View Full Version : John Cassavette's "Husbands"

05-26-2001, 03:37 PM
Really long scene in which John Cassavettes is like an octopus all over this English girl, trying to get her to kiss him and at many points, he tickles on her tummy. He's in a really hard to describe position (and recently, I had an amazing tickling experience in this very position!). He is laying on his back, and she is laying on her back, ON TOP OF HIM, and his legs are swung over and hooked around her legs, like a scissor hold (I'm not sure if I'm using the term properly!), and having his arms around hers so she' trapped and sometimes he dances his hands around her tummy. This scene is so long it's uncomfortable!! Many minutes!! By the end of it, they've fallen off the bed and all you can see is her stockinged sole facing the camera for like 20 seconds. Interesting scene! I hope I described it okay!

By the way, I've noticed this movie comes on IFC (the Independent Film Channel) pretty frequently. Also, the scene comes very far into the movie.