View Full Version : Jennifer Lopez tickled

06-11-2001, 06:45 AM
Hey everyone, I just saw Jennifer Lopez's lateset movie Angle Eyes and was surprised and pleased to see that Lopez her self was subject to a tickling scene. Now don't get to excited because it lasted for about two seconds and the movie is no worth the price of admission just for that so let me pretty much explain what happens...Lopez and her leading male (don't know his name) decide to go for a swim in a state park. Then they start to get passionate and Jennifer requests that he "kisses her in a place she's never been kissed." So the male goes under the water and Lopez makes it seem like he's doing you know what, you know where...but low and behold, he pops up out of the water with her foot and proceeds to kiss it and then he runs his finger down her sole. Again, this lasts for maybe 2 seconds, but Jennifer does let out a nice little sqeual and giggle. It was a pretty good tickling scene...I mean c'mon, it was Jennifer Lopez as the victim!