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I hope everyone enjoys this story and please post your comments.

This is also your fair warning that this is a Man being tickled and abused. The story will include various foot worshiping, bondage, sexual situations and tickling. If any of this is offensive to you....No force of nature or man is making you read the text below. Do not post hate mail.

~~You Will Obey Me - F/M~~

Part 1

Laura is a 20 year old blonde cutie. Her body is slim and smooth, her face is absolutely adorable, her breasts are full and her feet are perfect.

Those who know her somewhat know her as a sweet, usually quiet individual. She is nice to everyone, always willing to give a helping hand and never complains about a thing.

To me on the other hand, I knew the kinky side of Laura. Laura and I are a couple. Our relationship is, for lack of a better phrase, strictly sexual. We aren't in it for a long term start a family type of thing. We are both into the same sexual activities and are together only to act on those desires.

I'm meeting Laura this Friday night at her secluded cabin on the Lake for a weekend getaway. The privacy is invaluable and her place is gorgeous.

Laura and I are both into some kinky activities. We both enjoy tying the other up in different fashions, we enjoy tickling, foot worship and just simply experimenting with whatever we can think up.


I started my drive to Laura's cabin at about 4PM. I had to work and she was going to be there early in the morning.

The drive to the cabin included a twisted dirt path deep into the woods. I finally drive up to the cabin and parked my car behind Laura's.

I got out of the car and walked up to the cabin. There was no need to pack, Laura kept the cabin well stocked with anything you would ever need. Given our type of relationship, the one thing absent from her cabin would appear a bit backwards.

Neither of us owned any bondage equipment, vibrators or any sex toys of any kind. We improvised with every day objects to satisfy our sexual exploits.

I knocked on the door and shortly after, Laura answered.

"Thought you got lost." Laura was wearing a flannel long sleeve pajama top and matching pants. Her pajama's were light blue with swirling white designs all over them. On her feet, she wore a pair of a similar blue fluffy slipper socks. (Photos Attached Below For Visual Assistance)

"It's 6 o'clock...you're in your pajamas?"

"Never too early to go to bed," she smiled as she said it. "...if you know what I mean." Laura then turned and walked back into the house. And of course, I followed her in, closing the door behind me as quickly as I could.

Laura was still walking away, swinging her body from side to side with each step, allowing her long blonde hair to fly back and forth. Never looking back at me, she walked out of the living area and into the bedroom.

Again, I followed. Who wouldn't?

I came up to the open bedroom door and started to walk in.


I stopped.



"I stopped."

"No clothes."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," and she smiled a bit larger. Laura isn't usually this straightforward. Even though we've both been the dominant partner in our sessions, Laura prefers to be the sub. Curious about this newly arisen personality, I complied.

"Yes Ma'am," I said while lifting my shirt off over my head.


I took off my shoes and socks, followed by my shorts. Once again, I walked into the room.


"What? I took off my clothes," I exclaimed.

All Laura did was stare at me, then her eyes shifted downwards slightly.

"You want me naked?"

Laura nodded excitedly.

"Very well," I sighed as I slowly pulled down my boxers. I hesitated for a bit, almost as if I were waiting for her to be unsatisfied even then.

Seeing as she appeared happy, I walked into the room. Laura was sitting on the edge of the bed, still dressed in her blue pajamas and me bare ass naked. I'm not going to hide my embarrassment. In a few short moments, Laura had set the course for the evening; She was in charge.

"Now get on the bed," Laura demanded, pointing down on the mattress.


I sat down next to her at the foot of the bed.

"Lie down."

Again, I did as instructed and lied down on my back on top of the soft comforter. My head fell down against the soft pillows arranged at the headboard.

"Good, now just let me prepare," Laura whispered and lifted herself off the bed.

She went to the closet and pulled out a small box. She opened the box and pulled out a variety of dress ties; Remember, I told you, we improvised with every day objects and never used anything specifically meant for sex...or bondage in the current case.

I loved every minute as I relaxed my muscles and allowed her to tightly knot an end of each tie to my ankles and my wrists.

Laura then pulled my right foot to the corner of the bed and pulled the dress tie tight, wrapping it around the bedpost a couple times before knotting it. She did the same with my left foot and left me spread eagle on the bed, unable to move my legs much at all.

Laura climbed onto the bed and sat on my chest. She leaned forward against the headboard, her breasts hanging just above my face. She pulled the ties attached to each of my wrists and knotted them to the corner bedposts in the same fashion as my feet.

"Now.....you will not try to escape this time," Laura said with an evil smirk.

"Ok, I won't," I promised. In the past, I would mess with Laura or really react without thinking and fiddle with the knots around my wrists until I freed myself.

"No no no...I'm not just taking your word for it," Laura said. She reached over to my left and curled her fingers around mine, rolling them into a fist. Almost simultaneously, she reached underneath a pillow and pulled out a roll of duct tape.

"What's that for?" I asked.


Laura unrolled a small strip of tape and attached it across the outside of my fingers of my clenched hand. She rolled the tape around and around, completely covering my entire fist. I tried to open my palm, but the tape held snug against my skin and allowed for no movement of my fingers.

She repeated with my right hand in the same fashion and I did not resist. This new idea of not being able to free myself even if I felt I really really needed to was a bit exhilarating.

Laura sat straight up, straddling my waist and said, "You are in for one hell of a weekend."

A little worried now, I asked, "What are you going to do to me?"

Laura slapped my thigh hard after I spoke. "You will obey me," she laughed, "...not like you have much of a choice. You ready?"

Part 2

*Was I ready? What kind of evil question is that? She's right...I don't have any choice in the matter now*

"From now on you are not to speak a single word unless I give you permission. Do you understand?"

I only nodded.

"Good boy. You are, although, allowed to make any sounds you wish, but do not utter a word."

Laura stood up on the bed with her legs spread, her feet against my sides and her arms crossed in front of her. She looked down at my naked body and admired the excellent work she did restraining me to the bed.

