it before, and Alice’s sweater blocked the worst of the tickling sensations. Yet she was so driven, and Alice so naturally ticklish, that the blond was able to keep her lover emitting a steady stream of giggles.

Alice could only lie there, unable to get away. She kicked her legs like a baby, nylon covered feet waving in the air. Her knee length skirt bunched up all the way to her waist, leaving her surprisingly shapely legs uncovered. Her brown hair flew everywhere.

“Give her a break,” a new voice said. Alice didn’t hear it, her own laughter ringing so hard in her ears. All she knew was relief when the tickling stopped. Alice spent a few minutes gulping for air while the voice gave Melanie some new directions.

Melanie began removing Alice’s brown sweater. Exhausted and still trusting her significant other, Alice didn’t fight to keep it on too hard. Part of her was still assuming this was some bizarre form of foreplay, and, after an exciting bout of sex, she would fully admonish Melanie for it and make her promise never to do it again.

It was only after her sweater was removed, and only a pink bra (which probably cost more than $20 but might not have) covered her smallish breasts, did Alice notice the tall raven-haired stranger. She stood not three feet from Alice, looking at the mousy brunette’s nearly topless body. Alice quickly wrapped her arms around her body to try and cover up.

“What is going on Melanie?” Alice said, exhaustion and emotion making her voice shrill, “Who is she?” A feeling of betrayal was starting to build inside her.

“Our new lover,” Melanie said, her voice now slurred so badly, it was hard to understand, “She’s going to spend the night with us.”

Now Alice understood. Melanie had found somebody else. Furious, Alice stood up, fire in her brown eyes. She intended to snatch the sweater out of Melanie’s hands and storm out of here, never to return. Then she would cry, but not before.

That never happened. As soon as Alice stood, Jenna scooped her up, just as she had done with Monica. Easily carrying the struggling woman, she placed her on the coffee table.

Jenna had noticed the coffee table when she first cased the apartment. It wasn’t one of those thin pieces of wood wobbling on four skinny legs type of coffee tables. It was a rectangular prism, resting on its flat bottom. At least four feet long, two feet wide and two feet high, it was the type that opened up to hold quilts or photo albums. Solidly built, Jenna had decided it could hold close to 300 pounds. More than enough to support the mousy Alice.

“Let me go!” Alice screamed, “You’ve got Melanie, you slut! Just let me out of here!” She was fighting like a tomcat, fighting as furiously as only a woman scorned could do. If her opponent hadn’t had cybernetic implants, it might have been enough.

“Oh, I don’t want her,” Jenna said with an evil smile, “You are the treat I’ve been searching for.” That only made Alice fight harder.

The coffee table was not quite as long as Alice was. Her feet hung over one end and her head stuck off the other. Melanie was almost sitting on top of Alice, pinning her to the flat surface. That gave Jenna a chance to pull another trick out of her bag. It looked like a can of shaving cream without the label.

Using one forearm to hold down Alice’s legs, Jenna sprayed a line of foam across Alice’s shins. It felt a little cold on Alice’s legs through her nylons, but the feeling barely pierced Alice’s anger.

That soon changed. Like a loaf of bread rising in the oven, that line of foam started getting bigger. It went from as thick as a finger to as wide as a hand. Soon, it was the size of that loaf of bread, going from Alice’s ankles to half way up her shins.

When Jenna removed her forearm, Alice felt her legs free and tried to kick either Jenna or Melanie in the stomach. To her horror, she found the foam had completely trapped her legs. She struggled as hard as she could, but no amount of pulling could get them out of the foam. Her shinbones might as well have been encased in marble.

Jenna sat on the floor by Alice’s wiggling feet. Alice stopped struggling, sat up and looked Jenna in the eye.

“Oh, you wouldn’t,” a tone of horror in Alice’s voice. She felt Melanie get a good grip on her arms, not pulling her back, but not letting her lean forward either.

Jenna just smiled, taking a good look at Alice’s small size five feet. Then, licking her lips, she reached out and wiggled one of Alice’s toes. She knew how to let her prey’s fear build.

Alice absolutely hated having her feet tickled! One time at a slumber party, she had had the misfortune to fall asleep first. She had woken up wrapped in the blanket with her feet sticking out. They had taken turns tickling her feet while Alice could do nothing to stop them! Another time at the beach, Alice’s boyfriend had convinced her to let him bury her in the sand. Then he tickled her feet for half an hour.

Alice couldn’t help but shudder when she remembered those fingers scribbling against her soles. Both incidents had scarred her. She had become a recluse in high school after the slumber party, not opening up again until meeting Melanie in college. And the beach episode had turned her off men all together.

