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The bones hanging from near the window rattled in the light breeze, making Gary
almost jump out of his skin. The shop was creepy enough with its twisted shadows
dancing on the walls and gruesome animal body parts scattered everywhere. The strange
noises were almost enough to make Gary run all the way back to his dorm room.
But no, Gary couldn’t leave, not if he planned on getting into the fraternity he
wanted to. It was a common enough hazing practice at his school to make a pledge enter
the poor Haitian community on the other side of town. With the gangs that would just
love to get their hands on a rich white boy, and the maze of narrow alleyways that had
never known a street sign, just getting out alive was a challenge. Getting out with proof
you’d been there was even more difficult.
“So,” said the woman across the counter in a strong Jamaican accent, “What will
you be having today?” She must have been at least 200 years old, with skin as dark as the
deepest shadows. She looked every inch the voodoo witch she was supposed to be.
Gary swallowed deeply, “A...a love potion,” he finally said. That would be proof
to the guys back on campus. A voodoo love potion. Where else but in the Haitian part of
town could you get that? There were definitely no black magic parlors on Main Street!
“Ah,” the woman said, grinning an almost toothless smile, “The young fella has a
girl he wants to bed, eh!” She chuckled to evil grin. “Lucky you came to me boy. I’ve
got an old recipe be perfect for ya.” She reached below the counter and pulled out a tiny
red vial.
Gary picked it up, removed the stopper and look a big whiff. “I...I don’t
smell...anything.” he said meekly.
“Of course not, it don’t work on you! But let a lady smell it, and woo boy, you
better hold your pants on tight!”
Gary only nodded. he had expected some mumbo jumbo like that. What he hadn’t
expected was the stiff price. $50! He was tempted to leave right now and find one of the
other voodoo shops in the area. But it was getting late, and he’d had to search for an
hour down poorly lit roads just to find this shop! Who knew how long it would take to
find another. Silently, he pulled 2 twenties and a ten from his wallet and put them down.
“Before you go,” the woman called out as Gary was putting the red vial in his
coat, “one word of warning about the potion. Whatever you do, you can’t bed your
young lady while wearing it. That would be disastrous!”
Gary sniffed. He knew voodoo was fake, but this was ridiculous. “Why would I
want a love potion if I can’t have sex! That would be like buying a car and not driving it!”
“Impatient boy!” the woman snapped, “Nothing comes easy, not even with magic!
The night you wear the potion, you are planting the seed of lust in the hearts of every
woman you meet. You must not harvest their lust that first night! No matter how much
the women plead and try to force themselves on you, you must resist. If you can remain
chaste until the rising of the sun, a great prize will be yours.”
“Prize?” Gary asked, “What prize could be better than sex?”
“The hearts of every woman you spoke to that night for one cycle of the moon.
Exercise self control for 24 hours, and you will have 30 days of limitless pleasure and
delight,” the old woman winked, and made an obscene motion with her wrinkled hands.
Bullshit! The old woman was already trying to confuse him. That would make her
excuses more believable when Gary came back to complain that nothing had happened.”
“What happens if I do sleep with them that first night,” Gary asked, playing
around. He just wanted to hear the story the witch would come up with now.
“Tragedy!” she said with a wail, “Instead of taking control of the woman, whoever
brings you to climax will take control of you. She will be your mistress, and you will not
be able to disobey her even in the smallest thing. She will own your soul!”
Gary almost burst out laughing at that. Absurd! Wait until he told his friends this
story! Deciding it was time to leave before he insulted the old woman, Gary left without
even a glance behind, too concerned with the dark roads ahead to care.
The old woman watched Gary leave. Silly college students. They thought they
knew so much when they were so ignorant of the mysteries of the universe. They played
with what they did not understand, and it would be the ruin of them yet. It would have
been better for that one if he had found one of the fakes that were plentiful in the Haitian
quarter. It must have been the work of some dark power to make him stumble upon one
of the few authentic workers of black magic left in the world.
It was then the woman realized Gary had left before she could tell him how much
potion to use. Oh well, even a gringo couldn’t be stupid enough to use more then a few
drops at a time. And if he did...it would make quite a show.


Gary stared at his reflection in the mirror while coming his hair. He adjusted the
collar of his shirt, and made sure his shoes were not scuffed. Tonight was to big of a night
for him not to look his absolute best. Tonight he joined Kappa Kappa Mu. The party
would be one of the highlights of his young life. And it was a bottle of red food coloring
that made it all possible.
Gary made sure to put the bottle of ‘love potion’ into his pocket before leaving.
