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01-01-2008, 07:35 PM
This is my first attempt at a story. Please let me know what you think, but be gentle :)

Please be aware that there are some sexual parts of the story (but both the guy and woman are clothed, and there is no sexual contact).
Tom was a young man, fresh out of college, living in a new city, beginning his first real job. Tom had a secret: he had a tickle fetish. He had always wanted to be tied down and tickle tortured by beautiful women. He met a woman, Rachel, who was his age (mid 20's) on the TMF website, who just happened to love tickling men (although she had never tied and tickled a man before - just some teasing tickling with past boyfriends).

Rachel and Tom met for a drink at a local bar, to decide if they wanted to proceed with their tickle fantasies. After meeting, they decided they were compatible, and headed to Tom's apartment. (Rachel had brought some rope with her to restrain Tom.)

Upon getting to Tom's apartment, Tom insisted that he didn't want to use a safeword, and wanted Rachel to be sadistic in her tickling (Rachel grinned, with the knowledge that Tom didn't know what he was in for - but she accepted her request for no safeword).

Rachel was wearing a tank-top (with no bra), and jogging shorts. Tom removed all his clothes, except he kept his boxer briefs on. Rachel tied Tom spread eagle, face up. The rope was pulled tight, with virtually no slack, so Tom felt very vulnerable and exposed.

She began by sitting beside him on the bed, lightly rubbing her fingernails over Tom's side, from his waist up to his armpits. She then spider tickled his chest and stomach, causing him to tense, but it was not spaz out, or even laugh out loud.

Rachel then moved to the foot of the bed, and started tickling one foot with her fingernails. This was when Tom really knew what he was in for. He was surprised at how helpless he felt. He was bucking around as much as he could, which wasn't much, on account of the tight bondage.

She got some massage oil, and applied it to both feet, and started attacking both feet with her nails. The massage oil increased Tom's sensitivity, and he was really howling now. But that was nothing compared to when she got a hairbrush out of Tom's bathroom, and started scrubbing his feet. Tom began begging, screaming, and more begging. He was in trouble and he knew it. He was begging for her to stop, but Rachel reminded him that he did not want a safeword. The sensation of the hairbrush was too much for Tom. He was laughing so hard, but it was more than he could take. In his laughing, he began crying as well. So Rachel let up on his feet.

She gave him about a minute to regain his composure, and then straddled his waist. She immediately dug into his armpits. Normally Tom's armpits were not ticklish, but on account of the bondage and not being able to move, the tickling of the armpits was a crazy sensation, and he was spazzing out - Rachel looked like a cowgirl trying to ride a bull, Tom was bucking so hard.

Rachel suddenly stopped tickling his armpits, and moved to his hipbone. She placed her thumbs just under Tom's boxer brief line, on the area just next to his hipbone. This was a pressure point for Tom, and she dug in, and Tom spazzed out even more than when she was at his armpits. He was really begging now, the sensation was unbearable, even uncontrollable. His thrashing about was really more of a reflex than anything else.

After about 45 seconds of this, while still straddling him, she moved up to his nipples, and just began running her nails over them, very softly. While this tickled a little, it felt good more than anything. But, she gradually picked up the pace, and after about 1 minute of this, the nipples suddenly became very sensitive. It wasn't the same type of ticklishness as the armpits, feet, or hips, but this was still tortorous nevertheless. She kept on making spider motions on his nipples, and Tom was trying to blow away her fingers, which Rachel thought was funny.

She then turned around on Tom, so that she was still stradelling his stomach, but was now facing his feet. Tom had a great look at Rachel's round butt - her running shorts were pulled down a little, so he could see that she had a thong on.

But this picture didn't last long - Rachel then dug her thumbs into Tom's hipbone again, and again he went crazy. In a sense, it was more tortorous this way for Tom, since she wasn't facing him. At least shen she was facing him, Tom felt like he might could convince her to stop, by making eye contact w/ her.

Then Rachel stopped with the hipbones, and began lighly tickling Tom's inner thigh, and reached under the leg of his boxer briefs, and tickled the fold where the leg meets the hip. The boxer briefs were not skin tight, but you could definitely see Tom's package. But now that she was tickling near his package, Rachel noticed that Tom was getting hard. When she saw this, she suddenly dug into his inner thigh causing Tom to thrash and laugh and beg. Rachel said, "I see that you are liking my tickling", and she continued tickling on his hipbone, and pubic region, over his underwear, but being careful not to touch his now obviously fully erect penis, or balls.

Tom was begging - the tickling was torturous, and there was nothing he could do about it. He really wished he had a safeword. Rachel stopped, and said "I am going to keep tickling you here - and not the light, sensual tickling - I'm going to tickle you until you can't take anymore, and then tickle some more, as long as you're excited. If you can make your penis not erect, I'll give you a 5 minute break." With that, she started tickling him again. Of course, losing the erection was easier said than done - he had a beautiful woman straddling him, tickling just inches from his package - but if he wanted the tickling to stop, he had to find a way to make his penis not hard....

To be continued......

01-02-2008, 04:57 AM
AWESOME! I can't wait for more! Being a girl that likes tickling a guys privates, I hope she goes to town there!!

01-02-2008, 06:55 AM
great story. can you do this to me??? :-))

I wish this story will never end absolutly great stuff


01-02-2008, 09:47 AM
Very well done....good luck to him losing that erection...i don't think it would be possible.

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Hello. Im waiting for the second part :-))))

02-03-2008, 01:52 AM
Where is th second part of this story ????

02-03-2008, 01:40 PM
AWESOME! I can't wait for more! Being a girl that likes tickling a guys privates, I hope she goes to town there!!

You are evil... and you're on my list lady!

02-03-2008, 05:40 PM
good story for your first one..look forward to the second part