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05-31-2001, 06:16 PM
When Gary woke, he was lying on his back looking at the stars. The cold air blowing
against his body proved to him he had no clothes on even before he looked away from the
twinkling lights. Not even underwear. Somehow, Gary wasn’t even surprised to find his
legs and arms completely immovable.
When Gary finally lowered his gaze from the night sky, he saw he was laying
spread-eagle in a courtyard behind the library on a long green bench. His wrists and
ankles had been tied to the legs of the bench with nylons it appeared. No matter how hard
he tugged, the knots holding him stayed tight. No matter how he fidgeted, twisted or
turned, he could not slip out of his bonds. Gary knew he was now completely vulnerable.
Then Emily’s face was right above his, like the sun hovering in the sky. “How’s it
going, Garypoo?” she asked, then allowed her gaze to slowly cover every inch of his
body. “Very nice, Garypoo. I could just gobble you up.” The look in her eyes was now
beyond hunger. It was famished. And Gary knew there was nothing he could do to stop
her from eating her fill.
“Don’t look so scared, Garypoo. I can honestly say you’ll enjoy this!”
“Maybe,” Anne said from his right, out of his field of vision “he’s embarrassed.
Not often someone is naked in front of the entire library.” That was true, Gary suddenly
realized. Every window on one side of the library faced the courtyard. There were lights
still on there! How many people were staring at him right now, exposed!
“Nah,” Connie said, coming into view and briefly fingering his unit, making it
squirm, “A man this well hung has no need for modesty. Ain’t that right Garypoo.”
Emily smacked Connie’s hand away. “No! He’s mine. I saw him first. We
agreed. I get to touch him first!” She sounded like a spoiled six year old. Connie stepped
away and out of sight.
“Please,” Gary managed to beg Emily, again the only one he could see, “Please
Emily. Don’t do this to me. Not out here for everyone to see. Not in front of Anne and
Connie. Please...”
“I’m sorry,” Emily said, brushing a hand over Gary’s chest, “I asked you to come
back to my place for a good time and you refused. Now I have to show you just how
good! Then you’ll accept my invitation next time.”
“Why?” Gary barely breathed, “Its not fair...” She just couldn’t...
“Because I want to,” Emily said slowly, hanging on each word. “Lots of girls
aren’t given a choice when a man wants to. Now you’ll know how they feel.”
Oh gawd! Had Emily been raped? Or known someone who was? How could he
expect mercy now?
“Only problem,” Emily continued, “Is that your...little general is not saluting.
Fortunately I think we have a solution to that.”
Gary felt fingernails, sharper and longer than Emily’s gliding over his soles. They
scraped so lightly, so gently it was infuriating. No matter how Gary wiggled his feet, the
fingers kept up a slow torturous dance. It had to be the oriental, Anne! He couldn’t see
her, but could now recognize her fingernails anywhere. Giggles started sputtering from
Gary’s mouth at once.
“When we were tickling you, face down,” Emily continued as if nothing were
happening, “Your general left quite the imprint in the mud. Let’s see how easy it is to do
that to you again.”
Gary clenched his teeth. Emily had given him his only chance! Don’t become
aroused. Don’t become erect! Then they couldn’t force him to cum. Just hold out!
“He eehe eheheehhe giiivveeheheh ittt upphahppp sluhuuuuttt!!! I Ihihheheh won’t
grrooowwww for youuuuhuhuhu...” Gary stammered. But he could feel the tickling
excite his member. Mind over matter, it was his only chance. Must hold on!
The voo doo witch had said something about dawn. Gary had no idea how long
he’d been tickled before or how long he’d been unconscious, but the sky seemed to be
lightening. Maybe the sun would rise any second. Then so could he.
Emily leaned down and kissed Gary on the lips. “Look at the little boy trying to be
such a tough man. Don’t worry, you’ll cave.”
Gary could feel two knees against his head and looked up to find two more hands
hovering over his body. Connie. The hands just hung their, as if deciding what to do. For
an eternity, all Gary could do was giggle while his feet were tickled and watch with dread.
The hands sprang suddenly, plunging into Gary’s stomach. No longer pressed
against the ground, Gary’s belly was exposed and 100% vulnerable. Connie barely had
any nails at all, but her silky fingertips dug into Gary’s sensitive flesh, pinching and poking
in a wild flurry of activity.
EhEh EHEh eeEHEH EHEhEehEHEHh musthehe ehehEhe ehEh MUUSSTTT NAWWT
