View Full Version : Three Sisters: Very Short Tickle Scene

05-24-2001, 08:32 PM
They reran the pilot episode for "Three Sisters" tonight, and everyone has been so surprised by the foot content that a short tickling scene was missed!

At the very very end, the oldest sister (Katherine LaNahsa) is doing a voice that the middle sister (Vicky Lewis) hates. As the camera zooms out for the credits to start rolling, youngest sister (AJ Langer) leans across the oldest sister and starts tickling Vicky Lewis along her sides!

It looks like she's helpless with laughter, her arms actually pinning in Langer's tickling fingers as she laughs hysterically. It's only a couple of seconds long, and you don't hear anything but the closing music...but it was a nice surprise on a Thursday night! Maybe "Must See TV" is coming back?? ;)