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the tickleshow
05-20-2009, 08:15 AM
Thanks to those who have supported our TickleShow!
We have made available downloadable full length videos only until the 1st of June at www.clips4sale.com/28100. After that, the new videos will come in.
Tia and Tanya's First Time is in 2 parts at $10.99 each.
Haley & Ivy's 1st Adventure is in 2 parts at $12.99 each.
It's the Pits!!! is available in it's entirety for $19.99.

Our DVDs are still available at www.videos4sale.com/28100 and we've decided to lower the prices on the DVDs. They are all now $19.99 or less.

For you upperbody lovers, It's the Pits!! is now $16.99

Tia & Tanya's First Time, sexy, Black cousins with sexy, soft soles getting thoroughly tickle tortured is now down to $18.99

Haley & Ivy's 1st Adventure, our two sexy college coeds letting us tickle them to death for over 30 minutes just to have a new adventure is down to $19.99

For value, there is the Tickle Medley video for $15.99

Our home website is always open www.tickleshow.webs.com for info on how to get crystal clear high definition Blu-ray versions of our videos.

Thanks again for your support!

The TickleShow
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