That bottle was his ticket into the frat house. It was his proof he’d entered the Haitian
quarter and lived to tell the tale. It didn’t matter that the fake had cost him $50.
Admission to the Kappa’s was worth that and more.
Before Gary left his dorm room, a mischievous idea crossed his brain. Why settle
for just being a Kappa when he could be the center of attention! Opening the bottle, he
poured about half its contents into his hands, then slapped it on his cheeks and neck just
like aftershave. He wasn’t just bringing ‘love potion’, he was wearing it! What a joke.
Gary was sure he could play it to the hilt, maybe even get some girl to play along.
“Who knows...” Gary muttered to himself, “If she’s drunk enough, this love potion
gag might be enough to score.” Wouldn’t that be ironic. Using fake love potion to get
real sex!
Gary walked out of his dorm into the cold, night air. Being Friday night, the
campus was close to deserted. Only in the fraternity and sorority houses would there be
any sign of life. Gary started in that direction, whistling a strange tune as he went.
The most direct route to Fraternity Row led right in front of the library. To Gary’s
surprise, the lights were still on, and he could see shapes through the window. What kind
of college students would be studying on a Friday night! Didn’t they know it was party
night? They must be major nerds and bookworms.
As Gary got closer to the library, one of those major bookworms was leaving. It
was Emily, a girl Gary had seen in one of his classes last semester. It didn’t surprise Gary
at all that she would be one of the late night library patrons. She had known every answer
and aced every test. Emily was also a meek, mousy girl, who had rarely spoken above a
whisper or looked anyone in the eye. Someone in the class had stuck a note on her back
once, declaring Emily ‘The Last Virgin.’
Gary stared at her for a second, and noticed little had changed. Emily was dressed
like Gary’s Aunt Sally, wearing skirt that went down to her ankles and a long sleeve
blouse. The neckline was almost up to her neck for Christ’s sake! Emily was staring
down at the ground as she walked, her auburn hair was done up in a ponytail. She was
carrying at least 6 books.
“Geez,” Gary thought as he walked by, “She could be Amish in that outfit. It’s
down right Victorian!” Emily didn’t even look up as they passed or acknowledge his
presence in any way. “Shy or stuck up,” Gary whispered, and kept walking.
Just then, a freak breeze disturbed the still air, fluttering the leaves on the trees. It
blew across Gary, mussing up his hair a bit, then flapping Emily’s long skirt 10 feet past
him. Both students stopped, Gary to fix his hair and Emily to adjust her skirt.
For no reason, Emily’s head perked up, a look of curiosity in her eyes. She started
sniffing the air, like dog when dinner is being cooked. She looked from left to right, as if
trying to find out where the disturbing odor was coming from. Emily’s eyes finally locked
on Gary. The books dropped from her trembling hands.
“Excuse me,” Gary heard someone from behind him say in a strong, clear voice,
“Aren’t you Gary Hashien? We were in World History together, right?” To Gary’s great
surprise, it was Emily. Unable to speak, all Gary could do was nod.
“Say,” Emily continued, smiling warmly, “Why don’t we go get some dinner
together? Or maybe just a drink. I’m so very thirsty.” Emily cocked her head slightly to
the side and licked her lips with the tip of her pink tongue.
Gary just stood their in stunned amazement. Emily, the Last Virgin, was not only
talking to him, she was asking him out and flirting shamelessly! It couldn’t be. Maybe
this was some kind of joke, one of his new fraternity brothers setting him up. but how
would they ever get uptight Emily to play the role? Maybe he just had it going on, or...
The love potion! That had to be it! Emily had been downwind of him. The
breeze would have brought the smell right to her! What else could make most tight-laced
girl on campus into a seductress? If it worked this well on docile freshman, imagine what
the reaction of the real girls at the party would be!
“Sorry,” Gary said quickly, stepping away from her, “I have to go to a party.” He
barely saw mousy Emily anymore. His only thought was to get to the Kappa house, and
heaven itself, to a night not even ‘Playboy’ would believe!
Emily had other ideas, however. Before Gary could get away, she slipped her arm
around his. “Great! I’ll be your date. You can teach me some...dance moves,” she said,
making ‘dance moves’ sound suggestive.
Gary had no desire to go to this party with the biggest nerd on campus. He would
be a laughing stock to all his new frat brothers. Besides, you didn’t bring a bag lunch to
an all you can eat buffet! Gary wanted senior girls, the kind most freshman could only
dream about.
“No,” Gary said firmly, pulling his arm out of Emily’s grasp, “I’m not taking you!
Go run back to the library and study some more, bookworm.” It was a little cruel, but the
urgency Gary felt to get to that party left no room for subtleties.