"Yes...this will do nicely. You won't be going anywhere."

I tested this by pulling my arms and legs together, only to discover the only body parts I could move were my head and my feet. Laura had pulled the ties tighter than ever. I was never before this immobile and helpless.

Laura lifted up her right foot and stepped down on my chest in her blue socks. She continued by sliding her foot up to my face and lifted her toes above my chin. Still working her foot upwards, she stopped when the socked sole was directly above my mouth and nose.

"Kiss my feet."

I hesitated a little before puckering my lips and lightly kissed her furry slipper sock.

"Good boy. Again."

And again I kissed the sole of her foot.

"Great...we shall see if you stay this obedient."

Laura removed her foot and placed it squarely on my now erect penis and immediately started to rub back and forth.

"Obedience can be rewarded. Defiance will warrant punishment." On the word punishment, she stepped down hard with a light amount of pressure causing only the slightest discomfort.

"I am going to tickle your feet next. That should last 20 minutes. I know this isn't the most ticklish spot on your body, so be sure to thank me for not tickling you elsewhere. You may speak."

"Oh Laura, thank you for only tickling my feet. I am unbearably ticklish everywhere else on my body and I sincerely appreciate you taking pity on me."

"That was pretty good. Are you sure you haven't been anyone else's slave before?"

*Slave? She thought I was her slave?*

As if reading my thoughts, Laura answered, "Yes, you are now my slave. At least for this weekend."

Laura stepped off the bed and walked to the end by my feet. She pulled over a stool and sat down right between my spread legs.

She chose not to delay any longer and started to tickle both my feet at once.

"Hahahahahaha," I laughed. Although my feet are my least ticklish part of my body, I am still very ticklish there. And Laura knew this. I couldn't move my legs away from her menacing fingers, but I could wave my feet back and forth. This, as it turned out was of little relief. Laura had quick reflexes and could follow both my soles almost in unison as she wriggled her fingers.

"Hahahahahahahahaha." For 20 minutes this continued with no change in pace or intensity. It felt like an hour when she stopped, but the clock on the wall deferred these suspicions. My feet were throbbing for a while after Laura had stopped.

"You may speak slave."

Still breathing heavily, I slowly spoke, "Thank you Laura. Thank you for that session. It was exhilarating and fun. And thank you again for only tickling my feet."

"Good, but you forgot to thank me for stopping to give you a break. This cannot go unpunished slave. However....it is a small infraction, and I am still breaking you in, so your punishment will be minimal."

Laura got up from the stool and kneeled down on the floor. What she was doing down there, I could not see. When she stood back up, she had a blindfold and a couple circle pads in her hands.

Standing at the side of the bed, Laura placed a pad over each of my eyes and covered them with the blindfold. She tied the blindfold tightly behind my head, pressing the pads hard against my eyes. I was thrown into complete darkness.

I was really nervous now. I had no clue where Laura was, where she might tickle me next or what she was going to do to me. I breathed steadily as I waited for Laura to make her next move. I had no choice but to shiver in anticipation.

Laura must have realized the waiting was driving me insane, because she didn't talk or make any move for minutes. Thoughts raced my mind: Would she tickle my armpits? Get on the bed and make me kiss her feet? Tickle my thighs? Tickle my feet again? I would react to each thought with a flinch, imagining Laura standing over me, contemplating that very thing.

After some more anxious waiting, something extremely light touched my stomach. The surprise of any kind of contact with anything made me jerk tightly against my restraints. It turned out to be a feather Laura had let drift down onto me. Laura laughed, having expected this unnecessary reaction.

"Time we turned up the heat, don't you agree?"

I lied completely still.

"Of course you agree slave. I think 10 minutes of non-stop tickle torture for your armpits is exactly what you need right now."

I bit my lip, hoping to somehow relieve the feelings I was about to endure. Unable to move a muscle, I had no choice but to allow Laura to attack my vulnerable underarms and attack she did. Quickly, Laura had gotten onto the bed and sat on my chest. She wasted no time and started dancing her fingers wildly in my armpits.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!" Oh God, it tickled so bad. Usually, I cannot endure this torture for very long. It was this that almost always made me race to untie one of the ties around my wrists. It wasn't that I wanted to disappoint Laura and make it stop, I just had no conscious control over my actions at that point. Now though, my hands were clenched into fists and wrapped in duct tape, leaving me at her mercy.

Laura was relentless. She never stopped tickling me; she only would change her style. Tickling with one finger of each hand, or all 5, or making circles inside the hollows of my underarms or just wriggling randomly and vigorously driving me insane.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!" Thoughts races through my head faster than I could have spoken them.

*Has it been 10 minutes?*

*When will she stop?*

*Will she stop!?*

*Maybe she'll stop now.*

*Give me a break, please.*


*It has to be nearly over.*

*How long has it been?*

*She's going to tickle me to death.*

All of my remaining strength was dedicated to trying to open my fists. If only I could break free, I could put an end to this torment. The tape was too strong and I was only getting weaker. I needed this to stop, I knew I couldn't survive any more.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And as suddenly as it had started....Laura stopped.

At first, I had not known Laura stopped; my underarms still felt like her fingernails were being dragged all over every inch of my skin. Slowly though, my laughter stopped and I could breathe easily again.

"Speak, slave."

"Oh my God Laura. That was the worst tickling I have ever endured. I can't take it."

"You can take it. You have no choice."

My heart sank as I realized that she wasn't going to let me go now. I knew by the tone in her voice that she had planned on more...much more.

Laura moved down the bed and sat on my thighs. She opened her legs and spread them out far to each side of me, still facing my direction. She took her left hand and grabbed hold of my penis.

*What a relief, at least I was going to get some good out of this now.*

The next thing I felt was no where near a good feeling. Laura had taken her right hand and placed it open palmed right on the tip of my penis. It was the spinning with her hand that she did next that tickled like hell.

