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03-23-2002, 02:05 PM
Just a note to remind everyone...

If you are considering attending the Connecticut Area Ticklers Gathering on July 27th, please be sure to fill out the forms and get them in ASAP. We need to get a tentative list and have a deposit to the club. So, for all those with whom I've spoken online who said they want to come, you STILL need to do the forms and get them to me. When you do, please note our change of ISP. All info. should now be sent to me at tklchamber@attbi.com.

For those who have never attended a gathering and are wondering what to expect, be assured that this will be a totally controlled and safe event. There are rules of engagement that will be strictly enforced. ANYONE violating the rules will be shown the door. So, you can feel completely comfortable and safe in attending.

There have been several questions asked offlist. Perhaps re-voicing them here will aid those who still have questions and concerns.

1. What will be expected of me if I come?
The only thing we ask is that you relax and enjoy yourself. You will be free to join in as much or as little as you like. If all you want to do is meet others, hang out and visit all day, that's perfectly fine. If you can't wait to get your hands on soomeone (or theirs on you) that's fine too...as long as you honor the boundaries of others. If someone says "no thanks", let it be and find someone else.

2. How long will the gathering last?
We've reserved the club from noon thoughout the afternoon. The club opens to regular business at 7pm. So, we have to be picked up and out by 6:00. As long as everything's picked up as we go, we should be able to stretch things out and not start saying good-bye until just before that. We will have an upstairs room all to ourselves. Lunch will be provided by us. (If you have special dietary needs, let us know on your forms and we'll be sure to provide accordingly.)

3. Is the gathering limitted to the time at the club?
Officially, yes. Realisticly, no. I'm sure there will be many who would like to stay over and continue the fun. There are several hotels within a few minutes drive of the club (all along the same route) where you can get an inexpensive room and continue the fun.
Also, for any who may be interested, the club is offering a discount on the cover charge for any who wish to return there later in the evening for additional play time. (They're open until 3am) Just know that (since that would be during their normal hours) there may be to be little or no tickle play outside of yourself and whoever you're with AND that there will be a variety of BDSM activities taking place. Feel free to check out their web site for a feel of what they have. The link is in the bookmarks.

4. What's all this crap about having to show ID?!
CT law requires that adult oriented establishments proof people. While this is a real PITA, we DO have some good news. Since the club holds those who rent space accountable for their own people, we will be doing the proofing ourselves. This will consist of simply a cursory check of your liscence against the info. on your form. If you're at all concerned about "everyone knowing your real identity", please don't be. There will be one or two of us at the door to check this. The info. will be confirmed and then forgotten. Your annonymity will remain intact.

5. What's for lunch?
We haven't decided for sure yet. But here's what we're looking at....pizza, meat & cheese platter, rolls, fruit, chips, drinks. We plan to get in touch with people to feel out likes and dislikes as it gets closer. So, if you have a favorite, keep it in mind. ;-)

6. I'm a guy hoping to meet a lady and start something. Is there any chance of that?
While there are a number of women planning to attend, this is a tickle gathering and not a singles club. You may get lucky and meet someone. If so, more power to you. Just know that this will not be the focus of the gathering...and shouldn't be yours if you attend.

7. Some gatherings have videos, magazines, etc. available to check out. Will you?
The club has no TV. However, if anyone would like to bring along materials to share with others later on at the hotels, feel free to do so. If you're interested in buying/selling material, just drop me a note to let me know so we can set up a table where you can do that. You will be entirely responsible for your own materials, however.

8. You mention hotels and continuing the event after leaving the club. How will we know who's going to be where?
Feel free to post those questions to the open group. If you want to continue and there are others who do also (which I'm sure there will be), you can make arrangements accordingly.

9. You mentioned something about a fetish shop in the area. What's the deal with that?
The D/s Toychest is a fantastic fetish shop about 2 minutes straight up the road from the club. Since they are involved in the fetish community and not merely in it for the business, they do a great job and have a wide selection. If you're into tickling alone, you'll find some goodies. If you're into combining your tickling with bondage and/or other BDSM play, you will find a TON of stuff. They are open on Sunday's as well. So, anyone who spends the night will have another shot at stopping in.

10. You mentioned strict rules and people being shown the door if they break them. Who will be enforcing these rules?
I will be enforcing them, along with others on the committee. There will be no "I didn't know"s or anything like that. When you fill out the forms, you will have a chance to read and agree to the rules. When we gather, everyone will be reminded and asked again if they agree. If you violate the rules and infringe on another's comfort and safety, you're out. No questions or second chances. This may sound a bit harsh. But, we want it clear that games and infringing on the rights of others will not be tollerated in any way, shape or form.

OK, there's some basic info. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask either on or off the list and we'll get back to you ASAP. For those who've already sent in your forms, if you don't hear from me by the end of the week, please drop me a note. We've lost some things in the process of switching things over. I want to be sure we have everyone.

happy tickling!