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04-09-2002, 08:37 PM
Here's one for all you guys and ladies out there

- bojesse

Graduation Eve,

Julie has always been a sweet girl. Now, almost 18 years old, she is ready to head off to college and is starting to prepare herself for adulthood. She has really grown up over time: she is now 5'8, 128, with a great figure and size 8 feet. She thinks her feet are kinda big, but she has always loved her shapely toes, and she pampers them to no end. And she's a very ticklish girl too, but she has kept that hidden from most of her family and friends, except for her mother and grandmother. Being tickled had always excited her in such an odd way, she never knew how to make heads or tails out of it. All she knew was, her feet were very very ticklish (especially under the toes), and she somewhat enjoyed it.
Her mother threw Julie a huge graduation party on the Thursday before graduation. Julie, who was a cheerleader, as well as a softball player, was fairly popular all throughout high school. So she invited many of her girlfriends to the party, as well as her grandmother, Connie. It was thrown at Julie's house at 8 PM. Julie's mom, Adrian, allowed the girls to have alcohol at the party, which was definitely a first.
The party was going fine. Everyone was getting a little buzzed and having a great time. By the end of the night however, pretty much everyone had gone except for Julie's mom and her mother, and Julie's good friend Stacey. Julie and Stacey were on the couch talking, when Connie came in and said to Julie, "Hey, I taped your favorite show for you, would you like to watch it now?" Of course, Julie's favorite show in the whole world was "Friends", and she definitely wanted to watch the video.
Adrian and Julie curled up on opposite ends of the couch. Connie was in the recliner, and Stacey was on the floor by Julie's feet. To get even more comfortable, Julie took off her Sketchers (a birthday gift from her mother) and her white cotton socks. While picking the sock lint out of her toes, she noticed that her friend Stacey was staring at them. "What are you looking at Ace?", she asked. "Oh nothing, just thinking about stuff", replied Stacey. Stacey couldn't believe how beautiful her friend's feet were. After all the time they spent together in the locker room and on other occasions, she had never noticed Julie's beautiful, soft looking feet. Stacey was always embarrassed that she had a little foot fetish, and would constantly catch glimpses of naked teenage soles when she could.
After a few minutes of watching the show, Julie's toes got cold, so she slid them down the couch to her mother's barefeet to warm them up. Her mother just smiled back at her and continued to watch TV. Stacey then laid on her stomach in front of the TV and put her feet up over her ass, in doing so she slid her sandals off, revealing some sweaty, and sensitive size 7s.
Boy was this ever a funny episode, all the women were laughing uncontrollably. Julie thought to give Stacey's foot a quick tickle, so she slid her finger up her arch from the middle of her foot to the base of her toes. Stacey let out a little giggle and said, "Stop that Julie". Julie refused, and continued to tickle - only this time simply stroking the bottoms of Stacey's long toes. "HAHAHAHAHAHA NOT MY TOES HAHAHAHA", laughed Stacey. At that point, Adrian wiggled her toes underneath Julie's, causing her to shriek. Julie thought to herself, "Oh no, now it's beginning".
Stacey taunted Julie, "Oh so those sweet toes of yours are a little ticklish." Julie couldn't answer, for her mother kept wiggling her toes, which tickled Julie's little piggies unbearably. "HAHAHAHAHA NO NOT AT ALL." Julie felt helpless. Stacey made her way over to Julie's feet and started to tickle her right sole with her nails. Julie was going crazy. "STOP IT MOM, STOP STACEY, IT TICKLES, HAHAHAHAHA." Stacey, who was having a fantastic time, started to tickle under Adrian's toes as well. "DON'T TICKLE MY TOES HAHAHAHAHA YOU LITTLE BITCH HAHAHAHA NOOOOO." Stacey also noticed that Adrian had very soft and perfect feet. The 38 year old had two very tan size 7s, which looked very tasty and appealing. Not a callous in sight, and very very silky to the touch. While she tickled both the women's toes with delight, Connie just watched and laughed along with them.
