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Marquis De Sade
11-18-2008, 06:48 PM
It doesn’t matter how it happened. It doesn’t matter how it all started. No one really cares what happened beforehand.

What does matter were the loud, muffled protests she was making as I ever-so-carefully slipped the skater shoes off her feet.

First her left one.

Then her right.

Avril shook her pretty blonde head wildly from side to side as she felt each of her shoes being pulled off nice...




Her tiny bundled up body bounced wildly up and down on her hotel bed as she desperately wriggled and kicked her little feet about in an effort to keep her shoes on.

Poor thing, she didn’t even know what I had planned for her.

Both shoes landed on the bed behind her on either side of her. I was thoroughly entranced now – mesmerized at the sight of her striped cotton socked beautifully formed and perfectly shaped feet flexing and curling above and behind her.

I thought my jeans would rip.

I thought for the first time in my life, I’d accidentally cum in my pants without even doing anything.

Just watching was enough and I hadn’t even gathered the strength to take off her socks yet.

Avril lifted her head, shaking it and moaning into the stretched nylon stocking I’d wound again and again and again between her perfect sets of gleaming white teeth to keep her quiet.

The little wildcat was snarling – expressing herself through her socked feet by matching each foot curl with an angry muffled growl.

“MMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!! MMMMMUUUUUMMMMPPPPHHHHH!!” She was looking right at me. The blindfold around her eyes might have kept her from seeing, but she knew I was still there.

Of course, the cute little skater punk princess had no idea just how much her little foot show was turning me on.

And again, I hadn’t even taken her socks off.

I snapped out of my trance and checked her ropes. Avril couldn’t move much but you could still tell she was still struggling as hard as she could. Feisty little thing...

Her little muscles bulged between the ropes as she squirmed hard and gently rocked back and forth on her stomach. Her fingers uselessly picking at the mountain of double knots that encased her crossed, very firmly bound wrists behind her back.

There was no point though. I’d used dental floss and neatly tied her thumbs together.

Avril’s wrists were fastened directly to her crossed and tightly bound ankles behind her back.

I’d made sure she was flexible enough to still be comfortable in such a strict hogtie first, but with her elbows bound and her legs secured above and below her knees, she certainly wasn’t going anywhere.


I reached behind her and gently grabbed a hold of her right foot.

I pinched the edge of her cotton sock and pulled. Avril’s little foot went crazy – flexing, twisting, flapping about.

I held her foot still with my other hand and resumed – carefully peeling her sock off.

I slowly revealed the roundest, smoothest, whitest bare heel I’d ever seen in my life.

The most beautiful looking arch.


The curve of the ball of her sexy, erotically shaped little foot almost sent the lower half of my body into convulsions.


Then came her toes.

Five of the juiciest most suckable toes I’d seen in either real life or in pictures seemed to pop right out of the top of her sock as it came off.

I dropped the cotton sock and took a hold of her perfect little foot in both my hands – slightly pushing on the back of it to keep it flexed. I leaned in, examining the impossible white smoothness of her sole. The arch, the ball, her splayed out toes.

Her little foot was absolutely perfect.

Her little foot was utterly and completely flawless.

Avril squealed – probably a little embarrassed at my so closely examining her foot. She tried pulling it away but I just held onto it tighter and wouldn’t let go.

I leaned in even closer. Avril moaned – a long, drawn out groan of embarrassment as she felt me breathe in deeply. My entire face was buried and squashed hard into the very middle of her foot.

I let go and Avril grunted – angrily snapping her studied naked foot out of my hands and curling her toes.

Off came her other sock.

This time, cupping her left foot in my hands, I started kissing every inch of exposed bare sole.

Kissing the soft round bottom of her heel.

Kissing her fleshy, tender instep.

Kissing all along the inside and outside curves of each foot. I planted even more kisses all over the ball of her foot.

Then switched back to her right foot.

Then back to her left.

My lips kissed the pads of each of her toes.

Avril, poor thing, she was going wild – bouncing up and down. I had to pause several times, letting her calm down.

Tightening her ropes.

With every knot cinched tighter, she let out a meek, beaten and weak little grunt. She knew there was no way out of this.

I whispered gently, asking her “I’m not hurting you am I?”


I took that as a No and continued.

I sucked her big toe.

I sucked all her other toes.

I slowly stuffed all of the toes on one foot in my mouth and I sucked and sucked all five of her toes at once.

Avril squealed and kicked her little feet about, wriggling her sucked-hard toes in my mouth.

I don’t even know how many minutes or half hours passed but I eventually leaned back, wiping my lips and saying, “I hope you take this as a compliment, but you have the most beautiful pair of naked feet I’ve seen in my life.”

I said, whispering hotly in her ear, “Ever had them tickled?”

“MMMMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHHH!!! MPPPHH!! MPPPPHHH!! MPPPHHHH!” And the poor thing went wild – violently bucking up and down on the bed and furiously picking and pulling at the knots around her wrists with her short, cute little fingers.

I watched her in admiration. There was still a lot of fight in her. A lot of fight for me to drain right out of her.

I waited until she was still.

Just her heavy breathing filled the room.

Avril lifted her gagged, blindfolded blonde head and cried out for mercy: “UUUUNNNNMMMPPPHHHHHHH!! MMMPPPHHHH!!UUUUUNNNNGGGHHH!!”

