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Marquis De Sade
11-18-2008, 07:05 PM
“Wha-what?” I stammered.
I hadn’t heard a single word Karina had said and honestly, I didn’t even care.
The second she had lifted her legs up, crossed her ankles and rested her socked feet on the table in front of me she’d started to sound like the teacher in a Peanuts cartoon - her mouth moved but all that came out was mumbling.
I couldn’t concentrate.
Not with feet like hers sitting right in front of me…

“I said I was thinking of taking up pro-wrestling.” She deadpanned, staring at him curiously.
Karina had socks on but they weren’t the usual pair of Hanes. They weren’t very thick, they were made of very thin, almost see-through cotton and they only came up to a little ways past her sexy ankles.

…Those were certainly the most erotic pair of socks I’d ever seen…

“What’re you looking at?”

…And her feet. Oh my God her feet. Her beautiful beautiful feet. I’d seen Karina’s feet before - her actual bare feet. They were truly a sight to behold. One of her many parties had gone on until the early hours of the morning and everyone had fallen asleep. I had stayed up for a while, quietly studying her bare soles and trying to engrave the image in my head so I’d never forget…

“I think pro-wrestling would be cool.” She went on, absently doodling in her notebook.
He and Karina had gotten together that night at her place to “study” for the test next week. They might as well have just gotten into bed and gotten mad kinky though. There had been sexual tension between the two of them right from the get-go and now they were both in the same room. Her bedroom. Late at night. They’d been “studying” since the early evening and had hardly even discussed the topic in question: Geography.
It was already ten o’clock.
Things had gotten even worse when Karina put her legs up. She’d always been suspicious about him having a thing for her feet and now she wondered even more. She’d caught him looking a few times in class. He sat behind her and was always “accidentally” “dropping” pens whenever she wore sandals and having “difficulty” “finding” them.
“No seriously.” And she was now. She had put her notebook down and was staring at him staring at her feet. First him and then at her own feet in front of her.
“What are you looking at?”

…I wished I had had a camera that morning after the party. Karina’s bare feet were astonishingly beautiful - all tanned olive like the rest of her - and her smooth, baby soft soles were a just slight shade lighter. Her soles had no wrinkles. Smooth. Deeply arched. The prettiest toes I’d ever seen. The most shapely pair of feet on any girl I’d ever known.
It was a little disappointing her being in socks tonight - I’d expected her to be barefoot around her own house, especially considering the weather, but her cute white socks made her feet look all the more amazing.
They were tight so I could make out…

…every beautiful curve of her stunningly erotic feet. She had her very pretty ankles crossed and both her perfect feet seemed to have a very natural, very deep and very smooth arch to them so they always seemed flexed - as if her playful feet were flirting all by themselves. The breathtaking curves and deep arches of her flawless feet showed off the pale tan bottoms of her lovely heels and the very soft, very round ball of each foot. I wanted to very tenderly kiss the soft pads of each of her beautiful toes. I wanted to reach my arm out and with my hand, using just my fingers - very lightly run just a single finger up the length of one of her amazing feet…

Karina had closed her notebook and was quietly humming to herself so he wouldn’t notice she wasn’t speaking anymore. She sat, quietly chewing on the cap of her pen, just watching him and secretly grinning to herself - a sparkle in her eyes as she watched his eyes - she could tell all he was really studying now were her feet.

…or lightly and very quickly scuttling my finger tips across the soft balls of both feet. I remembered tickling Karina in school once by poking her in the ribs and she jumped and screamed like she’d had an electric shock.
Now I wondered about whether her feet were ticklish - they were right in front of me.
All I had to do was grab an ankle…

“Why don’t you take a picture, it’ll last longer” Karina teased quietly to herself under her breath. Her smile was even bigger now.

…I started seeing it in my head - I figured I could get away with a quick tickle and make her scream but then she’d put her legs down…

Karina began to very slowly and very seductively wriggle her sexy feet about - rubbing them together and flexing and scrunching and wriggling her suckable toes in her form fitting white cotton bobby socks. She flexed each perfect foot as playfully and as gracefully as she could and nearly giggled out loud as she kept an eye on his reactions.
She was starting to wonder what he’d like to do with her feet. She’d never met anyone with a foot fetish before but even she was well aware of how nice her feet looked - she’d gotten plenty of compliments before but never had anyone sexually interested in them.
Now even she wished she hadn’t worn socks.

…and I didn’t want her to put her legs down so I just continued staring. I really couldn’t help myself. She was still talking anyway so at least she hadn’t noticed. I could do this all day. If I only I could take a picture though. It would last longer.
I started wondering if there was any way at all I could think of to talk her into taking at least her socks off. Maybe a compliment “Cute socks.” Or something. But that would probably only be rewarded with a thank you.
Then she might be wondering what I was doing looking at her feet in the first place.
Maybe I could just say it: “You have the most beautiful looking feet I have ever seen.” But she had socks on so that wouldn’t make any sense.
“Shit” she whispered, to herself.

He stammered the same “Shit.” and looked bummed.

Karina had coughed.

“Ummmm, what time is it?” he asked.

Karina glanced at her watch looking disappointed.

“One minute past ten.” She said, batting her eyes playfully.

“Well I’d’ better go.” He said - scooping his books off the table. “It’s getting late.”

Karina suddenly exploded with an unexpected, ear piercing high pitched squeal and fell off her chair.

“Sorry” he apologized, looking casual and helping her up again.

He’d stolen a quick tickle.

“Ticklish?” he asked, brushing it off as if the question meant nothing.

Karina’s eyes grew large in a cute Power Puff Girl sort of way, biting her lower lip to keep from giggling. “You mean my feet?” she beamed.
Karina smiled. “Yeah like crazy!” she giggled - her smile getting even brighter and lighting up the room as she almost winked at him.
“You should see me without socks on!” she laughed, looking shocked like the very thought of it made her laugh. “My feet are soooooooooooo ticklish you wouldn’t believe!”

A moment of silence.

“Same time tomorrow night after school?” she asked, looking hopeful.

He swallowed and said yes.

“Same time tomorrow.” He said.

“Cool.” said Karina.

And she walked him to the door.