Emily put one hand softly on Gary’s chest. “Oh, come one,” she said in a sultry
voice, “I can be a good date, I promise.” She reached out with her free hand started
unbuttoning her blouse.
Gary felt a sudden stab of desire. Emily was in no way unattractive. If you got
her out of the 19th century clothes, she’d probably be quite a looker, with her deep brown
eyes and soft skin. He wanted to see the breasts that had so long been hidden.
“See what I mean,” Emily continued. She seemed to either not know or care that
they were in public. The top two buttons on her blouse were open now, allowing the first
swells of cleavage to show. “I can be a verrrrrrrryyyyy good date.”
Gary was so absorbed in watching Emily slowly start on her third button, he barely
noticed her free hand had worked its way under his shirt until he felt her fingers crawling
up his belly. Taken completely by surprise, Gary emitted a girlish, high-pitched squeal of
“I see Garypoos ticklish!” Emily said in a sing song voice, and thrust her other
hand up Gary’s shirt as well.. She reached up farther and started squeezing his ribcage,
forcing out more giggles. Gary tried to defend himself, but it was impossible to reach
Emily’s tickling hands underneath his own shirt.. Emily started wiggling her fingers more
firmly, digging them between his ribs, forcing Gary to start tittering more and more.
Finally he managed to push Emily away. Her legs tangled in her long skirt, and the
auburn-haired freshman fell to the ground.
“No!” Gary said in a husky voice. “I don’t want you, you skank! Stay off me.” If
there was one thing he HATED, it was to be tickled. It made him feel like a little boy
again, being tormented by his older sisters. Without a look back, Gary started off for
Fraternity Row once more.
He had gone no more than ten steps before he felt something solid strike him in the
back of the knee, sending him crashing to the ground. Looking up, Gary realized it was
Emily’s foot. She was hovering over him, and was quite a sight to see. Not only was her
blouse still half unbuttoned, Emily had hastily discarded the long skirt. Gary could see it
lying in a pile near a tree. All she was wearing below the waist now were her pink panties.
Emily’s thighs were firm, and her legs had a suppleness that had been completely hidden
by her clothing. She looked stunning!
“Didn’t know I was a green belt in karate, did you Gary boy?” Emily asked with a
crooked grin. Part of her tightly wrapped Auburn hair must have come loose after her fall,
because half her bun was undone. She reached up and removed another hairclip, allowing
her entire fiery mane to fall around her shoulders.
Something about her, maybe the look of pure lust in her eyes, frightened Gary.
Lying on his back, Gary started using his arms to pull himself away from her. Gary kept
going for about five feet, until his back hit a tree.
Emily slowly followed. “Your not getting away from me, not now that I’ve got
that heavy skirt off. I’ve tried to be nice about this Gary, but I am going to have you,
even though you insist on being a naughty boy. And there’s only one punishment for a
naughty boy!” She was practically purring now, like a cat. Her body swayed in a way
Gary had never see before. Every inch of the once puritanical girl now screamed out
wantonness. That was some potion!
Then Emily was on top of him. Gary could feel her warm legs pressed against him,
trying to pin him to the ground. Emily’s hands were trying to zero in on his tickle spots.
Gary felt fingers poking his ribs, scratching over his belly and digging into his sides. He
giggled, momentarily distracted by the ticklish sensations. Gary tried to catch Emily’s
wrists, but she moved them as fast as two snakes.
In the end, however, it was no match. Gary outweighed Emily by 50 pounds knew
a few wrestling holds from screwing around with the guys. Emily had never even done
anything close. Soon, it was Emily’s body trapped under Gary’s, her arms and legs
hopelessly tangled. Still, the freshman fought like a wildcat. She did everything but bite
to get free. It felt like she might break loose any second.
Somehow, in the struggle, Gary noticed Emily’s bare foot was right in front of his
face. Her shoes and socks had come off, either in the struggle or when she had taken off
her skirt. The slim appendage was practically a work of art. Slim, probably a size four or
five, with slightly chubby toes, and marble white skin. The sole hadn’t seen the sun in
years! OK, Gary thought, if Emily wants to tickle, lets see how she likes it.
With his hands busy restraining his attacker, Gary licked Emily’s sole from heel to
toes. The girl immediately gave a squeal high enough to bring rain. Gary licked again,
than a third time, bringing more and more laughter from the slender girl.
“Heehe eheh eheh ehe heh no Garyiieeee hee ehehe eheh eheh eheh!!! Don’t ehe
eheh ehehehheh pleaaassehheeheheheheh!!!”
Gary just kept licking. He noticed that each stroke of his tongue lessened Emily’s
attempts at escape, enabling Gary to get a much more secure grip. When he started
nibbling on the balls of her feet and slipping his tongue between those chubby toes, she
practically went ballistic, whipping her head from side to side, and howling like a coyote.
Victory! Gary thought, Now maybe he could get away from this psycho.
“Just what do you think your doing to her!” An outraged voice said from above
him. When Gary looked up from his foot popsicle, he saw two more freshman girls, an
Oriental with long, dark hair, and a blond just this side of Sweden. Both had expressions
of pure outrage on their faces. The were both dressed similarly to the way Emily had
been, and the books they were carrying showed they had recently come from the library as
Gary opened his mouth to reply, then closed it. What did you say? He had Emily
wrestled to the ground, skirt off, blouse half undone, and begging. How did you explain it
wasn’t rape, that YOU had been the victim? He hurriedly jumped off Emily, trying to
come up with an answer.
“Connie,” the Oriental said, “Why don’t you go call the 911.”
“Wait!” Gary screamed, panicked. “Its not that! Please...”
It was then that the breeze stirred the leaves once again. The looks on the girls
faces gradually dissolved, looks of fury and hostility becoming lecherous smiles. Damn
that love potion! For a minute, all three just stared.
“Connie, Anne,” Emily said suddenly, breaking the silence, “I think we need to
teach Garypoo here a lesson about the proper way to teach women. I’m sure we can think
of an...appropriate punishment.”
Gary didn’t have a moment to spare. Outnumbered three to one, he turned tail and
ran. A whole three steps before his foot caught on a raised tree branch and he dove face
first to the ground.
Connie, Anne and Emily were on him before he could even roll over. One of them
jumped on his back and another on his legs. Gary tried to buck them off, but the girls just
squeezed their thighs and rode him like a bronco. He had to prop himself up on his
elbows just to keep his face out of the mud. He was stuck
“Get off me bitches,” he grunted, still trying to fight. He twisted and turned, but
couldn’t get loose. Struggling only tired him out.
Gary was about to scream for help when the idiocy was that action struck him.
few people would be anywhere near the library this time of night. Anybody who heard his
cries would just think him another drunk freshman. And what if another female came?
She would also be taken in by the love potion. It could be five women wrestling against
him. Or 10! How could he risk that?
Then Gary felt slender hands on his feet, and felt a tugging on his shoe laces. Oh
no! Not that! He struggled harder to get up, panic increasing his strength, but failed once
again. If only he’d been better at doing push-ups!
“You see girls,” Emily’s voice came from behind, “Garypoo here is real ticklish.
And he also likes to play with feet. I thought we’d give him a taste of his own medicine.”
Gary felt his left shoe loosen and be pulled off his foot, followed by his right. Then his
socks were slowly, teasingly inched up and over his toes, leaving his soles exposed.
Gary felt one sharp point, probably a fingernail glide over his left sole. Gary’s
entire body tensed and he had to immediately force back an involuntary giggle. The finger
cautiously explored the entire foot, as if mapping every nerve ending in the skin. Gary
jerked and twitched at every new sensation.
“What do you say Garypoo,” Emily asked tauntingly, “If we let you up, do you
promise to be a good boy and come back to my dorm room? You could show all three of
us an EXTRA-special good time. What do ya say?”
Gary almost screamed yes. Then the words of the voodoo witch came crashing
through his head. “Instead of taking control of the woman, whoever brings you to climax
will take control of you. She will be your mistress, and you will not be able to disobey her
even in the smallest thing. She will own your soul!” Could that be true? After watching
the love potion turn the tamest kitten into the lustiest tiger on campus, did Gary dare
distrust anything?
Gripped by uncertainty, Gary said nothing. Emily jumped on his silence, and raked
five fingernails down each of his tender soles. Gary howled and almost jumped out of his
skin. Emily repeated the action, getting the same response.
“I think Garypoo could have had a nice career as a fog horn!” Emily said playfully,
now drawing one nail in a maddening zigzag pattern over his soles again.
Then Gary felt hot breath and a wet pair of lips on his ear. “Do you like your
tickles, naughty little boy?” Anne, who was sitting on his back, whispered in his ear. She
licked his dangling lobe, and even stuck her tongue in his ear. That also tickled, though
not nearly as much as what Emily was doing to his feet.
Gary couldn’t reply, because just then Emily started tickling with both hands again.
This time, a figure eight were being drawn on each sole. Each swooping finger slowly cut
across the balls of Gary’s feet, through the center of his sole, over the heel, then back up
to towards the toes. It was maddening!