"OH MY GOD!!! NOOO THAT TICKLES TOO BAD!!!!!" I screamed immediately after she had started.

Laura stopped what she was doing and I bit my lip realizing what I had done.

"I did not give you permission to speak slave."

Instead of saying sorry, I kept quite.

"You'll learn to obey me slave, but you will be punished for that....after 10 minutes of this first." Without further pause, Laura continued spinning her open hand across the tip of my penis, holding it firm with the other.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" The feelings this inflicted were confusing. It tickled worse than anything I had ever felt before, but at the same time, I felt sexually aroused. It would feel like I was near climaxing and then disappear over and over and over. The sensations were making me crazy. I wanted it to stop every second, on every rotation of her hand, but I also wished I would finish, but I never could.

Laura stopped after 10 minutes and got off the bed.

For what seemed like an eternity, I waited...listening to hear any clue as to what Laura was doing. All I could do was wait to hear what my punishment would be.

Part 3

I was actually frightened. I had no idea what Laura would do. I thought I knew her very well, but this has been a whole new side of her; a sadistic side.

After a few more minutes of terrifying anticipation, I heard Laura near the side of the bed. She leaned over me and removed my blindfold and pads covering my eyes.

I blinked quickly, adjusting to the light. Once I could see clearly, I saw Laura holding up a plastic ziploc bag. Inside the bag appeared to be a pair of white cotton socks.

"These slave, are a pair of my socks." Laura moved the bag closer to my face. "I have been wearing these socks to the gym all week. Every.......single........day."

*Oh my God, those must be rancid, drenched with sweat,* I thought to myself.

Laura pulled open the top of the bag, then reached in and pulled out one of her socks. She dangled the sock over my face with the toe end inches from my face. The smell was unbelievable. I coughed and gagged from the stench.

"You must be punished for disobeying me slave." Laura turned her sock inside out and I felt a drop of sweat drip onto my chest. "Open your mouth slave."

*There was no way I could possibly let her put that thing in my mouth.* I kept my mouth tightly shut.

"You are going to taste my dirty foot sweat slave. The inside of my socks, that were pressed against my sweaty feet all week for hours of hard work outs, are going to be firmly pressed against your tongue and you will drink the sweat that squeezes out of them. Now I said OPEN slave!" Shouting at me, she tightly squeezed my balls hard on the word open.

Immediately, I howled in pain and opened my jaw wide. Anticipating this reaction, Laura quickly pressed the toes of the sock down on my tongue and shoved the rest the wet sock into my cheeks.

The taste was awful. Cottony sweat, how else can I describe it. Never have I tasted anything so disgusting in my life.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!" I tried with all my might to spit the sock out, but Laura was firmly holding the palm of her hand over my lips. With her other hand, she somehow had broken off a strip of duct tape and pressed it down over my lips and across my cheeks. Over and over, she repeated with several pieces of tape until there was absolutely no way I could get the sweaty sock out of my mouth.

With every clench of my jaw, sweat squeezed out of the socks, soaking my tongue. Also, I had no choice but to swallow it, which made me gag hard.

"Don't throw up slave. I have no intentions of taking that out of your mouth for anything. Not until I am ready."

Laura sat down on the bed and shimmied herself over between my legs facing me like before.

"Mmmmmm!" There was no way I could endure that torture again. I pleaded with my eyes for her not to do that again.

Instead of grabbing my penis like before, she slipped off one of her slipper socks and put her bare sole flat onto my chest.

"Right before you arrived today, I had taken a nice long bath. I washed every inch of my skin clean. My feet are sooo smooth and clean right now."

Laura moved her foot up to my face and placed it square on top of my duct taped mouth.

"I bet you would just love to lick my feet right now slave. It would taste so much better than what you're tasting now. I guess you should have obeyed me slave. Oh well, I'm sure you'll learn quick enough."

Laura knew just how to tease me. She knew one thing I loved to do the most was lick her feet for her. She kept her feet in such pristine & clean condition. Licking her feet was just heavenly.

Removing her foot from my face, Laura put her sock back on and stood next to the bed.

"I think your feet need some more attention now. You're not as ticklish there, so I think you can withstand a lot more than last time."

"Mmmmmm," I pleaded. As I did, more sweat seeped out of the pores of Laura's sock.

"I think an hour is good. No breaks...you can take it, can't you slave? You don't have to answer, I know you can."

Laura sat back down on the stool again, took a peek at the clock and started tickling both of my feet at once.

"Mmmhmmmhmmhmmhmmmmhmmm!!!" I laughed into my gag. It tickled even worse than last time. I wanted to break free so bad, but I was helpless to stop anything.

"Tickle tickle tickle little slave."


Laura switched her technique frequently to keep me guessing. First, she was tickling both my feet at the same time, then tickling only one with both hands, then tickling the top and bottom with one hand each. She was driving me wild and all I could do is make muffled screams which only accomplished draining more foot sweat down my throat.

I may have blacked out a bit, because Laura stopped and this time, it felt a lot shorter than an hour. I wasn't complaining, but being tickled had never made me black out before.

"Well slave, you've had your fun. Now I think I deserve something, don't you?"

*My Fun? My Fun! She's the only one having any fun here!*

Laura slowly lowered her pajama pants to the floor, followed by her panties.

For the first time tonight, I was getting really, really excited.

Next, Laura climbed onto the bed between my legs and crawled on top of me. She didn't stop moving forward until her head was beyond mine. She sat up, kneeling on the bed and paused.

I sent her a confused look with my eyes and she just smirked.

Laura started sliding up the bed, keeping both her legs spread out on both sides of me. She stopped when her pussy was directly above my face.

"MmmmmMmmmm MmmmmMmm." The only thing that I didn't do with Laura was give her oral sex. I was always too disgusted by the smell and taste of a woman's pussy. Even after her long bath, I could smell the pungent odor coming from her vagina.

