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06-19-2001, 08:50 PM
I saw an ad for a new movie, I think it's called "go crazy" or something like that starring the girl from "Almost Famous". In the ad there is a scene where she, and the male star are on a bed and he is tickling her foot. Nice laughter.
The movie is due out June 29.

06-19-2001, 09:54 PM
You mean Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful????

06-19-2001, 10:45 PM
Yeah, i guess...

Zechs Merquiise
06-19-2001, 11:26 PM
I know about the scene with her having one shoe off in the grass, but the lovely Kirsten Dunst gets foot tickled?!?! Now I'm definately seeing the movie!!!!! She's shown her feet so many times in movies, now it's tickle time!

06-20-2001, 02:39 AM
haha--oh man i'm just hopin and prayin that he's right...

06-20-2001, 03:11 AM
I as well am going to see that movie, not only just to check out that scene, but also because I love Kirsten Dunst. I will not be able to check it out the first day it comes out, because of warped tour (anyone else going, or know what it is?) however I hope I can count on one of you guys to check it out. Even if the scene isn't as promising as it is aledged, I will still check it out. Peace everyone...

06-20-2001, 03:40 AM
Dudes...the girl from Almost Famous is Kate Hudson, not Kirsten Dunst.

Which reminds me:

Kirsten Dunst or Julia Stiles?


Zechs Merquiise
06-20-2001, 08:55 AM
.............AH SON OF A ::Goes on a swearing rant:: ALMOST FAMOUS ::More swearing:: KATE HUDSON IS GOOD BUT I WANT KIRSTEN DUNST!!!!:mad:

06-20-2001, 11:49 AM
I'm talking about the new Kirsten Dunst movie, Crazy Beautiful. In a preview they show her and the guy (bastard) messing around on the grass. However if there are tickles, they are not of the foot asortment. Which is ...okay... any tickle is worth it. But now I am interested in this other movie.

06-20-2001, 05:29 PM
Oh i agree! It's *ALL ABOUT KIRSTEN* Righty Shifty? ;)
But it's only a matter of time before Kirsten gets it...she's in what, 3 movies per year?

06-20-2001, 06:22 PM
They were definitely tickles of the foot assortment - they were on the bed, guy looked like he had his hand glued to her foot, and she was kicking and laughing. For Ms. Dunst? Worth my $7.50. =)


06-20-2001, 10:13 PM
it seems i screed up the person's name, but nevertheless a scene is a scene. For those of you who have seen the spot, it's not the scene on the grass, they actually are on a bed. I saw the commercial tice yesterday during Conan so i'm positive.

06-20-2001, 10:26 PM
And I thought it was just me...

I had seen the commercial a trillion times and always the
same clip then today...I thought I saw her foot kicking up with the guy by her feet. I just glimpsed it before it went away and thought I was imagining things.

Maybe just maybe.... :)


Zechs Merquiise
06-20-2001, 10:33 PM
Wait...are we still talking about Kirsten Dunst? o.o; Cause I'm watch Conan O'Brien tonight...and there's another scene besides the grass scene?

06-21-2001, 03:22 PM
Are we talking about two different movies? We are right? Kirsten was not in "Almost Famous". But the new movie with Kirsten Dunst comes out the 29. So are there two possible scenes? I have never scene the one on the bed, I don't think. Perhaps just not recognized it. Anyway can someone clear it up? (My bad.)

06-21-2001, 05:33 PM
Okay, I'm talking Kirsten Dunst in Crazy/Beautiful now...i *just* saw the commercial and i can confirm that there is a split-second scene in there where some dude is holding her foot and she is laughing. I don't know if this is a tickle, but I am indeed seeing this movie the day it comes out (next friday, June 29) and will certainly post as to whether or not there is a tickling scene as soon as i get back from it :cool:

06-21-2001, 06:02 PM
I'm talking about Crazy Beautiful with Kirsten Dunst.

You know, Mary Jane Watson, Spidey's girlfriend. :)


Zechs Merquiise
06-22-2001, 08:10 PM
Last night on like MTV, I saw the commercial and Kirsten Dunst is DEFINATELY foot tickled! I'm just glad I saw a piece of it now so I can get ready for it. If I see it suddenly with a bunch of friends and they notice a big change in facial expression, they're gonna know the tickle fetish kicked in. ::Closes eyes:: Just act natural. Act natural.

06-23-2001, 01:23 PM
Well I'm stoked. Untill friday comrades. Untill friday...

06-23-2001, 02:50 PM
You know I think Kristen Dunst was on Regis quite awhile ago and talked about an appearance on ER. She said that George Clooney would hide out of camera range and tickle her feet trying to make her screw up her lines. I think it was her. I had this on tape but lost it. :(

06-23-2001, 02:56 PM
Dude! Thank you for confirmation of that!
Ironic Tickler had mentioned her saying just that in 2 interviews, and I've been looking *FOREVER* online to try and find chat transcripts...but to no avail. *HUG* You are the man!

06-23-2001, 03:18 PM
Hi Scoob, et al, I saw or heard those two interviews, one from Regis and one fron Tv Guide, about the same time. If you watch the ER episode in which this occurred you can barely see her soles, it's pretty dark. She said George was rubbing jelly on her feet, as well as playing with her toes and tickling, to break up a pretty intense scene. She was strapped to the gurney, so it was cool to think she was pretty helpless, plus trying to do the scene. She's worked with some of the well known ticklers, Robin Williams, Cruise, Pitt. I wonder if George was the only one to sneak in a few tickles. I guess in Crazy, Beautiful, there's more foot tickling, but we'll see. Did you see the Model interview with Little Robin from Femfeet or Realtickling? She wants a piece of Kirsten, too, GRIN!! Kirsten is defintely adding more fans all the time. She's going to be on Kilborn Thursday, he really likes her. Maybe they'll show a clip of Crazy. Between that, Spiderman, and The Crow, she's got some good action coming up. Peace...B.

06-23-2001, 11:29 PM
...what i wouldn't give to get a peice of that KD...:D

06-25-2001, 01:19 PM
Well, I was watching the E show late Sunday night and they are doing a biography on Kristen. The preview showed her takling about her apperance on ER and she talks about George Clooney tickling her feet while she was suppose to be doing a scene while crying. I don't remember when this airs but some time this week. I will try to check it out.:D

06-25-2001, 02:24 PM
According to Eonline, the Celebrity Profile featuring Kirsten Dunst will air Wednesday at 10 P.M. Eastern time. I know I'll be watching!


06-28-2001, 01:12 AM
I just saw the special on E! about Kirsten. She says, about George Clooney, "There I was trying to cry and he was tickling my feet." It was pretty cool. And I also saw the commercial for Crazy Beautiful with the foot tickle. If I had seen it a week ago we all could have avoided the nonsense that went down in this thread. Anyways, my friends friday will be a great day to go to the movies. Final Fantasy will be about as well, right?