Gary tried to hold in his laughter. He clenched his jaw and firmly bit down. He
couldn’t move his feet much because the weight on his legs pinned them firmly to the
ground. Still, Gary was determined to get through this.
Then he felt two small hands on his torso, underneath his shirt. Anne! Those
hands move like lightning to Gary’s underarms and plunged in deep. Fingers began
wiggling in those fuzzy hollows, forcing his chortle to erupt like a volcano.
“Heehe eheh ohhhhh noooo hehe ehehehe eheheh!! Stawwp Whorreess ha ahahe
ehh nottt my pitsss heeheh ehehhe eheeh ehheheh pllleeeeaassseeee ehehe eheheehheh
yoouuuuu cannnntttttt ehehehe!!!!” He started bucking his hips up and down again
uncontrollably. Torture!
“I know what the baby like,” Anne was whispering in his ear again, “Laugh for me
little boy, show me how much you love being tickled.” She started licking the back of his
neck lightly, sending more shivers shooting down his spinal cord.
Gary tried to pin his arms to his sides, but he had to prop himself up on his elbows.
That left a gap Anne was more than capable of exploiting. Her fingers twisted and turned,
pushing Gary deeper and deeper into ticklish agony. He was conscious of nothing but
those fingers in his underarms.
Until Emily started in on his soles again. Five fingers were again dancing over
each one. They spider walked teasingly, then scraped all the way down to his toes. Gary
felt his laughter grow more and more intense as the sensations kept building.
“Tell us you love it Garypoo, tell us or we’ll tickle you all night long!” Emily
called out from his feet. Anne started nibbling on Gary’s ear. He had completely
forgotten about Connie.
Gary never felt the hands that got underneath his thrusting hips and deftly
unbuttoned them. He did feel the fingers that wormed there way under his waistband and
dug into his hip bones.
Gary was practically screaming. The triple assault was more than he could take.
His underarms and feet were vulnerable enough, but those fingers working their way into
his hips, pressing and poking , were just too much. He would have gladly agreed to go to
Emily’s room or even hell itself if the girls would just give him a chance to speak.
They wouldn’t. The next new sensation Gary was conscious of was a hot, wet
sensation gliding down the bottoms of his feet. Emily’s tongue! Long, slow licks
followed by short, fast ones. It tickled more than anything Gary had ever imagined before.
Now Gary knew exactly how Emily had felt when he’d done it to her. He felt the muscles
in his arms and legs go weak. His arms collapsed like noodles, leaving him kissing topsoil.
That only opened up his underarms even more, allowing Anne even more freedom
to squirm her tormenting digits over the fuzzy skin. She started using a feather light
touch, barely grazing Gary’s flesh. He shouldn’t have been able to laugh any harder, but
somehow Gary did.
Gary’s throat and lungs started to feel like they were on fire. It was becoming
hard to breath. He knew Anne was whispering in his ear again, telling the little boy to beg
his mommies to stop, But he couldn’t answer. Could barely even think! At least the
tickling couldn’t get worse.
It did. Gary felt his jeans slowly pulled back, exposing his behind. The white
bikini briefs weren’t enough to cover everything, and Connie started attacking the
sensitive curves where his butt met his thighs. The jolt of pure electricity that came from
that would have been enough to enable Gary to throw her off his muscles had already
turned to jelly. His laughter became a wild shrieking, almost painful to hear.
Connie kept her touch light as air, spiderwalking her fingers almost ethereally.
Gary could feel his hips trying to drive threw the damp earth to escape from those fingers,
but of course failed. Her fingernails swooped almost gracefully around his curves, driving
him closer and closer to madness.
A darkness started closing around Gary. Somehow one clear thought penetrated
the chaos of sensations that were exploding through him. “If you fall unconscious, all is
lost.” Gary knew it was so. He tried to breath, tried to fight, but he had nothing left in
him to do so. The pinching on his butt, the tormenting licks on his feet, the playful fingers
under his arms were too much. They were draining the strength out of him like a leach.
He’d never know how long he fought, face down in the mud in front of the library.
Long after he had any hope of freedom, of making that dreadful tickling stop, Gary
struggled to maintain consciousness.
As Gary finally slipped into an oblivion, one last thought gripped him, sounding
like it came from the old voo doo witches mouth. “You are doomed!”

To be continued...

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After reading some of your newer stories I had to go back and read some earlier ones. This is a fun one.

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Looking forward to part II!

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Great story! :bouncybou
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OK, this is really weird. This story is more than 15 years old. Somehow all the original comments disappeared, so it must have looked new. There was a part 2. I'll see if I can find it.

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The way you mix in mind control with tickling is always awesome, love that about the recent series too.