Stacey kept the tickling up for three minutes or so, by this point Adrian was almost on the floor, and Julie was almost in tears. They kept trying to pull their feet away, but they were virtually locked in the softball pitchers arms, and she wasn't about to let go. After a few more minutes, Stacey let the girls go. They caught their breath for a moment, and then both went outside for a cigarette and to talk to each other. Stacey simply sat on the couch and watched the rest of the show.
Thinking Stacey had a little fetish, Connie pulled off her socks revealing two wrinkly soles and plump little toes. A size 7 also, she still continues to take care of those feet, even after 59 years. She started to wiggle her toes to try to tease Stacey a little bit. Stacey simply took little glimpses when she thought Connie wasn't looking. Finally she was cought looking. "What are you looking at", Connie asked. "Your feet", Ace said nervously. "All the tickling made me a little jealous, and since you seem to be good at it, why not come over here and tickle my toes". Stacey was shocked. She had never been asked to do something like this, but now her dream was coming true. She walked over and kneeled next to Connie's soles, relaxing on the recliner. She took her right index finger and placed it under Connie's second toe. "HHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH", connie exploded with laughter. She was way more ticklish than the other two. Now using all ten fingers, Stacey played with the old woman's toes with delight. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAIT'S BEEN SO LONG HAHAHA AHAHAH SINCE ANYONE HAHAHAHA TICKLED MY PIGGIES HAHAHAHAHA." Stacey took a moment to dance her ten fingers in both arches, which made Connie flip out even more. "WOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU'RE GOOD AT THIS HAHAHAHAHAHA".
After a few moments, Stacey stopped tickling, and was just sitting by Connie's feet relishing the past few moments. "You have a foot fetish", Connie said. "Yeah, I know, it's sort of embarrassing", replied Stacey". "Don't be embarrassed about it young lady, I had one too, and I loved to tickle feet too, just like you. Did you ever taste another woman's toes, Stacey?", asked connie. Stacey just looked at the old woman in amazement.
"Well, I'm your guinea pig, go ahead and suck on mine for a little while, no one will come in, especially after that tickling, the girls are gonna need a few cigarettes, haha." Stacey did what the old lady wanted, she leaned forward and sniffed her toes. To her astonishment, she found the odor to be extremely sweet and arousing. She took the old lady's right foot in her hands. She licked under the toes, all in a row from smallest to largest. The old lady let out a giggle. "That's good, now take them in your mouth, one at a time." Stacey took the pinky toe and started to gently suck on it, eventually sucking all the toes. Connie just laid in the recliner with her eyes closed, giggling and whimpering. She was loving it. Stacey then started to lick from the heel to the toes repeatedly. "HAHAHAHAHAHA, NOW THAT TICKLES LITTLE GIRL, STOP IT NOW", Connie yelped. "NO WAY, IT TASTES SO GOOD", Stacey exclaimed. She ignored the woman's pleas and continued to lick her soles like a ice cream cone. At that moment, Julie and her mom walked in, and slid their sandals off. They wiggled their sensitive toes at Stacey. It was going to be a long night.

04-11-2002, 01:47 AM
Few, the whole story make my knees weaker;) The dream of the most foot-tickling addicts - the ticklish family in female line, all enjoyed to tickle and be tickled. Really sorry, that in real life that is very rare, almost never. But , anyway, grat for the beginning! Why not continue it? The start is good and the plot for the next part is clear. Maybe next time Stacey would tickle Jules' mom's feet longer, and not only under toes:devil: ...

04-11-2002, 11:57 PM
Why did it have to end just when Julie and her mom, Adrian, come back in the room? I really liked the inexpected twist about Julie's grandmother. I wish you would finish the story with all three of them getting their feet tickled and licked. I loved this story so much. The only thing I would have liked better is if instead of Stacy, it would have involved Julie's boyfriend doing their feet.