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05-15-2009, 05:33 PM
Jane walked inside the mansion and looked around, shining her flashlight towards all over There was no sign of Amanda, and that made her the slightest bit nervous. For Jane, being a Ghostbuster wasn’t a solo act, as she always worked with her cohorts as a team. Still, she wished that she could find another lingerie buying job, but so far all she had was a steady paycheck, somewhat free housing, and the joy of washing ghost slime out of her hair a couple times a week.

“Oh Amanda, where are you she called aloud, hello”!

“HELP ME, SOMEONE HELP ME called Amanda from the dungeon.

Jane could slightly hear Amanda, and followed the voice all the way down to the dungeon. She couldn’t believe the sight before her, Amanda Edison in her bra and panties. Ironically just the way she’d be dressed if she played strip poker with Jane back at the Firehouse.

“Guess I got to see you in your underwear after all said Jane with a grin, and I didn’t even have to deal cards, eh Amanda”.

“Jane, help me, get me down from here, so I can get dressed”.

The tall brunette walked over to the swinging Amanda, and noticed her bare feet swinging ever so slightly. Very gently she grabbed them and noticed they were a bit cold.

“Awwww, poor Amanda is barefoot she cooed, and look at these cute piggies”!

After that statement, Jane started to tickle Amanda’s toes, making the girl squirm.


“What’s a matter said Jane using her baby talk voice, is the widdle baby’s toesie woesies ticklish”.


Jane realized that was true and she stopped tormenting her friend.

“Sorry honey, you just look so cute and helpless all tied up and in your half naked state she said with a small laugh, but let’s get you down eh”?

She lowered the chains with the lever, and Amanda breathed a sigh of relief as her feet touched the ground.

“Now try to find another key suggested Amanda, they used one to lock these cuffs around my wrists”.
Jane nodded and looked all around, every nook and cranny. But to no avail, she couldn’t find the key. Shrugging with uncertainty, she walked back over to the chained Amanda.

“These captors, do they have the key”?

“Yes, but don’t even try to get it from them warned Amanda, they’re very strong”.

“Well, I’m a Jersey girl stated Jane, I can handle myself against creeps”.

“They’re not creeps, Jane, they’re trolls protested Amanda.

“Trolls said Jane in disbelief, oh well, I don’t care who they are. I’ll be back with the key momentarily”.

“And just how do you plan to get it from them” asked Amanda?

“I was a lingerie buyer for two years explained Jane, I know how to haggle and make deals. Don’t go anywhere, sweetie she said with a small smile.

“No, I thought I’d just wait here” replied Amanda sarcastically, as if she could go anywhere at the moment.

Jane walked upstairs and followed the voices coming from the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen, she masked her astonishment at seeing three trolls chowing down on a whole turkey. Taking a deep breath she walked right up to them and flashed them her million dollar smile.

“Hello there, my name is Jane Wunker, and I came to negotiate the freedom of my friend Amanda, whom you have held prisoner in your basement”.

The trolls looked at Jane like she was weird, and then looked at one another for help. Finally, Button spoke up.

“Well hello there, missy, that’s a mighty tempting offer but what do we get in return”?

“I’m prepared to give you one hundred dollars in exchange for that key” offered Jane.

“Dollars echoed Button, what are they”?

“What size are your feet” asked Gretchen?

“What size are my feet retorted Jane, they’re a size ten, but what does that got to do with anything”.

“Everything explained Gretchen, our hobby is collecting shoes, and I happen to have a ten inch foot myself”.

“So I give you my shoes and then you’ll let Amanda go, is that the deal”?

“That’s the deal said Button, as he crossed his fingers dishonestly, along with his siblings.

“Deal lied Jane, who planned on kicking the troll in his privates after Amanda was set free and back in her clothes. As soon as Amanda gets dressed, I will give them to you”.

The trolls and Jane walked down to the dungeon and Amanda was surprised that they didn’t drag Jane down like they did her. She was relieved and confused all at the same time.

“Okay, Amanda, they’re going to let you go and then I’m going to give my shoes to the redhead here”.

