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06-01-2001, 01:24 AM
As promised here is chapter 2

This one is kind of short, but I promise to finish ch. 3 in less time than it took me to write the second one.

Tickle Woods Ch. 2

By: guitman69

Janet woke up to feel something itching her nose. When she raised her lids she couldn’t believe her eyes. Flying less than an inch from her nose was a small winged woman. Her hair was long (compared to her body) and blonde. Her wings were moving so fast that Janet could hardly see them. She was also completely naked.

When the miniature woman (a fairy Janet realized) noticed that Janet was awake, she raised her hands to her face and giggled. The fairies laugh sounded like the ringing of a tiny bell. Janet stared up at her in awe. It was then that she saw the little feather the fairy carried in her hand.

The fairy spun around in the air and whistled. The pitch was so high that Janet could barely hear it. All around the clearing, dozens of tiny lights that looked like fireflies started to appear. One at a time, the points of light turned into fairies. Soon the small, naked women surrounded Janet.

They flew down to Janet’s prone naked body. When they got close to her, their fast beating wings brushed against Janet’s skin. When they landed on her, she tried to stifle the giggle that was bubbling up in her. When several started to walk across her stomach, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. At the sound of her laughter, the fairies started cheering and clapping their tiny hands. A couple more landed on her legs so they could run up and down Janet’s sensitive thighs.

Janet was laughing so hard now that she didn’t even notice that the roots holding her arms and legs had loosened. The fairies surrounded her body and lifted her into the air. All those tiny wings vibrating that close to her body set her laughing even harder.

They flew her across the clearing to a giant spider web. Janet had always been afraid of spiders and freaked when she saw it. She struggled to get out of the fairy grasp, but when one started to jump in and out of her belly button, it took all the fight out of her.

They placed her body on the web and wrapped it a few times around her wrists and ankles. When they let her go, Janet found herself suspended a few inches from the ground spread out like an X. She couldn’t move very much, and the sticky threads left her whole body vulnerable.

As Janet struggled, the fairies all around her were whispering and giggling to themselves. Some would point out her more ticklish areas and they would all laugh. A few would even fly over and tickle her in those spots causing to shriek.

“What do you want from me,” Janet screamed at them. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you must be punished.” The voice scared Janet. She hadn’t really expected a response from them, especially not one like that. The voice sounded like the songs of a hundred birds, mixed with the sound of the wind passing through the leaves in a forest. It was the most beautiful voice she had ever heard.

The fairies turned away from Janet. Their mood suddenly changed from jovial to reverent as they parted to let someone enter the clearing. Janet was completely amazed at what she saw walk toward her.

Walk is the wrong word, the apparition before her seemed more to float towards Janet than walk. If Janet thought the voice was beautiful, then the woman that now stood before her was absolutely gorgeous. She stood about as tall as Janet and had a slim build. An elegant gown of the sheerest fabric and decorated with leaves and vines covered her. Her skin was a faint shade of green, but it also shined like she was covered in silver glitter. Her long dark red hair flowed around her body as if blown by a mysterious wind. On her hear she wore a crown made from the most delicate flowers of the forest. Her eyes were the deepest green Janet had ever seen. It was these eyes that stared deep into Janet’s soul.

“Who are you?” Janet whispered when she found her voice.

“I am Titania, Queen of the Fairies.”