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07-20-2009, 12:27 PM
What should I know that I may or may not already know?

The process, pitfalls, things that were better than you expected, conversion rates, sales figures, do you advertise beyond the clips4sale store, what camera do you recommend for a beginner, issues with models, documentation etc.


I plan to remain very active in the community and hope all of you will help and support me through this.

07-21-2009, 09:25 AM
Welcome to the tickling producing family!

The process is simple. Hire a model, tickle her, pay her, edit video, upload, post it on your clipstore. Pitfalls? Don't expect to make millions overnight! Things that were better than I expected? Women like to play! Conversion rates and sales figures depends on how often you film and update with new clips, but if you start like everybody else, is slow first, and things grow slowly, but they grow. Any consumer camera is good. Of course the better quality the better, but since this is a web based business people tend to prefer less resolution in exchange for faster downloads.

Issues with models? Never pay them in advance! If a girl is traveling for you, dont pay for her ticket. You can refund all travel expenses after you are done shooting. Don't forget the release. try to keep all negotiations by e-mail, that way you have written proof of what you agreed to. Don't be affraid to be honest and tell them what you want from her.

Good luck!

07-21-2009, 10:44 AM
Thanks for the reply and your support!

I've always loved your stuff.

What about the 2257 law (or something like that)?

Do I need a photocopy of an ID?

If I PM you my email can you send me what you use for a model release?


07-21-2009, 11:19 AM
Yes, you have to paste the 2257 text somewhere in each clip usually at start or end, I put it at the end, and also on your websites.

Do a search for 2257 and you will finds tons of samples that you can copy.

Yes you have to ask for photo ID, and photocopy it for your records, and she has to be at least 18 years old.

Again you can google adult model release and you will find plenty of samples.

Tickle Touch
07-21-2009, 11:09 PM
Skelyrata summed it up nicely.

You can find a number of posts on this forum from other producers, as well. I'll share some of my experiences as a new producer.

1) Models are flaky! Sometimes. I had four of my first six model appointments back out, or just quietly no-show. You can have a long, detailed email discussion with her (or him--I'm told male models are even worse), even talk on the phone, and she'll just never show up and never respond to you again. It's just the way it is. Try not to spend money (on a hotel room, or dungeon rental, etc.) in anticipation of a model shoot. No-shows are a part of the business.

2) As skelyrata said, don't expect to get rich. If you have visions of early retirement tickling the 'lees of your dreams...it's good to dream :D
Camera, lighting, editing software, furniture, bondage toys... It's a steep up-front investment. And that's before you even pay your models. I overpay my models (see below), so this is my own fault, but having been in business for four months, I'm close to covering the model fees for only three of my models. All the rest have generated far less revenue than their fees. That might fix itself over enough time, but my hopes for instant profit were quickly dashed... I'm upside-down a thousand or so, and going further into the red as I make new content... I'm sure it's possible to turn a profit right out of the gate, but I didn't figure out how. :-)

3) Model fees can vary wildly. I overpay my models. I assumed from the start that more money would attract hotter girls. That's been true, but I've also been assured I could pay less. Try to pay around $100 for each clip you think you'll produce, and you might make money faster. Of course, it's up to you to decide if you can get the quality of models you want for the pay you're willing to give. Some geographical areas are better for models than others...

4) You can't trust models to know how ticklish they are. It's almost not their fault, really. No one has ever tied her up and tickled her like crazy before, so how can she know what it means to be "very ticklish?" Being tickled feels intense to her, so she must qualify as "very ticklish" right? Be prepared every now and then to have a model show up and just not be all that ticklish. When that happens, pay her for her time and look for a new one.

5) Consider who will do the tickling. F/F is very popular, so if you have--or can find--a hot tickler, hang on to her. If you will do the tickling, consider how much you are willing to be "out." Will you show your face in your videos? If not, will you stay out of the shot, or cover up your face (like TIB/TIW, Rook Media and others)? It will pay to spend some quality time with your camera to figure out furniture and angles.

6) What market are you trying to reach? Nude, fully-clothed, girl next door? Cute and teasing, playful, intense, sadistic? Lots of movement, exotic positions, tight and immobile?

7) All that said, it can be fun to know you get to tickle a hottie or two every now and then. On the other hand, be prepared to go through a whole shoot and realize you didn't even enjoy the experience. There is so much involved in getting it all set up: lights, camera, furniture, bondage, toys, pacing, angles, her reaction... You might be surprised at how much those things will occupy your attention if you're trying to make the best video you can.

8) Expect to take at least a few days learning how to edit your video. There are a few applications out there. Each will take some time to master.

9)You've seen clips4sale. Standard pricing is about $1 per minute. Longer videos let you price less. Clips4sale keeps 40%. You'll want to create a sample image for each clip unless you want to take your chances with their auto-generation. Don't forget to post sample clips here at TMF.

It's certainly been a learning experience for me, and a lot of both fun and frustration. Good luck and welcome to the club :-)


07-22-2009, 12:28 AM

Will start by saying everything about myself and the clips site we (my friends) work on is nontraditional.
Enough that I'm not comfortable posting the link here quite yet.

An old school fetishist and noob tickler/lee.

With this said.
I kinda disagree with the other posts here.
Have found the most success with making work as I have in play.
One night stands do absolutely nothing, but relationships built over time do.

If you "rent" a model you get what you pay for.

The thing that has worked for me is to collaborate closely with someone you trust.

Friends are going to be more reliable and produce much better work than someone who walks into your production space for the first time all uncomfortable wondering what bullshit they are going to have to endure while wishing for it all to be over just to get your money.

Production is a big thing.
-You can use a consumer cam but then add lighting.
-Do test shots before getting your "money shot".
-Spend time setting up your framing and transitions like the pros do.
-Backgrounds and setting are a big thing. (cat hair destroys my clips!)
-Learn your equipment before you go to shoot!
-You'll find that listening to your customers can be positive and negative. Take criticism with a grain of rice and do every request asked of you.
-Incorporating a series of fetishes helps.
-Categorizing properly is an added plus. (have had clips not sell, then do when put in the right spot.)

It will effect much more amazing clips if you are exploring whatever fetish you choose to portray by doing this with someone who gives a shit.

This is not all about money.
Sure, cash will follow if the work is pure.
The most important thing is to trample (heh) new ground.
Take your dreams and fantasies into reality, then share them with the world.

On another note. We circulate our money back into the project.
You have your day job which pays the bills.
So let your clips buy you better equipment, sexier outfits, and better toys!

When I say the "world" I'm not joking.
People from all over the globe will buy your shit.

And as with any scene or scenario......
Communication is the absolute key to unlocking a decent experience.

Last but by far not least.
Get documentation!
One of my friends was fucked over by some guy who simply held the camera by not forming contracts ahead of time. Establish who owns what and what dividends will go to what person. If it is work for hire then specify that. If it is a partnership then put that shit on paper or you'll have a tiger bite you on the ass when you are not looking.

Btw. Not discounting what the other guys have to say.
Just offering up what I've come to find.

Hope this helps a touch.
Good luck and have fun in your journey damn it!

07-22-2009, 07:03 PM
Great info, keep it coming! I'm getting very anxious to get this off the ground - camera is coming in this week, bondage equipment already here. Wife and I had a ton of fun already, it's the first time we ever bought this sort of stuff!

08-02-2009, 09:56 PM
Cool! Any specific questions you have, I'll be pleased to attempt an answer.

Oh, and I started a tips/clips thread if you'll check that out.