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06-11-2001, 06:17 PM

The Encounter M/M Tickling Story

Eric got this invitation over his E-Mail telling him about a new club openning up on West Street. He printed out the discount coupon and directions and decided to go.

The valet parked his car and Eric walked into the club. He was greeted by Phillipe, who smled warmly at him and took his jacket. Phillipe took the discount coupon and ushered Eric into a small room. There was a sign that instructed him to open his shirt. Puzzuled, he opened his shirt and sat down on the stool. Phillipe returned with a small table covered with a towel.

Eric looked nervously at the table, especially when the towel was removed. He gulped as Phillipe reovmed his shirt.

"You look nervous .. ! You know this is a Tickling Club, don't you? You were recommeded by a friend of yours, Karl. that's why we E-Mailed you." Phillipe took a small pad and attached it to Eric's arm. Then he attached a small wire which led to a machine that looked like an EKG machine.

"What's this for ?" Eric asked nervously. Small beads of sweat were forming on his upper lip and his palms were very moist. Phillipe smiled.

"This is a Tickle Meter. This will tell your Personal tickler how ticklish you are and what tickle tool makes you react to ticlking the most.
You must be a very ticklish "boy" ! I've never seen anyone as nervous as you !!"

Eric smiled weakly. "You have no idea how ticklish I am !!" Phillipe explained what he was going to do, then picked up the feather. Eric began giggling before the feather touched his skin. He felt the feathe stroke down his back, causing him to arch his back and keep giggling. the needle jumped on the graph paper. Then Phillip began ticklng his lower sides with his fignertips. Eric wriggled and twisted on the stool, laughing loudly. The needle juimped right off the paper.

"My my .... you are extremely ticklish !! I think Benjamin will enjoy being your personal tickler tonight !!"

Phillipe gave Eric his shirt back and called Benjamin on the house phone, just in earshot of Eric.

"Benjamin. I've got your client here! He's the most ticklsih guy I've seen yet! I think you're going to really enjoy tickling this one !!!"

Eric was given a terry cloth robe and told to remove evedryting but the bathing trunks he was told to wear. Then Phillipe escorted him to a large white room with a bench, a rack, and other bondage devices. Phillipe tickled Eric's ribs and smiled as he walked out.

Benjamin watched Eric over the small camera for a while to see how nervous he was gettng. Benjamin liked to make his more ticklish clients get ansy before he went in. He felt it made them more ticklish.

Benjamin was tall and had well defined muscles, but not too buffed. His skin was bronzed and golden, his white - blond hair standing out and his blue eyes clear and shinning. even though he was a Tickle Master, He was also extremely ticklish himself, making his Tickler quite happy.

He finally walked into the room and smiled at Eric, who was very nervous and feeling tingly.

End Part !