“Jane, you’re giving up your favorite pair of flats said Amanda in disbelief, for me”?

“Don’t worry, Amanda, I’ll be alright assured her friend, now let her go”.

Button undid the cuffs and Amanda was free. She scattered around the floor and gathered up her clothes. But when she tried to pick up her jeans, Gretchen stepped on her pant leg.

“Not so fast, before she gets dressed, I want the shoes”.

“After she’s got her clothes on, you can have them” assured Jane.

“Shoes off, first commanded Gretchen coldly.

“Wait said Button, we had a deal, let the skinny lass put her clothes back on and then we’ll get our end of the deal.

Jane shot Gretchen a cocky smile, to which the female troll only grunted. Amanda quickly found her clothing and walked over to a chair and wasted no time in putting them on. As soon as her tennis shoes were tied, she looked at Jane with concern.

“Go wait upstairs, Amanda said Jane, I’ll be right there”.

Amanda nodded and raced up the stairs.

“Now said Button, it’s your end of the bargain now, Jane”.

“A deal’s a deal admitted Jane, you want my shoes”.

She kicked Button in his privates, and the tall troll fell to his knees in pain.

“You wanted my shoes barked Jane, well you just got them shoved all the way into your balls, you pervert”!

She pushed Shorty out of the way, but then she felt herself get turned around sharply by Gretchen.

“Back off, you bitch snapped Jane, you’re not getting my shoes”.

Angrily, Gretchen grabbed the front of Jane’s shirt and tore it open, exposing her lime green tank top underneath.

“What the fuck cried Jane in shock, being that her red blouse was expensive.

“Just for that, we’re taking all your clothes announced Gretchen.

”Over my dead body defied Jane getting ready to punch the troll in her face. But then she was pushed to the floor by Shorty. Jane landed on the dungeon rug, and then she felt Gretchen and Shorty roll her up in the rug, completely, mummifying the tall brunette with only her head and ankles sticking out.

“Dammit, let me out of this yelled Jane, you bitches”!

“Go get the other girl, Shorty ordered Gretchen, we’ll deal with this impudent girl”.

Shorty ran up the stairs, while Gretchen lifted up the mummified Jane, Gretchen set her down on the padded table. Button got to his feet, but his voice sounded like he inhaled helium from a balloon.

“You’re gonna pay for that” cried Button, although he sounded like Donald Duck when he said it.

“You two better let me go right now barked Jane, when my friends find out where I am, you are so gonna pay”!

“Well right now, you’re the one who’s going to pay insisted Gretchen, now let’s take these shoes off”.

“No, don’t you dare take my shoes off”!

Gretchen smiled and then plucked off each one of Jane’s tight flat shoes, exposing her black stocking feet. Then she ever so slightly traced a finger up and down her nylon covered sole. Jane bit her lip, and murmured a few giggles. She was deathly ticklish, and the stockings she had on, just made it worse. Button started to spider tickle her other foot, and Jane’s face started to turn red due to suppressing her laughter. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and her laughter erupted.


“Ha, you’re not so tough now said Button, with his voice slowly coming back to him, Kitchy, kitchy, coo”!


Gretchen stopped tickling her captive foot, and gently began to massage it. Then she picked up a shoe and gave it to her brother, and helped herself to the other shoe, sniffing the inside of it, as did Button.

“Mmmmmmm, LEATHER they both exclaimed in unison, love these shoes”!

Jane gave them a disgusted look, and she looked even more grossed out when she saw Gretchen shove her nose into the sole of her foot and sniff it deeply.

“Ahhhhhhh she purred with lust, I love the smell of your shoes and feet”!

Me too agreed Button taking a whiff of Jane’s other foot, so warm and sweaty”!

“Stop smelling my feet snapped Jane, I mean it, you perverts”!

Button dropped her foot and bent down so that he was close to her face. Jane wrinkled her nose as she smelled his foul breath, and tried to turn away but he squeezed her cheeks gently and began to whisper.

“If you think we’re perverts now, wait till you’re naked, then we’re going to pet your kitty, among other naughty things”.

