View Full Version : Two different Cher clips

05-26-2001, 03:17 PM
Hey everybody! I've been gone for a bit but I'm back now! Anyway, I'm going to list mainstream scenes I know of (and in some cases, actually posess!) especially ones that I've not seen mentioned before on any lists.

First up in the victim category is Cher. There are actually two clips of her getting it, both upperbody.

1.) On the Sonny and Cher show, when she was absolutely delectable, they were singing the Beatles song "Good Day Sunshine". Cher was decked out with her entire luscious tummy exposed...I wish I could remember better details (I unfortunately DON'T have this clip). She looked unbelievable.Anyhow, t some point, either before they started singing or after or maybe even in the middle of the song, Sonny makes a wise crack and she rolls her eyes and looks the other way, like she's pissed off. Sonny smiles to the camera, and gooses Cher ride on the side, causing her to flinch immediately and realistically with almost a flash on her face that she wasn't expecting it. She doesn't giggle or anything, she holds a stone face but she flinches sharply to the side.

2.) In the very beginning of the movie "Mask", Cher is outside with some biker kind of guy she's been fooling around with. He comes up in front of her and says "Hey, how about a kiss in the sun, huh?" and picks up his hands and puts them right on her stomach and starts tickling, causing her to flinch and break into a quick smile/chuckle as she squirms away. It's really quick, but once again, it's convincing. (This is not a clip I have anymore-got erased by mistake-but I'm sure you can rent it.)