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Tickled Guy
07-20-2009, 05:17 AM
Hey all,
most of you already know who i am but for those of you that don't, I am TG with www.tickledguy.com . This is a growing male tickling store on clips4sale with a different approach. We give people live webcams behind the scenes for free when we shoot and include special offers in our preview clips for tickle fans like alot of producers have tried, but what sets us apart is we let the fans direct the shows we shoot live by adding in their own twists in the chatroom. So anytime we are live, you can decide the ticklee's fate.
Our affiliated stores in the JWties network also offer m/f tickling and tickle wrestling so we try to have something for everyone. Every morning, unless I am sick, I host a live webcam show at www.bondageandfetishbyjwties.c4slive where the fans can come in and make requests, get updates and find out about upcoming sessions. You can find me there at 6:00 am EST 6-7 days a week. Starting July 21st we will be adding an evening session at 6:00 PM EST on tuesdays and Thursdays so the evening crowd can join.
Stop by and chat with a producer/ticklee when you have time.