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06-12-2001, 07:09 AM
I saw a really funny programe on Sky One last night called British Sex. It's basically about the fetish scene in Britain and how it's growing as more people admit to having certain fetishes. The one last night was more funny than anything else, with people being tied up, spanked ect. but it's only a matter of time before they feature tickling on this thing. Might be worth looking out for...

06-12-2001, 12:44 PM
Sounds good, maybe it will be on "Showe Case" up here in Canada soon.

06-20-2001, 09:07 AM
there has been an episode of british sex which dealt with the subject of feet. There's a chap interviewed during this who does a brit magazine called Footsy. About 7 years ago I used to receive this as it had about 2-3 tickle pages with each issue. They also did a one off pub called the tickler which in all honesty had a pitiful content compared to what's available on the net nowadays but for its time in the UK it was pure gold. The magazine 'Footsy' is still running. the URL is www.footsy.com for anyone who's interested but don't get too excited.


06-20-2001, 06:18 PM
You're right about FOOTSY, Arkham. Although they have a (rather weak) tickling story in each issue, it's restricted to pure foot fetishism. A few years ago, they promised a special on tickling, but they dumped it BECAUSE OF LACK OF INTEREST! Can you imagine the cheek? If they only knew about the nearly 1000 members of this Forum!:rolleyes:

06-21-2001, 02:47 AM
It is rather annoying and I do know that the guy behind Footsy (Denny I think his name was) was really into foot tickling. I talked to him once on the phone about a tickling video and he said that he would love to make one but that to punt out a proper and lawful video in the UK (that being one checked by the board of film spoilers) was fiscally prohibitive. Oh the tragedy of the tickle starved 80's and early 90's, no pics, no vids.... I'm glad we've come so far:D


06-21-2001, 07:32 AM
Yeah, I remember the mag too...being a foot guy, I got about three issues of it - they did have a bit of tickle stuff, but the whole mag generally suffered from being produced on a tiny budget. That's the trouble with this country - too much demand for rubber, whips, chains etc...not enough interest in foot fetish and tickle related stuff for anyone to bother producing decent material (and too much pointless censorship too). If only vid shops would start importing tickle vids from the states....