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05-28-2001, 01:58 PM
These shots come from a custom video “Cathryn’s Tickling Torment” now being offered by Dorothy Laine Productions: www.dorothylaine.com The stills are Copyright Dorothy Laine Productions. Please do not repost them to other web sites or newsgroups. Copyright will be enforced.

The video stars Cathryn Beaumont as the ticklee, Dorothy Laine as the tickler. For more details and information, see the post in the discussion forum titled “New Video: Cathryn’s Tickling Torment”, and the other posts to this, and other sections of the forum under that same title.

The video opens with Cathryn on the floor wearing only panties. She is bound at the ankles, knees, arms at her wrists behind her back, and upper arms pinned to her sides. A toe tie completes the bondage.


Dorothy spends the first several minutes with Cathryn’s head in her lap. She spends this time first working over Cathryn’s ears and neck. These areas turn out to be stunningly sensitive, and Dorthy drives Cathryn to try and bite her to make her stop. If you have ever wanted to see a sequence where these often overlooked areas are worked over, this is for you.


Dorothy then moves on to tickle Cathryn’s breasts for the next few minutes. She gives them a total workover, nipples, undersides, between. The result is a frantic, laughing, thrashing Cathryn. Dorothy drives Cathryn to the point of that deep sounding hysterial laughter. By the end of this sequence Cathryn’s laughter comes in gasps, as she struggles to breath. Breast tickling is often overlooked in comercialy produced videos. Here you will see very thorough amount of attention paid to this area on a very ticklish woman.


Dorothy then changes her position, and sits astride Cathryn, pinning her lower body with her weight. For all of you stomach ticklers out there, this segment is for you! Dorothy proceeds to sadistically tickle Cathryn everyplace between the bottom of her breasts to the top of her low cut panties. When she discovers one of Cathryn’s major weak points, just under her belly, Dorothy attacks again and again. The responces you’ll see to this torture will stay in your fantisies for days. Often Cathryn is reduced to gasping silent laughter. When she does manage to get her breath back, it’s all used up in frantic laughter and giggles. So strong are her struggles she begins to escape a very tight wrist tie.


In the final part of this “top half/front side” oriented segment. Dorothy gets off Cathryn, and proceeds to tickle all of the areas she has covered in the previous three sceens at random. Cathryn is allowed to wriggle about and try and escape as best she can. She trys her best to get away from Dorothy’s talented fingers. Dorthy keeps hitting all the weak points she has discovered, and keeps Cathryn laughing and giggling away for the entire segment. There is no escape!

The descriptions continue in the entry titled Cathryn’s Tickling Torment Part II. Go there to see more!

If you want to buy the video, visit Dorothylaine.com www.dorothylaine.com/dlpvideo/ctt/index.htm and shop away!

If you have any questions about the video feel free to ask them here, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

Tickling Rookie
05-28-2001, 05:01 PM
Looks like a great video! The breast tickling part is my favorite part! Although I would've liked it even more if Cathyrn had gotten revenge on Dorothy. It's still good, though!

05-28-2001, 06:12 PM
Hello Rookie,

Glad that you enjoyed the stills. There is indeed several solid minutes of breast tickling in the video. Cathryn's responces are a lot of fun.

As to Cathryn getting revenge on Dorothy, I, and the other forum member who had this video made, do have hopes of getting a sequal made. In it Cathryn will once again get the worst of it, but we have plans to turn her loose on Dorothy for a bit of revenge also for a segment. :-) It will probably be a good bit before that happens though, so don't hold your breath!

Tickling Rookie
05-28-2001, 07:34 PM
Well, I'm glad you're seriously taking my suggestion into consideration. I hope that one of these days you make a video where Cathyrn gets to tie up Dorothy and give her the tickling of a lifetime! It's no fun when just one girl gets tickled all the time! I'm seriously considering buying this video after I pay off my credit card bills.

05-28-2001, 07:54 PM
Hello Rookie,

My partner in crime and I were thinking about giving Cathryn a shot at Dorothy for a bit now. So it's an idea that has been growing for a bit. Since we are targeting the next video for an hour length, there will be lots of time for Dorothy to get tickled.

