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Tickling Rookie
06-19-2001, 03:08 PM
Here are some furry tickle pics I found while surfing the net. In case you're interested, Furry Tickling is the tickling of humanoid animals. It's basically the same as human tickling, only slightly different. For example, some of the ticklers might use their claws to tickle their victim instead of feathers or backscratchers or things like that. Here's a very good furry tickle pic: http://www.furnation.com/bondofox/tickle1.jpg And here's one from my good friend Juan: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/Viddy_Tickle.JPG And here's another one from Juan: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtck.jpg And another: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtk2.jpg And another: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtk3.jpg And one more from Juan: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtk4.JPG Tell me what you think of these, ok guys?

Shem the Penman
06-19-2001, 03:23 PM
Um, you give the URL for the same picture several times over.

Nice pictures, though. Thanks for sharing them.

Tickling Rookie
06-19-2001, 04:32 PM
Really? I'll have to fix that.

Tickling Rookie
06-19-2001, 05:41 PM
Here, I'm going to repost the two links that aren't working: http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtk2.JPG and http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Juan-Crespo/slashtk3.JPG There! I hope these work!

06-20-2001, 08:03 AM
All of these pictures are great! I loved them.

Tickling Rookie
06-20-2001, 10:55 AM
Thank you for your compliments. :) However, I didn't draw any of these tickle pictures. The first one was drawn by a man named Iron Badger, and the rest were drawn by my good friend Juan.

06-21-2001, 11:02 AM
Nice picks, but I wouldn't mess with that "mutant" skunk...ever!

Tickling Rookie
06-21-2001, 01:37 PM
Just so you know, SlaverTickler, the "mutant" skunk is called Vid. And I got some questions for ya: Why'd you call her a mutant skunk? Why wouldn't you wanna mess with her? I'm just curious, that's all.

06-22-2001, 05:54 PM
I have a whole folder of this kind of thing, but it's at NBCi, and they don't like folder file listings. Should I post the links manually, or is there a better way, or should i just not post??

Tickling Rookie
06-22-2001, 06:03 PM
I'd ask a TMF moderator, like Scooby, Psycho, or Max. If you want, you can post those furry tickle pics of yours on this thread or you can post them on a thread of your own.

06-22-2001, 08:28 PM
I just made manual links of them, I'd rather not bother an admin. Sorry in advance if i'm putting an undue burden on the forum.


(EDIT)I'm sorry, I should've said, you need to copy the links and paste the URL's in your address bar.

Tickling Rookie
06-22-2001, 08:41 PM
These Furry Tickle pics look great! Thanks for adding these great pics to the TMF! However, I didn't like the ones where males where getting tickled, but the ones where females were getting tickled were superb!

Tickling Rookie
06-22-2001, 10:42 PM
Hey Derrida, you know that first furry tickle pic you posted? What movie was it from? It looks familiar.

06-22-2001, 10:56 PM
It was some time ago... Uh, I think it was Toonstruck.

07-21-2001, 11:54 AM
Great pics Derrida! Thanks for sharing. Think you could post some furry sites with tickling in them? I only know of a few.


07-21-2001, 01:48 PM
Thanks Aiethal, but I can't help you. There are only about two furry tickling sites in operation that I can think of, most other pictures are taken from large archives such as Velar.ctrl-c.liu.se and yerf.org

I also have to mention Kittiara's stories (recently retitled) at http://velar.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Authors/Kittiara/ , While they have great tickling scenes, even many non-tickling furry fans enjoy them.

07-21-2001, 09:19 PM
Keeps popping up when I try to view the URL's - what's up with that? :mad:

07-21-2001, 09:24 PM
That's odd. I just tried them twenty seconds ago, and they worked fine. Are you copying and pasting the URL's, like I said?

Tickling Rookie
07-21-2001, 10:06 PM
Derrida, could you tell us which stories have tickling in them? They're too long for me to look through them one by one. I'd really appreciate it!

07-22-2001, 12:12 AM
Yes I is

07-22-2001, 03:03 AM
Well when I look at them fuzzy charactores it remineds me of the "cute" vertion of the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. They look (to me) like animals that had that slimy stuff droped on them. As for not messing with Vid the skunk why would anybody want to mess with a skung? (stink-a-rouny)

Tickling Rookie
07-22-2001, 11:53 AM
Well, SlaverTickler, the word you're looking for to describe these furry characters is "anthropomorphic," which is a term that's used to describe things that are not human, yet have been given human characteristics.

07-22-2001, 10:43 PM
Always good to lern a new word, just wish I could spell as well as I could Talk (lol). You can call me ST Rookie, we've had problems in the past, let's leave 'em there. ;)

07-22-2001, 10:57 PM
If you've downloaded and unzipped the series, look for 9840, 9933, 9960, those have the biggest scenes in them (Though mentions are made throughout the series, but generally not near the beginning.)

Slaver: Skunks spray when scared. One would assume that a skunk with the intelligence of a human wouldn't be scared easily.

07-22-2001, 11:19 PM
If a big tiger and some other morphe cretures pined one down and began to tickle it, I think it would spray. Simply put, I would avoid it. Just an opinion.

Tickling Rookie
07-23-2001, 12:05 PM
You know, I'm not sure, I think that Vid's never sprayed anyone before. I'd have to ask her creator, but it's probably because she thinks spraying someone is a feral action.

07-23-2001, 09:06 PM
Ummm..hey Derrida, could you give a title and perhaps a page number for those stories? I'm not quite sure what those numbers you posted mean.


07-23-2001, 09:26 PM
Sorry about that, I was taking the filenames from before the author needed to rename the main character of the series. Just do a search in your text editor for "tickle", you should find most of the scenes.

11-30-2003, 08:18 PM

Darth Vegeta
12-03-2003, 02:38 PM
Usually I ain't so much into the furry department... but this one was really good... really really good.