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Enjoy Noeyes

The Heretics Lament

How Katherine hated the sweltering nights here in southern Italy, it was almost unseemly. Even now as dawn approached she lay tossing and turning upon her bed unable to get comfortable. She would just have to have the servants fan her through the night tomorrow she thought. She could see the first trace of dawn creeping through the curtains over the windows of her rooms. The sun would come up hot and harsh again, Katherine so wished she could just lie here in the dark unclothed but such a thing would be such a scandal.

Her new husband visited her bedchamber far to little since the wedding. He spent his nights in the tower with those smelly old men. Her husband the prince seemed to enjoy their company more then the pleasures of her rooms. Then the silence of the place caught her attention. Katharine strained her ears to listen for the familiar sounds from the courtyard. The bustling and whispering of the servants and more importantly her own servants had not laid out her gown or brought her breakfast, some one would bet a flogging for this she thought to herself. Such lapses in their duties could not be tolerated in a royal household.

Katharine rose from her bed and gathered her nightdress around her as she approached the balcony over looking the courtyard. Below her were the servants lined up by armed men. They were all rough looking and covered in dust and filth, except for their leader who wore immaculate robes and the emblem of a prince of the church. A prince of the church scoffed Katharine since the Borgias had taken the papacy anyone with the money or military might be able to be a bishop or even a cardinal. This man was not different than those she had seen in Rome except for his gaze as he looked up at her on the balcony, a shiver slid all the way down her back like an icy finger. Moments later a hard pounding came to her door as she made sure her body was covered, she heard the pounding grow stronger and stronger until she heard the timbers splinter and the door was broken down.

As the door fell away several men stepped into the room with swords drawn. A passage opened between the armed men and an officer stepped through the shattered door. “How dare you enter my rooms like this Katharine screamed my uncle shall hear of this” as she gathered the curtains around her as well. “Many pardons my lady the officer” said as he bowed mockingly “but you must accompany my guards for your own safety” he said. I must be allowed to dress properly to receive guests she hissed sarcastically. The office strode across the room and took Katharine by the arm and told her “you are to come now dressed or not”. “Un hand me you beast Katharine bellowed my uncle will lay this province to ashes for this insult”.

One of the younger soldiers picked up the robe on the end of the bed noticing the elaborate embroidered crest upon it his eyes widened. “Sir you should perhaps see this he” said holding out the robe. “It is the royal emblem of King Charles of the Franks,” he said. “ My uncle shall hang you all with your own entrails” Katherine screamed as the officer handed her off to his men. “Take her to the courtyard with the others” he ordered. With a wave of his hand two burly guardsmen picked her up till her bare feet were wiggling in the air and carried her down to the courtyard amid her protests and screams of abuse.

The guards then tore the rooms apart looking everywhere for documents or secret passages in the walls. Katharine could hear the destruction of her things as she was carried down the hall and stairs to the bright sunlight of the courtyard. She was carried across the courtyard and dumped unceremoniously beside the mounted cardinal. His eyes had fallowed her struggling body all the way across the courtyard she was indeed as pretty as he had been told it was little wonder that prince Giovanni had agreed to the match so quickly.

The mounted man in the red hat and robes looked down at her on her knees before him. “Tell us where the heretics have fled to my lady and all of this unpleasantness will be over” he said. “If not you and your servants will have to be put to the question till they are found”. “ You would not dare to harm a hair on the head of a royal personage, not even you would do such a thing,” Katherine said looking up at this man with distain in her eyes.
“Yes your royal personage will make this a little more difficult but not impossible” as he looked down at her with a sadistic smile on his face. “Summon friar Kiel” he bellowed. “I shall leave you in the hands of the inquisitor from the order of St Trinian”. “I am sure he will convince you the error of the sin of pride”. “ By morning I am sure you will be all to happy to tell me where the heretics are hiding” he said as he gave the order for the men and the women to be separated.

The women were herded into a large room just off the courtyard. Here the good friar had assembled his equipment and staff for the days work. Once the friar was sure that everyone of the lady’s had seen the equipment he had them removed to an adjoining room under guard. 3 at a time the lady’s of the household were brought into the other room. The cardinal lead Katharine into the large room and sat her in a high backed chair and ordered her wrists and ankles tied. This chair was taller in the legs than most any Katherine had seen. Seated her feet were a good 6 inches off the floor. The chair was also very wide her wrists tied to its arms held her arms out from her body. It placed her in a very vulnerable position; the more vulnerable she appeared the more the cardinal seemed to be enjoying it.