I joked, “What was that? You want me to tickle your feet?”


“These sexy, beautiful little bare feet of yours?”


“These bare, perfect, gorgeous tiny little feet? These skater punk feet?”


By now the poor bundled up thing was just shaking her head and sobbing hysterically.

I reached up and behind her and ever-so-gently used my finger tips to scratch at the sole of her right foot.

Avril went ballistic.


I reached up behind her and did the same to her left foot.


Avril Lavigne bucked like a pony – wildly flapping her tortured ticklish sensitive perfectly beautiful bare cute sexy little feet about behind her trying to kick my tickling fingers away and desperately rid herself of the electric sensation coursing all over her exposed soles and appeal to my sense of sympathy or compassion.

But, poor thing, I wouldn’t stop. No one else knew we were here or what’d happened or how it happened.

None of it mattered though. Not really.

I reached behind her right foot, pressing against the top of her foot from behind to keep her foot still and kept it flxed.

I traced a single finger down the length of her sole from the base of her toes, down her instep and down the bottom of her smooth white heel.

Avril, poor thing, poor little hogtied barefoot skater punk in her rebel tank top, her jeans and her bare feet having her bare feet stripped, kissed, made love to and now tickled by someone who wasn’t about to stop no matter how much she begged.

Avril screeched, hollered and howled her little lungs out as I scratched at her bare soles.

I scratched hard. I scratched softly.

Each time eliciting some different sounding primal banshee cry from somewhere deep inside of her.

I had to stop a few times just to let the poor thing catch her breath again.

I spent these few minutes kissing, caressing each foot. Taking each beautiful, perfectly formed soft little thing into my mouth and seeing if I could swallow it whole.

I almost completely sucked away the taste of her feet.

Then it was right back to tickling her exposed soles again and again the hotel room filled with crazed, manic laughter.

Squeals and cries of a poor little barefoot skater punk forced almost to the brink of...

Well, you get the idea.

Orgasm? No. Not from the tickling. She absolutely hated all my foot tickling. Her smooth bare, milk white soles were as soft and as sensitive as a baby’s skin.

Just blowing on her glistening wet soles and in between all of her sucked toes after I’d lovingly bathed them with my tongue was enough to set her off squealing and crying all over again – her body bouncing up and down.

After however many hours though, I did start to notice how she reacted to my kissing her feet.

I even said, whispering, “I bet you no one’s ever gone to this much trouble just to play with your feet before, have they?”


“I bet you never even thought about how much these sexy little bare feet of yours can drive someone crazy just by looking at them.”


“I bet no one has ever gone to the trouble of getting a job at some hotel, drugging you and tying you up just to get your shoes and your socks off have they?”


Poor thing, I could only imagine how she felt – waking up like this all bundled up so she could barely move, her thumbs tied so she couldn’t escape, gagged tightly so she couldn’t speak, blindfolded so she couldn’t see who was doing this to her, who was THIS obsessed with kidnapping her just so they could fulfill their fantasies about sucking on her toes and, of course, what she felt like having her shoes and her socks unwillingly removed, having her feet kissed, having her feet tickled, what it must have felt like for her having her completely exposed and naked and very vulnerable bare little feet sticking up on full display right behind her.

I decided to give her a longer break before starting again. Avril moaned as I checked and tightened all her knots.

I drew her hogtie up a little tighter. Double checked her thumbs. Tightened up her gag and her blindfold.

I asked, “Comfortable?”

Avril waited a few seconds before nodding her head meekly. Avril replied, “Mmmpphh.”

I asked, “Can you move?”

Avril held her breath, visibly straining against all of her ropes before shaking her pretty head. “Mmmpphh.”

I asked, “Before I start tickling your feet again I’m going to give you a much longer rest, let you get your strength back a little, that’s why I tightened you up so much. I don’t want you getting away later do I?”

Avril shook her head.

I said, “We wanna keep you tied up in your bare feet for just a little longer don’t we?”

Avril nodded again.

I asked, “So until I start tickling again, would you like me to kiss your feet or suck on your toes?”

Avril was silent and still for a moment before flexing her left foot backwards and forwards to get my attention, pointing five of her toes at me.

I smiled and said, “Suck?”

Avril nodded.

I closed my eyes, leaned forward and I gently, lovingly guided her big toe between my lips, then all her other toes.

And I sucked.

08-03-2009, 09:57 AM
That was a great one, perhaps you can write one on Miley Cyrus?

love feet
08-04-2009, 01:25 PM
very good!!

love feet
08-04-2009, 01:28 PM
That was a great one, perhaps you can write one on Miley Cyrus?

She is NOT 18 to 21 Yet so you cant!!!! :ignite:

11-21-2010, 05:52 AM
I remember reading this story when it was first posted. It was great then and it is great now - very raw and honest and quite frankly - HAWT.

(And I am not usually a foot guy :D )

Jamie Footgirl
11-20-2011, 01:48 AM
You have great taste in tickle victims and such a wicked way about you.

11-17-2013, 02:01 PM
I never read this before, but it is a great story! Very well written and a nice choice of the victim. Great job!

06-20-2020, 11:22 AM
Still after all these years this is one of my absolute favourite foot fetish/tickle stories. :bowing: