View Full Version : Cindy's birthday present

06-09-2002, 03:15 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! baby doll her Dad yelled up to the top of Cindy's Room at 7:00am in the morning. Cindy weakly looked up at the clock on her bedside & just growned. Tiredly & sleepie eyed still Cindy slowly trolled down the staries. Where she was hugged by her Dad happy 18th bday hunnie *smiling big* thanks Dad said Cindy so what do you wanna do today said her Dad? hmmm dunno i think i'll just be a couch potato & just take it easy today. Nonsense said her Dad todays your big B-day today ''sweetie'' Dad stop it stop calling me little babie names Dad you've been doing that for 17 some yrs Cindy said screaming!!!!!! Dad just looked shocked eyed at her Daughter while having a grining smirk on his face. Soon before Cindy knew it her Dad had her pinned down to the carpet in the living room. Dad let me go said Cindy laughing... nu uh said her Dad let's wrestle said Dad no i dont wanna...Cindy said rudely! well too bad said her Dad. it's ''GIGGLE TIME''Soon Dad began tickling her Daughters sides hehe stop that said Cindy to her Dad...stop what? said her Dad as her Dad then began to roll up her tank top reveling her Flat smooth 18 yr old stomach. Dad then began tickling her sides up & down lightly spidering across her daughter's tummy HAHA HEHE TEEE HEHHHEHE Dad nooo! oh is my lil baby ticklish? YESSS! Dad then began blowing soft rasberries on his Daughters soft stomach teehehehe ahhh Dad...... ok Cindy it's time ''the spot'' noooo please Dad not my spot please... Cindy begged. Dad took out a small blue feather from his ''History today mag'' & began twirling it around in his fingers then droping it along the rim of his Daughers navel...twirling it along HEHEHEHEHE HAHAH NOOOO LEAVE MY NAVVVVEL ALONG TEEHEHE Cindys belly jumping up & down from the tickling. Dad then finally went for the kill twirling it indside his Daughters deep-navel hehehe tteeehehe stop......heheha hahaha this tickles Daddie!!!!! HAHA TEEHEHE. Her Dad then looked up at his Daughters sweet face & said ok Cindy you've had enough. Hoped you liked you bday present oh i DID! said Cindy ***hugging her Dad***
----The End--- tell me how you liked the story because im not no story Writer