On that note, he gave her cheek a lick, leaving a trail of saliva.

“Aaaaaaaaah you bastard cried Jane, get away from me”.

Gretchen continued to massage Jane’s foot, and fidgeted with her nylons a bit.

“As much as I love these stocking feet, I’d prefer to see some bare skin too she replied huskily.

“Don’t even think about it shot Jane, you can’t have my bare feet”!

“Ahhhh, but I can insisted Gretchen, and I have the tools to make it happen”.

“Tools echoed Jane, what tools”?

“Well since your stockings are under your skirt, and since you’re all wrapped up tight, I’ll have to use these”.

Gretchen pulled out a shiny pair of scissors and held them up for Jane to see. The tall brunette gasped when she saw them. And she winced when she felt Gretchen seize the tip of her stocking and pull up, stretching the stocking out.

“Snip, snip, teased Gretchen as she opened and closed the scissors in Jane’s face, time to cut some stockings, Baby Jane”.

“No shot Jane, don’t do that”!

Gretchen aimed the scissors at the stretched stocking and snipped it off, revealing a huge naked size ten foot with French pedicure toes.

“He he he giggled Gretchen, what beautiful feet you have, and so big too”!

“Shut up, you bitch spat Jane, as she was embarrassed about her big feet. But when she was in Junior High, her mother told her if she didn’t have big feet, she wouldn’t be able to balance herself and walk.

“Now shred the other one said Button, so we can have both feet bare”.

“No said Gretchen, this way we can tickle her stocking foot some more, and tickle her barefoot too. And I got dibs on the barefoot, Button”.

Jane whimpered and curled her toes in defiance, but both trolls started tickling her feet. She instantly started to laugh like a lunatic. Gretchen raked her nails all over Jane’s naked foot, while Button tickled her stocking heel and arch.


Her toes wiggled madly, which amused Gretchen.

“Awwwww, look how cute her piggies are when they squirm and try to escape my paws she said with a laugh. Tickle, tickle, tickle, little piggies”!


“Correction reminded Gretchen, they are not toes, they are piggy wiggies”. And these are my piggies now, muah ha ha ha.


“Oh yes they are snarled Gretchen, and I’m going to play with my new piggy toe toys”.
She took hold of Jane’s big toe and tugged it firmly.

“Thiiiis little piggy went to the market she sang with glee.

Jane had played that game with David when he was two, but never in her life had someone played “This little piggy” with her toes, aside from her mother of course.

Gretchen continued the game with her other toes, and the scribbled her nails along the sole after singing “wee, wee, wee, alllll the waaaay home”!

And with that she bent down and lightly began to bite Jane’s toes, making the poor captive girl shriek.


“Oh not to worry assured Gretchen, I would never hurt these cute piggy toes, but I would like to love them up a bit, maybe later though, because I’m having so much fun with your feet now”.

Button continued to tickle her stocking foot, but then he got bored after a bit and switched feet with Gretchen. Jane kept laughing and laughing, her throat getting hoarse in the process. Button tickled her toes, sole, balls, arch, and heel with Gretchen doing the same to the stocking foot. The stopped five minutes later, and then a lightbulb went off above Button’s head.

“Let’s take her clothes off and find more ticklish spots”.

Gretchen nodded eagerly, and they unwrapped Jane from the rug. Once she was free, Jane tried to escape, but Button held her hands down. Gretchen went to work and tore her shirt off, then unfastened and unzipped her tight black skirt. Her remaining stocking was peeled all the way down to her heel and then gently whisked off her foot, and then removed the torn stocking. Now all Jane had on was her lime green tank top, and her red satin panties. Gretchen used Jane’s stockings to bind her ankles together. Jane lifted her bound ankles and tried to break free, but the bindings were too tight. She erupted into a new fit of giggles when she felt Button spider tickle her bare belly, while Gretchen tickled all the way from Jane's ankles to her thighs, and then tickled her kneecaps. The tall brunette shrieked continued her giggle fit, shaking her head from side to side.