heh EHEH EhehehEH ehEHEHEH!!!!!” Gary’s head flew back as he strained harder to
break free of his bonds. Agonized laughter started pouring from Gary’s lips. It peaked at
every tender jab from Connie’s fingers, spiked when she rolled his flesh between the tips.
Gary felt blood rush to his penis, and it took every inch of self-control to force it down
For minutes or hours this went on, a teasing touch on his feet along with firmer
tickles on his belly. It didn’t take long for one of Connie’s fingers to find Gary’s
bellybutton. She probed that crevice with one, slim finger. her other hand kept up its
whirlwind tickling attack, flying from spot to spot. More than once, Gary thought he’d
loose control, become erect and lose everything. Somehow he didn’t. Somehow.
Connie had begun drawing circles on Gary’s upper rib cage, forcing him into
wilder fits of laughter yet, when Gary felt the tickling on his feet stop. Still laughing from
Connie’s ministerings, he looked over at Emily, the only face he could see, hoping for
mercy. Instead there was a wicked gleam in her eye.
“Well done, laughing boy!” She said, “I wouldn’t have said you could hold out for
ten minutes never mind half an hour! Too bad you won’t resist this.”
“He ehehe goohooho toohoho heeheheeelllll eheheheh I eheh willlllll
Hot and wet, Anne tongue attacked his bare feet. Unlike Emily, however, Anne
didn’t give Gary’s entire soul a bath. Instead she licked the undersides of his toes.
Overwhelming sensations shot from those toes, as if they were on fire. Hysterical laughter
overcame Gary as wave after wave of unbearable suffering swept over him.
That tongue, that damned tongue! It ran across and slid between his toes. It
swirled up top of them and circled all the was around. He felt Anne’s mouth swallow
them whole, envelope them, suck them. All 10, one after the other. Then she started
nibbling, pearly white teeth gnawing gently. Sometimes the teeth would nibble over the
balls of his feet, like they were an ear of corn. First his left foot, then his right.
Gary’s feet wiggled so fast, they could have started a breeze. He was no longer
conscious of Connie or her hands. he had no idea if she was still tickling his ribs or belly.
Gary’s world was his feet and Anne’s perfect tongue. He howled, begged, screamed out
of control. When the tongue ran up the side of Gary’s big toe, he even prayed for death.
“It’s growing. Come on, grow for me baby,” Gary heard Emily say, but her words
were distant, like in a dream. Gary’s eyes were shut tight, blinded by the tears. He knew
he was losing, knew he was hardening, but Gary just couldn’t focus on anything but he
two poor feet.
Then the tickling stopped. Without looking, Gary knew he had come fully erect.
“Connie was right, Garypoo,” Emily said almost breathless, “You are hung well!”
She caressed it, making Gary’s body ache with need. But maybe he’d lasted long enough.
It was even brighter out then before, wasn’t it? Surely the sun...”
Emily touched him again, making him moan. Knowing his soul was at stake, Gary
opened his eyes. “Please...please god please don’t touch me. I just couldn’t take it.”
Emily’s answer was to reach down and tickle him beneath his balls with one
fingernail. Gary jumped almost a mile, or would have if he had not been securely tied
Squealing with joy, Emily kept tickling Gary’s balls, making him bounce as much
as the ropes would let him, laughing and calling out her name in the vain hope she might
“Let’s see,’ Emily said playfully, “What names have you called me tonight? there
was skank...bitch” She accented each name with a wicked stroke of her fingernail, forcing
Gary to cry out, “whore...am I missing any?” All it did was make Gary harder if such a
thing were possible.
“Tell me you want me, Gary, and this will end,” Emily said at last, punctuating her
words with a lovers stroke this time instead of a tickle.
In Gary’s last act of rebellion he told her to go to hell.
The tickling started without cue. Anne began her excruciating tongue bath again,
forcing the tip into every cranny on Gary’s soles. Anne went faster this time, licked more
firmly. Somehow she made her tongue almost as rough as a cats.
This time, she wasn’t alone. Connie mercilessly attacked Gary’s underarms. With
his hands above his head, they were open wide. Her strong fingers wiggled their way
across the fuzz covered skin, in long strokes that started from Gary’s upper ribs and ended
up on his biceps. It was like Connie was playing the harp, strumming each hand up and
down one side of Gary’s body.
The two girls kept Gary cackling , with deep laughs that shook his entire body, for
quite a while. It was like they knew every inch of his body and how to tickle it. Then