The reason that Cathryn is the main focus of the tickling in the orderable video, and will be in the one yet to be done, is that both I and the other guy who had this made have a great fondness for Cathryn as a ticklee. She has many qualities that both of us seem to enjoy a lot, and can't quite seem to find in other models all at the same time.
So when we decided to get a custom done, we wanted a model like Cathryn. On a lark we decided to see if Cathryn was available, and happily, Cathryn was up for it, and could fit it into her stunningly busy schedual. Dorothy did a great job in producing. So we not only got a great video, we got one with EXACTLY the model we wished :-)

05-29-2001, 03:18 AM
hey how do you guys do it u find all thses beautiful ticklish ladies and make videos i just got out of collage i majored in computer programing and web design and graphics and im a big time tickle fan im pnly 25 and my tickle fetish started at 10 yrs old and im looking for away to get into the tickle business u have any suggestions for me..also i got a few tickle vids of cathryn a few from harmoney and my god she has very ticklish feet id luv to get my hands on them for 5 -10 min my dream to tickle her just 1 time and a few other modles well please get back to me all thankyou for your time

05-29-2001, 01:02 PM
Hello Xanthro,

Xanthro asked: hey how do you guys do it u find all thses beautiful ticklish ladies and make videos

In my and my friends case, we ourselves did not make the video ourselves. We hired Dorothy Laine and her production company to do the filming and editing of the video. If one wanted a video made, Dorothy does the work of finding the models as part of the production deal. She seems to have access to many of the fetish models that you see on Harmony and FM's videos. That's not saying that she can get any model at any time, but she seems to work with many, and when discussing the video with us, she was prepaired to offer a list of women we could choose from.

So, I 'found' no one. However, from things that Jeff at Magic Touch, and others have said in the past, models are often found by posting ads in local and college newspapers. In LA one can hire them through modeling agencies, as there are one or two that specialize in representing fetish models if I'm not mistaken.

As to starting your own tickling video business, that is a very difficult path to walk. As many here can tell you, you'll be doing a lot of work, and spending a good deal of cash to often only break even. Femfeet/Realtickling had a very insightful and informative post about the costs of producing just one video over in the discussion forum a week or two ago. It's not a simple process.

So the best advice I (a nonproducer of any Tickling videos, other then the one I commissioned from Dorothy, at a not small cost either) is that you need to approach a tickling video company like you would any other endeavor; as a real job. I'm not saying that you can't have fun with the job, but you can't let that get in the way of the business side of things.

If you are just looking to have fun, and tickle some attractive women, then you might be better served poping down to LA and seeing Lady Laura, and spend the few hundred dollars of money you would have paid for a model on one of her girls at her studio, and have an hour of tickling fun.

Best of luck, and if you still have questions about the tickling business, you might have better luck asking them of Real Tickling, Jeff, or SilverCherry over in the discussion forum. They are the real experts, I'm only a guy who has listened to what they have said in the past. :-)

My best,

05-29-2001, 02:04 PM
ty for the respince back i my self live in the la area..really huntington beach.calif just finished collage and im into comp programin and web design and graphics money is no object my parents left me a great deal of money when they pasted like over 200k actually so thats nmot a prob im wanna have tickle fun but i also wanna make videos as well (im doing it for the luv of tickliong=))so maybe we can help me get some contact with dorathy im willing to pay great for it. i may also wanna be in a tickle video im a big time foot tickler i luv feet so if u wanna wright me u can email me at my address it's xanthro8109@ aol.com or anyone with info leading to help me make a great tickle vid co please feel free to give me advice and email me thankyou very much buddie best wishes and looking frwd to hearing from u

05-29-2001, 06:32 PM

Well if cash is not an issue, then the best advice I can offer is to get a good digital camera with firewire, get a high end iMac, or low end G4 tower with lots of Ram and iMovie. Then practice shooting friends and stuff in normal situations with the camera and editing it on the computer. You might want to invest in some good lights, and experiment with them also to see how they make your finished product look.

After you feel you are good with the camera, then you'll need to find a model. If you have a female friend who is playful and understanding of your fetish, then she might be a good place to start. If not you can run an add in a local paper (and since you are in LA you'll have a lot of chocies) In the add be up front about what type of modeling you are lookign for (Fetish work, for a tickling video), if nudity is involved, and how much you are paying for how much time. In LA $200 to $400 for a one hour shoot is not uncommon.
Now remember this person you are hiring is a model, and she is not really there for you to 'play' with. She is doing a job, and odds are she might bring a boyfriend along for her safety, in fact it's good to encourage her to do so. As an unknown producer models will be very wary of working with you until you have a body of work you can point to.
Be sure to get proof of age (a copy of it must be kept on file) and have her fill out a standard release form for the work. All the leagal stuff must be handled with care.

and.... well thats enough for now. Getting to that point will take a few months.

And to clarify about Dorothy, she Produces videos, so if you were to hire her, she'd do her darned best to make the exact video you wanted to see. But she does not interact with you personally. So you would not be in the video, or even on set when it was made. She doesn't play for pay.

And once again, I'm not the perfect person to be discussing this with. I don't run a tk video company :-) Asking for advice over in discussion might produce some answers from the Pros!