Laura started to slowly lower herself onto my face and I turned my head back and forth in disagreement. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm"

I was completely smothered. Laura's pussy lips were surrounding my nose. The smell was unbearable, but I could not breathe through my mouth.

"You feeling okay down there slave?" Laura asked. "I know you hate this, but you must learn that you are here for the sole purpose of pleasuring me. Whatever I want; Whenever I want."

Laura's pussy sweat was drenching my nose and dripping down my face. Soon, she began to slide forwards and backwards, sliding up and down my face, but never leaving the contact of my skin.

Laura's pace quickened as she went and she moaned frequently, enjoying the pleasure she was creating for herself. She continued thrusting her vagina up and down my face, breathing heavier and heavier. She moaned more as she threw her head back and faced the ceiling.

"Ohhh Yesss!"

Eventually, Laura let out a long sigh and slowed down her pace.

Still straddling my face, Laura said, "Consider this practice, slave. Later, you will be expected to orally please me. So get used to the smell you hate so much now."

Laura climbed off of me and left me soaked in pussy sweat, the smell still lofting into the air off my skin. I hoped she would wipe my face, but no luck.

"I'm a generous person, so I will give you a break. Be sure to thank me later. I am going to grab a bite to eat, in the meantime I want you to remember these rules: When I come back, I will remove my sock from your mouth and you will eat my pussy. You will have 15 minutes to bring me to 3 orgasms. Should you fail to do so, you must give me 5 more, regardless of how many I had already received. And I don't care how long it takes you, you'll eat my pussy all night if you have to. Rest up slave," and Laura blew me a kiss as she walked out of the room.

Part 4

I cannot describe how much I didn't want to do what I was about to. I've only ever done it once before and that was for less than a minute. I couldn't continue any longer. The taste was awful and the smell was no better. Yet here I was, tied helpless to the bed with absolutely no hope of escaping, my face soaked in Laura's sweat.

I knew it was hopeless, but I was still struggling to free myslef any way I could.

*Come on, break! I won't be able to do this. She can't make me. She knows I hate it. She wouldn't make me do it. She's kidding, trying to scare me. Yeah, that's it, she's messing around.*

I made myself feel a bit better for a little while, but it dawned on me that she wasn't kidding. She really was going to smother me and force me to eat her pussy. And there was nothing I could do about it. Any minute now, she'll walk through that door and it'll begin. There's no stopping it, I better just get it over with.

Retreating to defeat, I started comtemplating how I could get her to orgasm quickly and hopefully end it as soon as I can.

*I haven't done this before. I don't know what to do to please her this way.*

Next, I started to wonder what Laura was thinking about. What was she doing? How much longer would she be?

Soon after, Laura appeared in the doorway. Still naked from the waist down, except for her socks, she leaned against the wall and allowed me to stare at her.

"Ready slave?"

Without hesitation, Laura entered the room and stood next to me. She ripped off all the strips of duct tape holding her sock in my mouth and lifted the sock out.

"Open your mouth," Laura demanded. I obeyed and Laura wrung out the sock dripping salaiva and sweat into my mouth. "Remember that for the next time you concider disobeying me again, slave. I have another one."

"Aren't you forgetting something, slave?" Laura asked.

I remained silent.

After a pause, "Very good, slave; You're learning. You may speak now."

"Thank you ever so much Laura for the break while you ate. I deperately needed it."

"What are you thinking about right now, slave?"

*I don't want you to sit on my face,* is what I thought. "I want to pleasure you by eating your pussy until you have been satisfied with 3 orgasms," is what I said.

"Great, because that is just what you're going to do."

Quickly, Laura hopped onto the bed, sat her legs down on both sides of my had, checked the clock and lowered herself onto my face.

I wasted no time and started to lick her pussy up and down. I wanted to make her orgasm quickly. And I knew I just had to do it within the 15 minutes. There was no way I was doing this any longer than that.

The taste was awful, but I tried to ignore it as I continued to move my tongue around hard.

I think I was doing something right; Laura was moaning slightly and started moving her legs waist in circles. I did my best not to stop, even after my tongue started to get sore. To rest my tongue, I tried other things: I puckered my lips and kissed her square in the middle of her pussy, then the sides. I sucked on the lips and lightly nibbled her skin.

After a rest for my tongue, I'd continue licking, dragging my tongue all over her pussy. Darting in and out as quick as I could, sliding along the walls inside her.

It didn't take long for Laura to have her first orgasm and as soon as she moaned hard with pleasure, I sucked hard on her lips and rubbed my tongue as fast as I could all over in circles. This succeeded in giving Laura her second orgasm, merely seconds after the first.

I had no clue how long it had been, but I figured I must be was ahead of schedule with only one more to achieve.

I continued with the same techniques while juices dripped down my face and into my mouth. The taste seemed to go away as I focused on my goal of bringing Laura to her 3rd orgasm.

"Oh Yes!! Keep that up. Ohhhh yes yes yes....Ohhhhhhhhhh YESSSSS!!!!"

That did it; I did it. Did I finish within 15 minutes though?

Laura lifted herself off the bed and fell down on her back, lying next to me, her head ontop of my arm and against my shoulder. She glanced at the clock, looked at me and said, "Very good, slave. I expect this to continue. Every time I make you eat my pussy, the same rules apply. The same rules apply to any of my friends should they desire to be eaten as well."


Again, Laura read my mind. "Yes, slave, I've already planned on a few friends to come over tomorrow. They're coming for you. Anything they want, they get. You will obey them as you are obeying me now."

"It's only 9 o'clock, slave. I'm going to tickle your armpits for an entire hour."

My eyes and mouth opened wide. *I can't possible take that!*

"I do realize you may pass out during this. Every time you do, I will wake you back up with some cold water and add 10 mintues to your torture. Let's begin."

Laura got up off her back, rolled onto my chest and started tickling both of my underarms with light flicks of her fingers.