Unfortunately for Alice, Jenna was a much better tickler than anyone from her past. She started raking her nails over Alice’s stocking covered feet, using the slick nylon to her advantage. Alice lost it immediately.


These weren’t the steady giggles Alice had emitted earlier. She was screaming with laughter now.

“What’s wrong little tickle bug,” Jenna taunted, “Don’t you like this?” She was still playing with Alice, tickling each foot one at a time. First she’d run four fingernails down Alice’s right foot from toes to heel, then she’d do the right. She kept alternating, tickling one foot, then the other, pressing her nails down just a little harder each time, slowly increasing the tickling.

The other difference between this tickle attack and others was that before there had been the possibility of escape. At the slumber party, parents had eventually come to investigate the noise. At the beach, Alice had managed to finally dig herself out. Now she felt like Fred Flintstone, with a wall of granite on her legs, keeping them motionless and vulnerable for the neighbor on the other side of the fence.

Knowing how helpless her feet were, how completely vulnerable, hanging off the coffee table for anyone to touch, only made it tickle more.

While Alice was laughing full force, fighting with Melanie to lean forward, to touch her toes and protect her feet, she became aware of Melanie’s other hand doing something behind her back. Before Alice could figure it out, her bra popped off, her smallish breasts now exposed.


Alice wanted to wrap her arms around her chest, cover up her naked body in front of this stranger. But hen she’d give up all hope of protecting her feet. Still, the thought of somebody she barely knew seeing her breasts made Alice blush.

Jenna saw the smallish globs of flesh, but never hesitated in her tickling. She stopped alternating feet and attacked Alice’s right with eight fingers now, four digging into the balls of her feet and four sliding up and down her high arch. Alice’s laughter grew even more powerful as waves of hysteria crashed over her.

“See, I knew you’d have a good time,” Melanie’s garbled voice said behind her. Alice was not having a good time! She wanted to scream in anger at her girlfriend betraying her. She wanted to cry out her heartbreak. Instead she was forced to laugh as if she was having the time of her life. It wasn’t fair.

Laughter wasn’t the only thing she was forced to give. Her breasts exposed, Melanie reached around and started caressing her nipples with one hand. They’d been together long enough that Melanie knew exactly how to touch her. Pleasure started exploding through her body, unwanted but irresistible.

“Moan for me sweet one,” Melanie slurred, “Show me how much you want this.”

Alice did not want this! But the tickling on her feet seemed to deprive Alice of the ability to resist Melanie’s touch. Alice felt a purr building in her throat and her nipples growing hard. She clenched her eyes shut, trying to banish that soft touch from her consciousness. It was futile.

And it only got worse. Just when the tickling almost became bearable, Jenna switched both hands to Alice’s left foot, digging into her heel with one hand and brushing her nylon covered toes with the other. Not able to get used to the torture, Alice kept laughing and laughing.

“I just love hearing you laugh pretty little tickle bug,” Jenna teased, fingers gliding over her feet, “So clear and simple. Laugh more for me, pretty little tickle bug.”

Alice couldn’t help but oblige. Throwing back her head, she was howling with laughter. Every twitch of Jenna’s fingers made her bleat harder and louder. She just couldn’t bare the tickles, couldn’t handle them at all! Alice felt herself going mad!

Then the tickling grew lighter. One by one, fingers stopped dancing on her stocking covered soles. Soon, Jenna was only tickling each foot with one finger, vibrating an index finger in the bottom of Alice’s left arch and tracing some strange pattern with a pointer on her right. It still tickled, but she was able to catch her breath.

Melanie was playing with her nipples, more seriously now, however. The teasing on her nipples was starting to really get to Alice. A quiet, conservative girl, she was embarrassed showing the stranger her breasts. She really didn’t want to showJenna her ‘OH’. But that was another choice being stolen from her.

“Ehe ehe eheheh donn’ttt do hhoohoho dooohooooo this is tooohohooo me Melll he ehhlll,” Alice begged, “Not in front of herrhrheherrrrrr….” Alice begged more. Melanie only touched her better, longer, bringing Alice closer to the point of climax.

“I won’t orgasm!” Alice told herself firmly. “I won’t be that weak! I’m strong enough to resist it!” But between the tickling on her feet and the touch on her nipples, that was a promise Alice didn’t know if she could keep.

“I think we can get rid of these now,” Alice heard Jenna say. Then she felt Jenna’s nails rip through the stockings and peel them away, leaving only bare skin.