“ You are correct of course my lady” he said “your royal personage cannot be harmed and believe me when I tell you that not a hair on you head will be harmed”. “That is why I have called upon the skills of the good friar here, he is an expert at extracting information without leaving a mark on the body”. “The nuns of the good friars order they too have their skills he winked will question the men of your household”. This cardinal turned and walked toward the door telling the friar to call him when she was ready to be more co-operative.

Katherine struggled in her bonds as she watched this older friar in his simple robes approach her chair. “ Do not be alarmed my child” he said in a very eastern dialect, “I have promised the cardinal that there will not be one mark upon your body and you will find me to be a man of my word” he said. With a wave of his hand he summoned over a guardsman and in his hand was an hourglass. “ You have this long to think about how you wish to repent my child, tell me where the heretics are and all of this can end. If not you will receive the same torments you are about to witness. “Perhaps some of your household may know where they are and spare you, “ he said as he returned to the equipment on the other side of the room. “Bring in the first 3 he said to the guard “we begin”.
One at a time 3 of the female the guards brought in servants. Try as she might Katherine could not move her head without having to witness what was about to be done to them. Each was shown a different device and all seemed sinister. Yet Katherine found what she was witnessing somewhat stimulating.

Katherine knew that neither she nor any of the servants knew anything about the heretics her new husband had been hiding. A guard stepped up behind her and took hold of her head to make her watch as the first servant was stripped naked by one of the guards and shackled to a large x-frame. Instead of the tools of the trade she expected however there were no tongs, no hot irons, no whips, the instruments laid out were far more delicate and as what she saw came into focus a chill ran down her spine and her heart almost stopped beating as one feather after another was laid out beside the squirming servant.

Shrieks soon filled the room as the friars hands went to work on the first poor girl, the others now knowing what was coming struggled against the hold of the guards, it was not enough to make her watch this spectacle he was going to make each victim watch until it was her turn. This small portly friar was indeed a sadist. He took slow deliberate strokes with his fingers and feathers till the poor girl was screaming for mercy. Then and only then did be begin to question her.

Katherine watched as the friar moved the feather tips over the poor girls skin making little crosses with each stroke. When he came to a spot his victim could not stand he stopped and picked up the quill from the ink well and marked it with the sign of the cross, in a very short time he had the poor girl in hysterics moving from tender spot to tender spot. He body clearly marked as to just where to tickle.

Katherine glanced at the hourglass and realized the friar had reduced this poor girl to a begging mass in just a few minutes. He pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears however. A high-pitched shriek came from the girl as she slumped down in her shackles. The friar turned with an evil grin on his face and motioned the next girl forward. Her guard produced a dagger and cut her clothing from her body then placed her in the stocks. Her arms were raised up to a bar hanging above her head and her wrists were secured.

The friar clapped his hands and a figure appeared just out of Katherine’s line of sight, the figure glided across the room almost effortlessly. It must be one of the nuns she had been told about she thought. The nun stopped and knelt down in front of the friar it was only then did the strange manner of her robes become clear to Katherine. Unlike most robes of a nun or priest the cross on this one was a cut out and her bare skin beneath it exposed. With a stroke of the feather tip the friar crossed the bare skin of the nun and she rose picking up a bucket of water and throwing it upon the first servant. The shock of the cold water revived her and within moments the nun began to tickle and play with each small cross encouraging the poor girl to repent her sins.

As her shrieks and pleas once again filled the room the friar turned to his newest victim. “What is your name my child” he asked her. “Rena my lord” she said, “please have mercy my lord I know not what you seek”. “What are your duties here Rena” he asked her. “I tend the goats my lord” she said he voice beginning to show the signs of panic. “Tell me where the heretics are and save yourself Rena” he said “or you will have to face the wrath or your own charges”. “ My charges” she said wondering what her torturer could possibly mean. With a wave of his hand a guard entered the room with two small kid goats on a lead and a bucket of milk. “Yes Rena” he said, “give up the heretics or face your hungry charges”. The guard tethered one of the kid goats to the stocks near each of her wiggling bare feet and the friar poured out a cup full of milk over each bare foot.

