View Full Version : Three hot new updates on http://www.TicklednTeased.com

07-16-2009, 07:38 PM
Three hot new updates on http://www.TicklednTeased.com

Megan's Two Girl Tickle
Gloria makes good on her promise to repay Megan for her previous torment. To make her point, she asks Goddess Sonya to join her in exacting her revenge. Watch Megan squirm and laugh as she's tickled on both sides of her body in a tag team from both ladies. Will she take it like a good girl or will she try to bargain her way out of this ordeal?

Devine's Toe Tied Hairbrush Tickle
Bound to the bed totally helpless, Sexy Devine is tickled by the beautiful Goddess Sonya. First She focuses on her exposed armpits, then moves her way teasingly down to her soles first with her fingers then with a hairbrush. Devine's toes eventually become a target for Goddess Sonya, as she ties them together to cut down on her struggling. Goddess Sonya teaches Devine the real meaning of tickle submission.

Tickling Monique
Tied down and spread wide open, Goddess Sonya takes her time in finding ALL of Moniques most sensitive areas.

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