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06-25-2008, 08:58 PM
Shayna's Tied Up and Tickled - Pt 1
Shayna is usually tickled many times in the prone position. This time she is tied in a chair upright. Her ankles are tied just below the armrests and hands tied above her head. That exposes her very ticklish armpits and leaves those bare thighs just ready for the tickling they deserve. Alot to see for fans of all over body tickling as Shayna is perfect for this! Enjoy!

Shayna's Tied Up and Tickled - Pt 2
Starting with her armpits, he works his way down to her belly, those ticklish thighs and then her feet. It seems her knees and thighs are the worst spots for her in this position. Next is the ICE! It goes in the "oochie coochie" area and she just dont like that!

Shayna's Tied Up and Tickled - Pt 3
More foot tickling continues, then he moves up to tickle the "oochie coochie" area again! Relentless going to the hip area, and armpit simultaneously. Shayna's a beaten woman at this point...worn out..but it doesn't stop there. After a moment rest, he tickles her to where she almost jumps outta the chair. Next spining her around, till she gets dizzy, then throws the chair back, to have good access to her bare soles for tickling them. Her bonds start to come loose and he gives her a finishing upperbody tickling.