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04-05-2009, 12:21 PM
Im the one who just started the new clips4sale store called Tkls4fun. I posted about 8 clips in the store and posted samples here. Can anyone else who has a store answer me on how to drive business. Out of the 8 clips, I made 30 sales..so I haven't even made the money back yet that I paid out to the modes. Is there a trick here I am missing or is the recession hitting the TMF'ers as well. I would love to continue to make more clips and bring more tickling to the Forum..but I have to at least get in the green a little.
any helpful suggestions??

04-05-2009, 06:00 PM
It takes time.

I dont know how much you paid your models but for me, the first few months I always ended on redline. But I had a job and I could compensate for the negative cash flow.

The truth about clips4sale is that the more you updates the more visitors you get and the more sales you make. Of course, to make updates you need material, so during the first few months you will go slow.

Try to schedule updates at least once per day.

Make multiple formats, specially mp4 or mov. For some reason Mac lovers don't like to play wmv. Also different resolutions.

I see that you are focusing on feets, so mark them as foot fetish on the catogry list when you set up the clip.

Dont mark them all as tickling.

You have Bondage, Blondes and lingerie.

Previews help a lot to draw traffic and since you are starting you are gonna have to compromise a bit and give out more free footage. That will let people know what your style is and will bring people to your store.

Open a yahoo group and post the subscribe link on the html top section of your store so that visitors subscribe to it and you can send them news about your new videos and other stuff.

Assist to the Friday Night Live gatherings, every friday starting at 6pm.

04-07-2009, 02:53 PM
thanks for the advice. Lots of great information. Love all your clips by the way. Im going to definitely put your advice to good use. thanks