"Hahahhahahahahaahahahhaaahaha," I laughed as I bumped up and down on the bed the best I could. "Hahahahahahahahahaha!!"

Laura built up in intensity very slowly to the point of going absolutely wild. I was screaming as loud as I possibly could. The sensations were unbearable so i laughed and laughed and laughed. I hoped for mercy. *She must see how must this tortures me; She'll stop, she'll take pity on me.* Wishful thinking.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and I must have passed out. The next thing I knew, I felt cold water against my face. I woke back up, dazed a bit and before I could see clearly, Laura started tickling me again.


*Oh my god...I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die....I'm gonna die...." I had passed out again.

Again, I woke up cold. "That's 20 more minutes, slave. You better stay awake or else we'll be here all night."

Again, Laura starting tickling me vigorously. I shut my eyes tight and tried to imagine a happier place. *I must stay awake. I have to endure*

Laughing and screaming at the top of my lungs, I thought about the other times spent with Laura. I imagined the two of us cuddling by the fire in this very same cabin last winter.

"You are so beautiful," I said and I kissed Laura's cheek.

"And you are too kind."

"I mean it. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met."

Both of us were sitting on the floor in front of a cackling fire, wearing nothing but our under garments.

Laura leaned in to kiss me and our lips met. My arms wrapped around her back and I pulled her in tight.

Laura gently squeezed my side as we kissed and made me jump in surprise.

"Ticklish?" she asked.

"Don't give me that innocent routine; you very well know I am. You must be forgetting though.....I know you are too." I grabbed hold of each of her sides and wriggled my fingers.

"Heeheeheehee," Laura giggled, but she didn't pull away.

When I stopped tickling her, Laura rubbed her hands against my boxers and stood up, pulling me up by my hands. Hand in hand, Laura led me to the bedroom and we shut the door behind us.

"Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!" I laughed as Laura ran her hands down my sides and back up to my armpits again. She repeated this movement numerous times before she stopped.

"10:20. I guess we're done for the night. I'm impressed, you only passed out twice. Have a good night, slave."

Laura wiped my face clean from the wetness of her pussy and covered me to my neck with a comforter. "Sleep well. You have a big day tomorrow."

Before leaving the room, Laura kissed me deeply on the lips, patted my cheek and smiled.

Part 5

If I weren't so completely exhausted, there was no way I could have slept comfortably in such a position.

I awoke to the comforter being ripped off the bed. The cool air rushed across my naked body.

I was still tied to the bed, exactly as I was left last night; My arms and legs tied to the corners of the bed and my hands taped into a fist.

"Time to wake up. Are you ready for another eventful day?"

I checked the clock and it was already noon. Laura was barefoot, wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Laura checked the clock as well, following my sight. "Yes, be sure to thank me for letting you sleep in the next time you're allowed to speak. Right now though, we have some time to waste before my friends arrive. So for now, you are going to lick my feet."

Laura sat down between my spread legs and lowered her left foot to my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and moved it around slowly, wetting every inch of Laura's soles. When Laura moved her toes down to my mouth, I would stick my tongue deep between each one and suck her toes.

This continued over and over as Laura switched between her left and right foot frequently.

After half an hour, Laura rolled off the bed. "That was excellent, slave. Keep up the good work."

Laura reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of her underwear. "Open your mouth, slave," Laura demanded. I obeyed. Nothing would be worse than that other sock of hers.

After she stuffed her panties into my mouth, she ripped off a piece of duct tape and pressed it hard over my mouth. She repeated with a few more pieces, making sure the gag was secure inside my mouth.


Laura caught me off guard and tickled my armpits for a few seconds before leaving the room.


After Laura left, all I could do is wait. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I couldn't even attempt to free myself. I was helpless.

I used the time to rest my eyes. I awoke to what I assumed was the doorbell. It took me a few moments to gather my thoughts and then it hit me; Her friends!!

I listened carefully and heard Laura open the door.



"Glad you could make it. Come in."

"Thanks. So, is he really..."

"Sure is. Come take a look."

I could hear their footsteps getting louder and I knew they were making their way to the bedroom I was being held captive.

First, Laura appeared in the doorway, followed by a young brunette. She was about the same age as Laura and just as beautiful.

The new girl's eyes widened at the sight of me. "Oh wow. You weren't kidding. You didn't tell me he was so cute though."

She paused as she looked my entire naked body over head to toe. I wished I could cover myself, even a little.

The brunette laughed, "What is he gagged with?"

"My panties."

Both girls laughed.

Laura took a step into the room and said to me, "This is Sarah. You will obey her just as you now obey me; just as you will obey the other girls joining us today."

"Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on him," Sarah said to Laura. "Who else is coming?"

"Kaitlyn and Jen."

"Sweet, when will they be here?"

"I'm expecting them any second now. Let's go wait for them in the living room."

As they walked out of sight, I heard Sarah say, "I'm going to make him lick my feet."

"That's not the only thing he'll lick," Laura said and both girls laughed again.

A few minutes passed before Laura spoke up loud enough for me to understand. "Look, they're here." She must have spotted them through the window.

"Hey!" Laura shouted after opening the door. "Come in, come in."

"Hey Laura. Hi Sarah."

"Hi Kaitlyn," Sarah responded. "Jen! Hurry up, you just gotta see this."

"See what?" Kaitlyn said.

"You didn't tell them?" Sarah asked Laura.

"I only told you about it. It's Kaitlyn and Jen's surprise."

"Wait...what surprise?" Kaitlyn asked.

"Oh! Follow me," Sarah immediately replied.

Sarah first appeared in the doorway and pointed in at me.

Taken back, Kaitlyn and Jen just stared, mouths gaped open in shock.

"Surprise!" Sarah yelled.

"He is our sex & tickle slave for the weekend," Laura explained. "He is required to obey all of us in anything we desire."


Jen started to speak, "What is he..."

"Laura's panties!" Sarah answered immediately.