Within moments the goats tongue began to lap at the milk first on one foot then the other. Sending Rena into instant hysterics. “Tell me the location of the heretics my child or it will get worse much worse,” he said with a giggle in his voice. He then picked up another cup of milk and dribbled it down over her exposed breasts and belly leaving just a little to drizzle down each thigh. “Will you repent my child” he asked. “ Please for the love of god my lord do not do this I know nothing of what you speak” she shrieked as the kid goat ran its course tongue between her toes greedily lapping up the milk. “We shall see” the friar said as he tethered the remaining kid goat to the side of her seat so it could lap up the milk as it ran down her naked body. A clap of his hands brought another nun from the shadows knelling again before him he blessed her by running the tip of the feather along the bare skin exposed by the cross, you will see that these poor creatures are well fed my child as he turned his attention to the remaining servant.
She was tall and seemingly un- afraid to this inquisitor. Katherine had seen her around the compound in the past few weeks. There were always whispers about her. The whispers always seemed to stop the moment Katherine drew near. “ Tell me where the heretics are my child and save yourself,” he told her.

“ Save Myself,” she laughed “like a little worm like you is a threat to me after all its only tickling” she scoffed. She pulled her arm free of her guard and walked over to the rack and laid herself down on it. “I am Margana of the Romania I do not know your god or wish to, do your worst I will tell you nothing. “At last one of the heretics shows herself my children” the friar bellowed. “ We shall just see what worst we can come up with my proud beauty,” he snarled.

The friar clapped his hands and the guards removed her clothing and strapped her down onto the rack. “ Send for the Mother superior” he shouted. “ I am sure she can loosen your Venomous tongue” he chuckled. Within moments a door opened to the other room and the screams of tormented laughter from behind it filled the room. A stunning young woman in a flowing gown entered the room and seemed to glide over to the friar. Un like the other nuns her robes were of the finest sheer silks they clung to her body like a second skin and left little to the imagination.

“ I hate to disturb you when you are working so hard” the friar said indicating the screams from the other room, “but I know how you love a challenge” he said. He took her by the hand and led her to the strapped down gipsy girl and whispered in her ear. Katherine could not hear what was said but then the friar pointed over to her and a chill ran down her spine.

Soon the Mother superior withdrew her hands from the fur pouch on her belly and displayed the 4 inch long tapered nails of her finger tips and began to gently explore the squirming gypsy girl. Within moments her shrieks and curses filled the room as well. Katharine’s eyes widened as the friar now turned his attention to her. She could hear her own heart begin to beat faster the closer he came to her.

This fiend in a monks tunic had an evil grin on his face that seemed to light the room. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “ Tell me where you have hidden the heretics and save yourself,” he whispered his hot breath tickling her ear as he spoke. “ Confess your sins or face everything you see before you a little at a time,” he told her.

( To Be Continued)

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Excellent story so far. I love the setting,


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Noeyes, you hit the right spot there. This is one heck of a story ! I gotta admit, even the hints I got in the chatroom didn't prepare me for this masterpiece. Now... time for part two ? ;)

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After reading the first part, it seems like this story has epic written all over it. Great job so far champ!

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Another great story Noeyes. Thanks for sharing it. Can't wait for the second part.

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Wonderful start. I like the setting and the tickling related fantasy elements in the costumes and behavior. I look forward to seeing how the story develops in the next chapter.

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Bump (just cuz this is a great story and I want to see part two...)

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Hello Noeyes !

This is an outstanding story of
the topic, I personally prefer !

Tickling as torture is, what I'm looking for.

The story is well written and offers many
possibilities to continue !

Perhaps, you can make a multipart-story
from it, like "Kittletown" or "Village
of the tickled" ? This would really be
a knockout for all tickle-torture-fans !

I dream of some more torture-sessions with
the first victim and the she should tell some
names of other witches, who will be invited
to the torture-chamber, too. Use new tickling-methods from fingers to salt-licking goats, and other ticklish-spots on every new girl. Too bad, that nylon was not invented in the middle-age, but... who cares, if you let the witches wear some nylon-stockings, anyway ? Would love to read this here !

I hope, I gave you some inspiration with my reply and you will continue this story in some more awesome parts, soon.

Best regards from Germany,

Frank Fuchs

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Everybody liked the story!!!
Where's the rest of it???
It's been a long time since noeyes posted part 3 or part 4 whichever it was!
I'm waiting to read the rest!!!!
Please post it soon.