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10-03-2008, 07:22 PM

It's Friday...

You know what that means. :D

Oh, crap-- I lost my notes.

*digs through files*

Ok! Got 'em...

Come hang out with us tonight 11 PM EST. for From Top to Bottom

We have some cool things planned for this evening, that we hope you guys enjoy and join in on the fun with.

Due to the location of my kick ass host Mistress Aura, we will not be posing questions to one another. However, the phone lines will be opened for the entire show to all of you who wish to ask anything you wish. (Within reason, which goes without saying. Even though I..just...said it..yeah..)

We have a main topic to discuss and gather all of your opinions on for tonight and that is..

On My Honor: Maintaining and developing D/s relationships:

We will be discussing our personal experience with them, and hopefully debunking a lot of the assumptions out there that it is not possible to have such a relationship.

As always, anyone who has experience on the matter or just wants to input, call us up and share.

We will be issuing another Trivia Question from Insider Bill so make sure you get your guesses ready.

Our Challenge tonight is a bit different, but holds similarities to a past challenge that folks seemed to enjoy.

The Sincerely Yours Challenge.

Past show we came up with a Dominant Statement and a Submissive statement. Callers could choose which they wanted to read, and the most convincing read won a prize. Simple, right?

Now tonight:

Whoever would like to partake in the challenge has their own choice of D/s and what line they'd like to issue.

It has to be only a sentence or so long, since you will be having US repeat it back to you in the manner of which is chosen to be said in.

Mistress Aura and I will have 30 Seconds Total to repeat the line convincingly to you.

You choose who goes first. We share the 30 second time limit. So, if Mistress Aura takes 20 seconds to get the line out, I only have 10 seconds to say it in a convincing manner.

So, technically-- you are wielding the power to play us against each other.

*IF* One of us either runs out of time or bails out: Consequences of shows past still apply.

Most Impacting Statement Issuer wins. There will be additional prizes issued as well.

See ya tonight! :justlips:

- Mistress Aura & Jo


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Show Time: 11PM EST

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10-03-2008, 09:19 PM
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