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05-12-2009, 05:42 PM
Lana got out of Whitney Fordman's car and kissed him goodnight, then headed onto her porch. As Whitney drove off, she just stood and watched his car get smaller and smaller. Lana loved Whitney, but she wasn’t sure all the time if he was the one for her. For Lana had another love interest that she had dared not to speak aloud, a certain farm boy with a mysteriousness that Lana couldn’t even begin to understand. Clark Kent, the shy yet handsome boy who unbeknownst to Lana, was attracted to her vice versa.

“I’m home she yelled when she walked in the door, hello?

No answer.

Lana figured that her Aunt had gone to bed, so she shrugged and headed upstairs to her room. She kicked off her shoes and got undressed. Then Lana changed into her pink pajamas.

Just as she was about to get in bed, Lana she heard a noise in the garage. She stepped into her slippers and raced downstairs to see what the ruckus was.

As she tiptoed toward the garage she felt somebody grab her and shove a chloroform soaked handkerchief in her face. Then she saw blackness.

The figure holding Lana’s unconsciousness body, was none other than Tina Greer, a young girl with a special ability to change into different people.

Tina changed form into Lana’s Aunt Nell, then carried Lana to the car and stuck her in the trunk. Tina had taken Lana’s form earlier to trap Aunt Nell, so that she wouldn’t be a threat. Tina had taken Nell’s clothing, and her car keys. Now Tina was off to her secret place, so that she could have her way with Lana.

When Lana regained consciousness, she noticed that her hands and ankles were bound to an X frame table.

HELP SOMEBODY HELP ME screamed Lana, who had been kidnapped in the past but still wasn’t used to it.

Tina Greer walked into the room, ready to put her plan into action.

“Hello Lana, are you feeling alright?

“Tina, what the hell are you doing, why am I tied up.

“Because we’re going to have a pajama party said Tina with a giggle, and do some girl bonding”.

Lana started to feel very scared, Tina wasn’t acting herself.

“Let me go Tina, please, what’s this all about.

“I love you Lana, in body and in soul said Tina softly,
A chill ran down Lana’s spine, she had no idea Tina swung that way. She knew that Tina liked her a lot and tried to dress the same as her, but the idea that Tina stalked and abducted her was far more than she could chew.

“I’ve been imagining this for a long time, Lana” said Tina as she ran her hands across Lana’s hair.

“Please Tina, untie me, and I promise I won’t call the cops”.

“Oh, I’m not worried about the cops said Tina with a smile, because I can take the form of anyone by wearing something personal of theirs”. “Let me show you”.

Tina snatched both slippers off Lana’s feet, then removed her own shoes.

“Hey snapped Lana as she felt her feet bared, don’t take my slippers”.

Tina shoved her feet into the slippers and immediately took Lana’s form.

“Hey, don’t take my slippers mocked Tina/Lana with a smile”.

Lana was amazed, she’d seen a lot of strange stuff in Smallville, but that took the cake.

Tina changed back to her own form and watched with fascination as Lana curled her toes.

“Oh Lana, your little feetsies are so cute, are they by any chance, ticklish?

“Noooo cried Lana, don’t tickle!

Tina ran her nails along the soles of both feet, as Lana began to giggle.

“Cootchie cootchie coo sang Tina as her nails made zig zags along Lana’s arches, does this tickle Lana?

YESSSSS screamed Lana, please stop tickling my feeeeeet”!.

“Nope said Tina enjoying her torture, at least not yet”!

Tina continued to tickle Lana’s soles and her arches, sending her into more hysterical laughter. Then Tina used both hands on one foot, then switched to the other foot after a minute or two.

“How about these toes Lana” said Tina grabbing all five of Lana’s toes and bending them back a little.

“Please Tina, NOT THE TOES” begged Lana!

Tina only ignored her and tickled all five toes on Lana’s right foot, then she switched to the left foot and repeated the process. By the time she was done, Lana was panting like a dog.

“Let’s see where else you are ticklish Lana” said Tina as she began to unbutton Lana’s pink pajama shirt.

“No cried Lana, please don’t do that”!

“Now Lana, I just want to see your titties and maybe have some fun with them” said Tina coyly.

When she popped the last button, Tina opened the shirt flaps and her eyes went wide.

Lana wasn’t wearing a bra and she had short but round firm breasts. Lana could feel the Goosebumps rise on her body, knowing that Tina had naughty intentions in store.

“Cutchie cutchie coo teased Tina as her nails scratched lightly against Lana’s boobs, which made the girl squirm and twitch.

“HAAHHEEEAHHHHHHH NNOOOOOOO TINA THHHHAT TICKLES, IIIIIT TICKLES SO MUCH yelled Lana as the tickling went much faster and efficiently.

Tina traced circles around each tit and then attacked the cleavage. After a while she got bored and attacked Lana’s belly with all ten fingers like a spider.

“Who’s the ticklish little girl taunted Tina, Lana’s a ticklish wittle girl, yes her is”!


“No Lana, I have only begun to tickle you”.

Tina turned her gaze back to Lana’s feet and grinned at her chubby toes.

“I think these toes need some more exercise suggested Tina, what do you think Lana”?

Tina pulled out an electric toothbrush.

“Does this look familiar, Lana, it’s your Aunt Nell’s, and I didn’t brush her teeth with this if you get my drift”.

Lana only glared at Tina, sensing that she wasn’t the only one being tickled that night.

“Aunt Nell laughed her ass off when I used this on her feet snarled Tina, now let’s see if it runs in the family”.

“Please Tina came Lana’s begging plea, my toes are too ticklish”.

“That’s what I’m counting on baby" cheered Tina as she switched on her device and brushed it across Lana’s toes.

EEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA THAT TICKKLEEEEES SOOOOO MUCH cried Lana as she could feel her voice becoming hoarse.

Tina used the brush on the undersides of her toes and in between, driving Lana into much more hysterics.

Just then, both girls got quiet, as they heard a car pull in, and a car door slam.

“Shit snapped Tina, who the hell could that be”?

She walked up the stairs and peeped through one of the windows. And to her surprise was Chloe Sullivan, the annoying blonde who was always into paranormal activities.

Then Tina saw a light bulb go off in her head, and she had an epiphany.

"Now I can kill two birds with one stone" she thought to herself. Then she raced back to her basement to find Lana’s slippers.