Again, all 4 girls laughed among themselves.

Kaitlyn wasted no time and walked into the room and started tickling my feet.


"And a very ticklish boy he is."

Jen came in next and started tickling my right foot while Kaitlyn continued tickling the other.

"Why are his hands taped?" Jen asked.

"Whenever we'd play this way, if it became too unbearable for him, he would eventually untie the ties around his wrists and free himself. I didn't want him being able to stop the torture no matter how unbearable it was."

"Evil," Sarah said.

"Good thinking," said Kaitlyn.

"Here are the rules for the evening ladies," Laura began. "He is required to obey anything you say and do whatever you want him to do. If he disobeys, I will determine the proper punishment. He is not to be severely physically damaged and he is not allowed to have any orgasms. I will be attending to that later on. With that said, have fun."

Seeing Jen and Kaitlyn tickling my feet, Sarah spoke up, "Let me get something for you two. Don't stop, but I will be right back."

Sarah ran out of the room and quickly returned holding two pairs of toe spreaders used for women painting their nails. "Here, put these on him. You'll be able to get between his toes a lot easier."

"Thanks Sarah," Jen replied as she slipped the toes of my right foot. Kaitlyn followed and put the other one around the toes of my left.

They took advantage of it immediately and started digging their fingers underneath my toes.


Sarah waited no longer and jumped on the bed, sat down on top of me and dug into my sides.

All 3 girls tickling me at once and I couldn't even scream or beg for them to stop.


My eyes were tightly shut, a poor attempt at trying to make the tickling sensations go away. I hadn't even noticed Laura came into the room, but as soon as a 4th pair of hands started tickling under my arms, I knew. I was bucking and pulling all my limbs with all my might. Nothing was budging; I had no choice at all but to endure the torture.

*How long would it last? When would they stop? I can't take any more!*

Finally they stopped and I continued to laugh into my gag for a few more seconds. I couldn't tell, but it seemed they had all stopped at the same time. It still felt like their fingers were being dragged all across my skin.

It had felt like hours, but still keeping my concentration on the time, it had only been 20 minutes.

"It's time for his lunch," Laura instructed. "He hasn't had anything to drink or eat for nearly 24 hours."

Laura ripped the tape off my face hard and pulled her panties out of my mouth. "You may speak slave."

"Oh Laura, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this break. Thank you for allowing me to eat and drink." With a thought of sarcasm in my mind, but no trace of it in my voice, "It is a pleasure to meet all of you lovely ladies....And thank you Laura for letting me sleep in this morning."

"I thought you would have forgotten, slave. Very good, you don't have to be punished after all. And it was very nice to greet my friends so politely."

Laura walked to the edge of the bed and had a baby bottle full of a clear liquid. She lowered the nipple to my mouth and I sucked the liquid out of the bottle. It was refreshing, cold water.

"Good baby, drink up," Laura said.

"Awwwwww, he's soooo cute," Sarah said in a mock baby voice.

After the bottle was half empty, Laura pulled the bottle back. "Now what do we have for you to eat?"

"Sarah," Laura began. "You wanted him to lick your feet, right?"

"Hahaha, yeah"

"Good, sit on the bed, put your feet by his face." Sarah did as instructed.

Laura ran out of the room and returned with a jar of peanut butter.

Sarah lifted up her right foot high in the air as she sat between my legs. Laura started to spread peanut butter all over the bottom of Sarah's foot and covered her toes.

After Laura finished, Sarah lowered her foot to my mouth and all that was said was, "Lick it off!"

I obeyed and licked the peanut butter from Sarah's sole. With every lick, I ate more and enjoyed every last one. I sucked on her toes when she'd cock her foot a bit, directing her toes at me. I continued to lick every inch even after all the peanut butter was gone, running my tongue over her soles and in between her toes. The taste of her feet and the taste of the peanut butter was just as good as actually eating it. I was so hungry.

Sarah rolled off the bed and spoke, "You are so good at that. I enjoyed that as much as you did I bet. I'll be taking advantage of that again later on."

Both Kaitlyn and Jen had looks of excitement, reading their face it was clear that they, too , wanted me to lick their feet.

Jen slowly walked to Laura's side and whispered something in her ear. She was blushing red and when she finished with what she had to say, she turned away from me and lowered her head.

"Oh!" Laura said shocked. "That reminds me; I forgot about a certain requirement for our slave. When it comes to him giving oral sex, he is required to bring you to orgasm 3 times in 15 minutes. Should he fail, at the 15 minute mark, he must give you 5 orgasms more and it does not matter how long it takes. He will work all night if he has to. So to answer your question Jen, yes he will, he must obey our every desire."

The four girls, with the exception of Jen stared at my naked body, leering down upon me like a vulture examining its prey.

All I could do was close my eyes.......and wait.

Part 6

I wore my fear in place of my missing clothes. The girls knew I was afraid. And they didn't care.

"I want to tickle him again," Kaitlyn spoke up.

"Ok, but let's test him," Laura interrupted. "Slave, you are not allowed to laugh or speak at all. Hold in your laughter or you will be punished."

*There's no way I can withstand any tickling without laughing. But I guess I have no other choice. I will need to try my hardest.*

Kaitlyn playfully wriggled all 10 of her fingers over me as she inched closer to my underarms. "Coochie coochie coo." I almost laughed just at the thought of being tickled.

*No! I need to hold it in. I won't give them the satisfaction and who knows what Laura will do to me if I disobey her.*

I closed my eyes tight, bit down hard on my lower lip and waited. It didn't take long; Kaitlyn made contact with my underarms and the tickling was intense. I bucked as hard as I could and tried to pull myself away from her.

Soon after, Sarah had started tickling my thighs and I kicked with as much slack as I had, but I couldn't get any relief.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" I screamed, trying not to laugh.

"Come on, you know you want to. Let it out," Kaitlyn taunted me.

