View Full Version : Joan Cusak on old SNL

06-16-2001, 08:40 AM
First off-this ISN'T a great scene, so don't go banging your head trying to acquire it...I used to have it but seem to have lost it, and I don't miss it! (other than for historical purposes!)

It is the episode where Tony Danza hosted (this is in the late 80's), and Joan Cusak and Danza play girlfriend/boyfriend in bed. The scene opens with them TOTALLY FAKING a tickle fight (unconvincing and lame) and she's fake giggling and he says "Tickle police! Tickle police!" to which she says "I surrender" and then the sketch starts from there.

Sorry it's not the best!! But if you feel ripped off, I'll pass on this SNL tidbit that I read in the book "Saturday Night" (all about SNL). In the very beginning of the chapter "Bill", it says how Bill Murray took to throwing any female member of the cast, crew or staff down on a couch or the floor and tickling them mercilessly (that is close to an exact quote). Of course, we already knew all about Bill, possibly holding the record for most recorded tickle attacks, many onscreen in his movies!!!