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11-19-2008, 08:00 AM

Hi there. It's me, Bella. Or Mochalicious, Brown Splenda or Mama B, depending on who you are :bubble:

Born and raised in inner city Brooklyn NY, in 1990 I decided I needed a change and attended the University of Vermont. Change is a major understatement, culture shock doesn't do it justice...it was an amazing experience! :zomgrabbit: :smilestar

And I met a redheaded freckled farm boy, who turned out to be the best friend I'd always been searching for. When he asked me to marry him in 1993 I did. And later when he said we should move to Columbus Ohio, we did. So far he's never been wrong :lovestory

I'm a mom and a wife first and foremost; we have two amazing little girls, a house with a picket fence, two cats and a dog (yes 5 lb toy poodles count as dogs!)...I run my own infant/toddler/preschool center, and most days I'm just your average cookie-baking mom in the 'burbs. Including the minivan, AKA the Bellamobile. But that's by no means all there is to my life:

BellaRisa is bad italian for 'beautiful laughter'. When I was a very little girl I saw an old foreign film with a drop-dead gorgeous, lusciously curvy woman with long dark hair and a lovely smile, and her name was Bella. Later on I learned that 'risa' meant laughter, and I thought then that one day I would name something precious to me BellaRisa. And I did. BellaRisa has been my little tickling video company since 1999, when the sign I tentatively put up in the downtown Columbus adult shoppe was answered by an adorable lesbian couple. Since then I've learned a great deal and found that BellaRisa is a labor of love with a very loyal fan base, that I plan to build and expand for many years to come <<<<----

I've been online since the day my friend Kara showed me this thing called the Internet in 1997, in the UVM computer lab. As soon as she left me alone I searched the word TICKLE and Tukano's Island popped up, along with several other young sites that changed my life. From there I bought a Webtv and discovered Alt.Multimedia.tk, where I met friends that I would ultimately call family like DVNC and MTP Jeff. And one day I got up the nerve to email a writer named Max Speer and tell him how much I liked a post of his. He wrote me back (!) and we became friends, and he invited me to a little party for people like us called NEST. At my incredible and wonderful first NEST Jeff told me that I'd be great at videos if I wanted to be. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then I've attended nearly every NEST along with events in New England and on the west coast, made friends for life and had an absolutely marvelous time!

Along with tickling I have a deep spanking kink. I've appeared in a Shadow Lane video with Mistress Stephanie Locke called Our Sorority Summer Camp, attended many spanking parties and conventions and hosted my own spanking party group, Tamingwood, since 2002. After years of folks asking, Tamingwood has finally become it's own video company :upsidedow

I'm also a member of the BDSM community, having served on the board of Mid Ohio Rose and Leather (MORAL) for many years and co-founding another local party group, Midnight-X, in 2003. I've attended TES in NYC, Black Rose, and other events, taught and helped teach workshops on safety and technique...it's been fun and I'm always happy to help if I can.

There's likely more I should say, but for now I'll end with my honor at being a TMF moderator and my welcome of any questions, insights, good recipes...just PM me :cool:


History of Bella Bash:

Folks have been asking me how my party got started, I imagine this is a good place to :makingalist:

It's actually pretty simple; in 1999 I attended both my first NEST in Philadelphia and my first spanking party here in Columbus. I'd recently befriended a local BDSMmer/spanking enthusiast, G; she'd been attending a very popular Chicago-based party called Crimson Moon, and with their permission she ran an *awesome* evening of spanking fun called CMOO for Crimson Moon Over Ohio. That's where I learned how to have a hotel party, where I met Brucetheshark and many, many other good friends...it was wonderful. Then in early 2002 G turned her focus onto other endeavors, including Ohio Leather Fest which she ran successfully for years. Meanwhile I was turning 30 that November, and I wondered out loud to Bruce if anyone would come to a spanking party I was running and not G. He assured me that EVERYONE would come, and he was right; we ended up with about 50 people (!) at an incredible costume party who loved me and had been hoping someone would step up and keep the Columbus gigs going :) I named our group Tamingwood

(get it? Taming as in taming naughty spankees? Wood as in spanking behind the woodshed and wood paddles? Get it?? Never mind :evileye: )

and over the past 7 years we've had at least 12 Tamingwood parties, often two per year in the spring and again in November. Slowly, and I'm not sure when the trend became obvious but I think 2007 or so...our friends that were 100% into spanking began attending a November spanking party held by other friends of ours in Florida called Florida Moonshine. I don't blame them, it's an excellent hotel party on the beach in Tampa; I attended one they had in June of '08 and had a blast! At the same time, more and more tk-philes were available to come to Ohio, and the party shifted and shifted until it last year when it was basically the TMF Does Columbus show , guest starring spanking and a little flogging :p I gave up the spring parties when NEST became a definite May event...and here we are, renamed Bella Bash. The hotel knows good and well what we're doing but I tell them we're a "AAA sponsored reading group" and that we read plays out loud so not to worry if they hear anything weird. Yes, that's ridiculous. But they love our business and are happy to see us back every year, that's what matters; Party on Garth :jester:

Bella Bash has it's share of naysayers, people who feel I shouldn't throw my own birthday party and that a woman with a husband and children has no business doing this. Um...yeah. I'll let Bella Bashers deal with those folks, I'm too busy cooking and telling Bill where to hang the disco ball :cool:

11-19-2008, 08:47 AM
That was a splendiferous read, my dear. Thank you for sharing! :twohugs:

Snail Shell
11-19-2008, 09:38 AM
You left out the part about being a fugitive from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ;)

Snail Shell

11-19-2008, 09:45 AM
You left out the part about being a fugitive from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. ;)

Snail Shell

That's 'cuz I'm not a fugitive; they know exactly where I am and what to do with me :justlips:

06-24-2010, 05:32 AM
hi bellarisa,.......what ever happened to the classic vintage site you had before,or can they be found online somewhere ?.....thanks for your read up, keep up the good work anyway..:)