“What uuuuhhhh what what are you doing,” Melanie was still playing with her breasts, so even without the tickles, Alice was having a hard time focusing.

“Nylons are fun, but so are bare feet. And with bare feet, you can do this,” Jenna lowered her head and started nibbling the balls of Alice’s left foot.

Alice went completely hysterical. Screaming and shouting, she was totally ballistic. Those teeth were scraping across her soft, delicate flesh. It was more than Alice could handle.


Alice started fighting Melanie like a wildcat, desperate to lean all the way forward and push away those devil teeth. Melanie had to use all her strength to push Alice down so her back was against the tabletop. With no fingers left do touch her nipples, Melanie copied Jenna, lowered her head and started sucking Alice’s nipples.

So intense were the sensations ravaging Alice’s body, that she should have orgasmed immediately. Instead, the foot tickling seemed to keep the climax away. Alice just hovered, body assaulted by such different vibrations. Cries of ecstasy were mixed in with cackles of laughter. She thought she was going insane.

“Nibble, nibble nibble,” Jenna was singing, her teeth grazing over her soft sole, snacking on her high arches and gnawing on her instep.

It tickled more than anything Alice had ever felt in her life. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out any bit of the tickling. But she couldn’t. The tickles exploded up and down her legs, rippling through her entire body!

And Melanie was only compounding the problem. Her talented tongue was dancing around her nipple, licking it, sucking on it. She had always been talented with her mouth, and was showing all of that now.

Then, Jenna started licking Alice’s foot instead of nibbling it. Her long, wet tongue sweeping up her sole just as Melanie’s swirled around her breast. It still tickled, but not nearly as much. Alice’s laughter slowed from hysterical screams to just deep chortles.

Not that the tongue didn’t tickle. It wormed and slithered across her sole, sliding between her toes and swallowing her heel. It made her laugh, but felt good at the same time. Melanie’s tongue on her nipples only gave Alice raw pleasure. The result was inevitable.

The first orgasm wracked Alice’s body only a few minutes after Jenna went from nibbling to licking, with the second not far behind. For a moment, Alice was floating on the waves of ecstasy, screaming, moaning, cackling at the same time. All thoughts of privacy, of betrayal of being used were lost.

And as long as Jenna kept licking and Melanie kept sucking, the sensation continued. Alice couldn’t count the orgasms any longer, they all flowed together, all became one!. White lights were exploding in Alice’s mind!

Just when Alice was sure she would pass out, the feelings at her boobs ended. Opening her eyes for the first time in what seemed like hours, Alice saw Melanie had passed out.

“Wow, I’m surprised she lasted that long,” Jenna said, licking one of Alice’s toes, “Most people who inhale that much neuroinhibitor don’t last nearly that long.”

The toe licking was the mildest sensation Alice had felt since Melanie had started tickling her on the couch. It still tickled, however, and made it difficult to think.

“What he eh what eheh did you dohohoho tooooo her…” Alice asked, words coming out between licks of her big toe.”

“Lets just say I made her drunk without using alcohol. Quite a trick, huh?” Jenna said, tongue circling the tip of Alice’s longest toe, “She’d not really responsible for anything she did tonight. She won’t even remember it in the morning.”

“What about MEHEHEEEE!!!” Alice ended in a shriek as Jenna started sucking her big toe.

“Oh, you’ll remember,” Jenna said after a few good sucks, “I don’t believe you’ll ever forget.

Jenna spent several minutes sucking Alice’s toes, licking her sole and occasionally drawing some quick laughs out of her by wiggling her nails over her other foot. Alice was so exhausted now, that even without Melanie holding her down, she didn’t have the strength to sit up. She just lay on the table, moaning and giggling, feeling her third orgasm building.

“I…I mean what are you going to do to me,” Alice said after building up enough energy to speak.”

“Not much tonight,” Jenna said, “You’re going to swallow this pill, then I’ll leave you alone.” She placed the pill on the table in easy reach for Alice.

“And if I don’t,” Alice said carefully, knowing it was the wrong thing to say.

In lieu of an answer, Jenna began scribbling her nails across Alice’s bare feet. Alice’s body reacted immediately, and she became hysterical in less than a second. She curled her little hands into fists and banged them on the table. Ticklish agony swarmed over her body.

And then it was over. Both women just stared at each other for a minute. Then, without saying a word, Alice popped the pill. She was unconscious in seconds.

“Now what am I going to do to you tomorrow? That is something completely different.”

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a pink bra (which probably cost more than $20 but might not have)

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This story is something else. Very nice work!

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