View Full Version : Sig image Size & Content

06-27-2002, 09:54 PM
People often ask about our rules for signature images:

Here is the rule for size: We don't restrict signature size except when it's necessary, because we want everyone to feel free to express themselves. However, if an image, or row of images, are wider than a person's screen then it can cause the forum to distort, pushing text off the page and making it hard for people to read.

So we ask you to be reasonable with your signatures and keep in mind that not everyone is going to be using the same size monitor as you.

So as a rule of thumb, please keep your sig to around 600 pixels in width, and about half a page in height.

We'll remove sig images that are too large when we see them.

Also, we will remove signiture images and quotes that we see as flame bait, or insulting to individuals and groups.

In addition, the use of iframes or any other form of code in your signature to redirect other users browsers to new pages, or infect machines with any form of code, or play sounds that cannot be turned off, is a serious rules violation, and can lead to account closure. Do not do this.