The tickling under my arms was unbearable. I wished so much my hands weren't bound into fists. I needed to free myself and make this torture end.

Laura had moved to my feet and started tickling under my toes, trying anything to break me. I still wasn't giving in. I wasn't going to laugh.

When Kaitlyn moved from tickling under my arms to tickling the sides of my chest just below my pits, I almost lost it. I was shaking as much as I could on the bed. My mouth opened wide to scream, but I held it in.

Kaitlyn increased her speed and I had no other choice. I could have held in my laughter a little longer, but I knew it was inevitable and laughing was the only way to make it stop.

"Mmmmmmm....Hahahahahahahahahahah!!! Stahhahahahapppp!!!!!"

All three girls stopped immediately and I sighed in relief.

"I guess you still haven't learned how to obey me slave. Now you will be punished."

I had no strength in me even to respond.

"Kaitlyn, take off your socks," Laura demanded.

"Ok, but they're from softball practice," she answered.

When I could see her socks in Laura's hands, I could tell they were indeed very dirty. The soles were completely brown, with the remainder only showing a few small spots of white underneath the dust.

Laura dangled the socks over my head and said, "Open your mouth slave. I was going to just have you smell her socks if you disobeyed me, but you laughed and you spoke....Open your mouth now."

I obeyed and opened wide. The 3 other girls laughed.

"Good boy," Kaitlyn said. Laura took one of the socks, balled it up and shoved it into my mouth. She secured it by putting duct taping over my mouth with numerous strips.

The taste was awful, but at least it wasn't sweaty. The dirt was gritty and annoying.

After gagging me, Laura took the other sock and held it across my face, pressing down against my nose with it.

"How does that smell baby," Sarah asked. And honestly, it wasn't as bad as Laura's were the night before. Those things stank to high heaven and were soaked in her sweat.

*Oh my god, Laura still had one of those. I'm sure she plans to use it too.*

I noticed Jen, her arms crossed against her chest, hiding in the corner of the room. She'd lift her head up occasionally to watch, then drop it to the floor again. I suppose I felt grateful that she wasn't tickling me as well, but I also felt pity for her. She was clearly embarrassed to be there, taking part in this and torturing me. She probably felt bad for me too.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm," I yelled into my gag, moving my head back and forth, trying to shake Laura off.

Kaitlyn was getting on the bed and pushed her bare feet to my face. She pushed Laura away and placed the soles of her feet over my nose. "How do they smell?"

They actually smelled quite nice, but I shook my head from side to side, as if trying to shake her foot off to make it seem like it was bothering me.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm." Laura and Sarah had resumed tickling me, lightly scratching their nails along my sides and down to my feet. Sarah and Laura were now each tickling one of my feet. While still wearing the toe spreaders, I couldn't even protect underneath my toes as the girls' long nails were dragged along my soles and under my toes.

Kaitlyn finally removed her bare foot from my face and slid off the bed. She stood next to me, ripped the tape off my mouth and pulled her dirty sock out of my mouth.

I looked up at her and wanted to thank her. "Go ahead, you may speak," Kaitlyn said.

"Thank you. Thank you for taking your sock out of my mouth."

"You're welcome," Kaitlyn responded while she pulled down her pants. "I need your mouth free anyways because you're now going to eat my pussy and you better eat it good."

I wanted to take back what I said. I'd rather have her dirty sock in my mouth than being forced to orally please her.

Kaitlyn slid her panties down her legs and told the girls, "Don't stop tickling him while I do this girls." She lifted herself back onto the bed and kneeled over me. I was still laughing from Sarah and Laura tickling me, but I was fully focused on Kaitlyn's pussy inches above my face. I waited for her to inevitably lower herself down on me.

"Hahahahahahahaha," I screamed and Kaitlyn darted down onto my open mouth. Surprised, I gagged, but started licking immediately after, trying to end it as soon as possible. Kaitlyn was enjoying herself very much, moaning and thrusting her body up and down my face. When she was clearly close to orgasm, she stood up over me, sighed lightly and slowed her breathing. Soon after, she lowered herself down and I started again.

*This is not fair. How am I supposed to give her 3 orgasms in 15 minutes if she's going to stop right before climax.*

"That feels so good, slave," Kaitlyn said. "But you'll have to do better if you're going to make it in time."

Laughing into Kaitlyn's pussy, I tried my best to run my tongue all over her and lightly nibble her skin. My face was soaked in her sweat and I could tell I was getting close again. This time Kaitlyn did raise up of of me again, but she had an orgasm right before lifting off. "Oh wow. That's one, slave."

Kaitlyn lowered herself down again and again, I tried my hardest to give her another orgasm before too much time had gone by. I felt Laura stop tickling me and Sarah took her place, tickling one foot with each hand.

When I succeeded giving Kaitlyn her second orgasm, Laura poured some warm oil all over my penis. Kaitlyn never got up this time and I just continued eating her pussy while Laura started giving me a handjob.

The sensations I was feeling were more intense than anything I had felt before. Sarah was tickling my feet, Laura was stroking my penis and I had to smell and taste Kaitlyn's pussy.

All this time, I was still wondering what Jen was doing. I couldn't tell from my position if she was even still in the room, watching my ordeal, or if she had left to do something else.

My muscles in my mouth were getting weak. I knew I was slowing down. Finally, Kaitlyn let out a loud moan and got off the bed. She checked the clock. "Just in time, slave."

*Phew, there was no way I'd be able to keep that up for 5 more orgasms.*

Laura was still stroking my penis and I was getting close to climaxing. Just as I was about to cum, Laura stopped and let go. "You didn't think I was going to let you finish, did you slave? No, no, I don't think you deserve that."

Laura rubbed the tip of my penis with her index finger and just laughed.

"Nooooo!" I screamed. Laura then slapped my balls hard. "You weren't given permission to speak, slave," and she slapped them again in the same spot.

I screamed out in pain and started to tear up from the hits.