Emily started. She ran her shorter nails up Gary’s inner thighs and under his balls. All ten
fingers now, moving at the speed of light. She even slipped a few tickles in on his butt!
Gary was now in tickle hell. His laughter took on a crazed, demented quality, like
from a horror movie or an asylum. His muscles soon grew exhausted from straining
against his bonds, and all he could do was lie there, wailing like a banshee, with his lungs
on fire. Connie thrust fingers deep into his underarms, swirling like they were on a
mary-go-round. Anne was now sucking his big toe and tracing her pointy nails over the
rest. he...he...
Heat and warmth exploded around his penis. Squinting his eyes threw the
maddening tickles that had encompassed his awareness, Gary saw that Emily had taken
him in her mouth. She was pumping vigorously. Her lips were small, tight and unyielding.
he was going too...going too...going too...
CAN’T the word screamed through his brain. CAN’T!!! Gary tried to resist but
the tickling had broken all resistance. All his strength was gone. Finally, Gary wanted to
give into the pleasure so badly, he was willing to forget some old witch and just do it.
Emily stopped sucking him, and now just pumped Gary with her hand. Hope now
filled Gary’s chest. The tickling was less, slower and rational thought almost entered
Gary’s head. The horizon was definitely glowing. Minutes, literally minutes to safety.
Emily’s hand felt so good, but it was nothing like her mouth. He could make it...he...
As if Emily could read Gary’s mind, she produced at that moment, apparently out
of thin air, a bottle of hand lotion. “NOOO!!!!!” With a look of triumph a mile wide,
mixed with pure lust and...power, she squirted a glob onto Gary’s penis and kept right on
pumping with her other hand.
The lack of friction, the lubrication! Emily’s hand was gliding up and down Gary’s
shaft now, faster and stronger. Different than the mouth but so much harder to resist.
Gary grunted, moaned, cried out for dear life. His body shook with pleasure, it touched
every inch of him.
At that moment, Anne and Connie picked up the tickling once more. Wiggling
fingers only, no tongues or nails, but it was enough. With a cry that was half maniacal
laughter, half orgasmic scream Gary erupted.
For a second/eon Gary could see nothing, feel nothing. After such an overload of
sensation, the void was a welcome friend, more merciful than anything he’d ever felt
before in his life. Gary floated in blackness. Night everlasting.
The first thing Gary saw was Emily’s deep brown eyes. His heart leapt at their
beauty. The rest of her face, long auburn hair and porcelain skin made him ache for her
with a love so pure and deep it literally hurt. For that second, every love song he’d ever
heard, every stupid poem was 100% true. He would rather die without this ravishing
goddess, plunge a dagger into his heart than see one tear role down her cheek. She was
life itself.
“There now,” Emily said wiping her hand off on the bench, “You didn’t think I
would let you cum in my mouth, did you?” She stared back at him, and her eyes slowly
grew wide with amazement. In the instant, it was like Emily could read Gary’s mind. She
knew he was hers, would do anything she asked.
“Girls, untie Garypoo”, she said slowly.
“But I’m not finished ticking his feeties!” Anne exclaimed.
“And I need something between my legs!” Connie practically howled with a frantic
look on her face, “I need him!”
“Oh don’t worry, girls” Emily said softly, “Gary’s not going anywhere. He’s going
to come home with me and let us tickle him all night. Then he’s going to pleasure us
anyway we ask, won’t you Hon?” She batted her eyes at Gary lovingly.
Oh joy! To be near her, breath her air, touch her brow! “Anything you want
Mistress Emily,” The words fell off Gary’s tongue. What was a little tickling if it made his
angel happy?
“An if he stays more than tonight,” Emily continued, “A week or two, the semester
or even his entire life, being tickled and pleasing us...I guess that’s all right, isn’t it my
tickle slave.”
“Of course Mistress Emily,” Gary said just as eagerly. But deep down, part of
him was screaming in horror. And that part would go on screaming for a long, long time.
Maybe even forever.

The End

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Great stories. Thanks for sharing.

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Sounds like Charmed with rabies...I loike!

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This was posted before I joined the TMF. It's a great story and I'm glad it's been bumped back up. :D

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