View Full Version : Wild Card Radio; The Bandito Edition! Tonight at Midnight

08-28-2008, 12:07 PM
Greetings loyal TMF Radio listeners!

Join us tonight for the very special Bandito Edition of Wild Card Radio at midnight right after "Forbidden Female Rituals" with LeeAllure and Brighteyes.

Tonight, we will be introducing my new co-host, the charming and funny Glamorous...and we'll be handing her the reins of her first Top Ten List. ;)

Also joining us will be the legendary artist/writer and creator of The Bounce Chix, Tickling in Space, WCR's own banner and an upcoming project we'll be discussing...

The Bandito! :bouncybou

As one of my closest friends in the art/tk community, it would not do justice to simply do an interview, so The Bandito will be joining us early and sharing the airwaves for most of the show while we discuss comics, tickling and life in general.

We will be taking callers for the duration of the show, so feel free to call in and ask anything you'd like of our esteemed guest.

Our call in number is (347) 237-4947

Show link:


See you all there!

08-28-2008, 09:15 PM
Be sure to join Dave2112 and Myself tonight, for a totally kickass show!