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01-06-2009, 12:20 PM
While You Were Sleeping....We Tied You Up and Tickled You!


Jade and Addie are on vacation with Jade's family. Jade's brother, Psymon, is an annoying jerk, so they decide to teach him a lesson! The mischevious girls sneak into Psymon's room while he is asleep. They cuff his wrists and ankles so that he is strapped to the bed, spread eagle. To wake him from his slumber, they put whipped cream on his hand and then tickle his face so that when he reaches to scratch it he gets whipped cream all over his face! This and the girls' roaring giggles awakes him and boy is he pissed off! Knowing how crazy ticklish he is, Jade and Addie take advantage of his helpless state by digging their fingers into his sides and underarms and scratching viciously at the bottoms of his feet. This only angers him more because now he is yelping and screaming like a girl! That's what you get for being a mean brother. :)

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Happy New Year, everyone!
Addie J