"Alright girly declared Button, now I'm gonna count your ribs and see how many ya got".

Button tickled each rib, pretending to count as he did so, and then messing up on purpose so he could start over again. Jane laughed and laughed at the repeative rib tickling and then shot a worried look at Gretchen who looked her lips while admiring Jane's firm flat belly.

"Say, that looks like a tasty bellybutton, I think I'll give it a big kiss.

Then she bent her head down and blew a loud raspberry on Jane's bellybutton, making the girl practically jump out of her skin.


Gretchen smiled and did it again, making Jane scream once more.

The Gretchen tickled her armpits, and Button tickled both bare feet and behind her knees. Jane kept laughing like an idiot and pleaded for her tormentors to stop but it did no good.

Shorty came back downstairs with Amanda, who was still fully clothed. Button looked over with disapproval.

“Hell, Shorty, why is that blonde still dressed” he demanded.

“She’s a fighter admitted Shorty, I couldn’t get her undressed by myself”.

“Well, let’s help him then suggested Gretchen, as she and button tied Jane’s wrists together with her other stocking. After she was bound tightly, they rushed over to Amanda, lowered her to the floor and took her clothes off hurriedly. Her dark denim jacket flew threw the air, followed by a torn pink tee, tennis shoes, socks, and ripped up jeans. They stood up and admired their handiwork, watching Amanda curl into a ball, and her toes curled as well. They laughed and then brought her over to the padded table and set her down next to Jane and tied her wrists together with her socks. Both girls were bound and in their undergarments looking scared, humiliated and cold.

“Now, let’s go get some chocolate sauce suggested Shorty, so we can have our blonde brownie”.

“And our chocolate covered brunette as well added Gretchen, don’t go anywhere girls”!

They went up the dungeon stairs leaving both girls alone in their thoughts of fear to the shape of things to come.

“Are you okay, Jane asked Amanda with concern.

“Just dandy said Jane sarcastically, you”?

“Aside from the fact that I’m nearly naked and about to be troll dessert, everything else is hunky dory said Amanda with a soft chuckle.

“We have to get outta here insisted Jane, can you undo my stockings with your fingers”?

“I can try offered Amanda, as her fingers tried to reach Jane’s bound wrists.

Then there was shouting from upstairs and the sound of heavy blasting and furniture breaking. Then heavy footsteps came down the stairs, but it wasn’t the trolls, it was Richard, Jake, and David. Richard wore a light blue Ghostbuster uniform, with Jake wearing his father’s old beige uniform, and David wearing a gray unform. Their proton packs were clung to their backs with their proton blasters in hand.

“Are you girls alright asked Richard, did they hurt you”.

“No began Amanda, worse, they tickled us”.

“Tickled you, huh chuckled Jake, that’s funny, maybe we should leave you tied and take over”.

“Or you could untie us so we can get dressed and kick you in the nuts said Jane with clenched teeth. “C’mon you jerks, untie us”.

The guys rushed over and undid their bonds, and helped the girls to their feet.
David hugged his sister, and Jane hugged him back.

“Are you okay, sis he asked worriedly.

“Yes, thank you sweetie said Jane sweetly as she kissed his cheek, now we’re gonna salvage what’s left of our clothing and then we’ll need to get back to Ghostbuster Central.

Richard helped Amanda to her feet, which she accepted and smiled at her savoir with admiration.

“Thank you for coming Richard she said giving him quick hug and a peck on his cheek, we were almost troll dessert”.

“My pleasure said Richard with a returning smile, now make haste”.

“We got them on the run explained Jake, but they’re liable to come back with more of their kind in no time, we need to regroup and come up with a plan”.

Amanda and Jane inspected their pile of clothing and put on what they could salvage. Amanda wrapped her jean jacket around her waist to cover her panties, as did Jane with her blouse, and then put on her tight flats, which instantly heated up her feet. She looked at her torn nylons with sorrow.

“These were my best pair of stockings she whined, those bastard trolls”!

Amanda put her socks on and laced her shoes up.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get them back”.

And the five of them descended from the mansion….