Kaitlyn was getting redressed and Laura had gotten up off the bed. Sarah stopped tickling me and Jen was indeed still in the room, staring at me. The break was refreshing, but I feared what would come next.

Laura wiped off my face from Kaitlyn's sweat and gave me some water from the baby bottle.

After drinking all the water, Laura threw the bottle aside and started tickling my pits.


"Tickle tickle, slave."


"Poor baby, I bet you wish more than anything else that your hands were free right now, don't you?"


She couldn't have been more right. Again, I tried to open my fists at the slightest hope that I could free them and untie my wrists from the bed. I knew it wouldn't work, but my body tried hard to break free.

"Tickle tickle tickle."

"AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!!!" I screamed as I shook my entire body as much I could; Any attempt to shake Laura off and stop the torture even for a second.

Laura continued tickling my underarms for at least another 10 minutes. At the end, I was barely breathing and I had sunk into silent laughter, laying with my mouth wide open and my body still shaking wildly.

"I do believe we need a break," Laura said. "I have a surprise for you, slave."

Laura reached below the bed and brought up a small jar. Laura also pulled up a pair of rubber gloves and put them on. "This here is itching powder, slave. While we're gone, you don't get a break."

Laura opened the jar and I flinched, trying to get up and run away. "You're not going anywhere, slave," Laura said. She reached inside the jar and had a handful of powder in her palm. I kicked wildly as she lowered it to my feet. Laura grabbed my right leg with one hand and quickly pushed the other hand against my sole and rub her palm all over my feet and then push powder in between my toes.

She repeated with my left foot and the itching in my right foot had already started.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" I was kicking my feet back and forth, hoping it would let in some relief.

Laura wasn't done yet. She took another handful of powder, grabbed my cock with her hand and rubbed the powder all over it and my balls.

*Oh God! This is going to be painful* I thought to myself. Sure enough, once the itching started, the sensations were worse than being tickled.

The girls all left the room and left me there to wither in itching agony.

I had no clue what the girls were doing or when they'd come back. All I could do was watch the clock and pray that the itching would stop.

It had been half an hour and the itching was worse than it was when it began. I had stopped screaming and begging for help. I just cried.

After another hour, the itching had started to fade. I was getting my first break all day. I knew this wouldn't last and Laura and her friends would walk through the door any minute.

Luckily, this did not happen. The break from all the torture allowed me to get some rest. When I woke up, it had been 3 hours since the girls had left.

I felt fully refreshed, but wondered now where the girls had gone. What were they doing, what were they planning? It was nearly 8PM and was getting dark outside.

At a quarter after 8, Jen came in the room. She stood at the edge of the bed for a few moments before speaking. "Would you lick my feet? I want to see how it feels."

"Doesn't look like I get a choice, does it?" I responded. I didn't believe she'd mind if I spoke without permission.

Without another word, Jen removed her socks and climbed on the bed. She sat down between my legs and placed her bare feet on my chest. Jen then slowly pushed her right foot to my face and put it firmly against my mouth.

I stuck out my tongue and Jen moved her foot up and down, allowing me to lick her entire sole. Jen would switch between her right and left foot frequently. I continued licking her bare feet and between her toes for as long as she desired.

Jen placed both her feet back on my chest and said, "That was amazing. Thank you."

"Where is Laura and the others," I asked.

"Roasting marshmallows by the lake," Jen answered.

Jen pushed herself up and stood on the bed near my head. She lifted her right foot and lowered her toes to my mouth. "Suck them," she said.

I obliged as she pushed her big toe into my mouth and I closed my lips around it and ran my tongue around it inside my mouth. She pulled it out and lowered again, this time the next toe over. She continued with every toe and then again with her left foot. Before she got off the bed, she had me lick the soles of each of her feet from the hell to the toes.

Once off the bed, Jen leaned in and said, "I've never had a guy lick my pussy before."

I didn't respond, but I knew what she wanted.

"Would you like to be the first?"

"You can make me do whatever you want, remember?"

"I want you to only if you want to do it."

"I'll do it."

Jen didn't respond, she only started to undo the belt she was wearing. She lowered her jeans and covered her panties with her hands, trying to hiding them from me. She was wearing dark black silk panties. After a while, she finally started to lower her panties, still hiding her private area with her hands.

Eventually, she had removed her panties completely and kicked them across the room. She slowly climbed up on the bed and sat over me. "Are you sure?" she asked.

"I'm ready," I answered.

Jen lowered herself down near my face, then pulled back again. I waited patiently for her to be comfortable. After a few attempts, she lowered herself completely against my face. I started to lightly lick her pussy all around and lightly nibble at her skin.

Immediately, Jen started to moan in pleasure and shake from the sexual sensations. I didn't let up until she moaned deep with pleasure.

"Don't stop," she whispered.

Again, I started to pleasure her and run my tongue all over her pussy lips and deep inside.

Soon enough, Jen had a second orgasm and rolled off of me, laying at my side.

After laying side by side for a while, Jen rolled back over me and kissed me deeply.

"Thank you," Jen said after our long passionate kiss. "..and I'm sorry."


"Yes, for this. Laura allowed me private, uninterrupted access to you now if in return, I gave you this." Jen showed me a small, penis shaped plastic mold. "This is a chastity belt. Laura has the key."

"Wait..please...let me orgasm before you do. I beg you."

"I'm sorry." Jen placed my penis inside the mold, which was only large enough to contain it if it were limp. The other half of the mold hinged shut around my cock and balls and locked with a tiny padlock at the base of my penis above my balls.

Jen jumped off the bed and bent over to pick up her panties and her jeans. I stared at her and suddenly felt pain in my penis. I was getting aroused, but the cage didn't allow my penis to become erect. The pressure was building and caused terrible pain.

Jen redressed herself and ran out of the room. Slowly, the pain subsided as my penis went limp.

After another half an hour, all four girls walked into the bedroom.

"Jen tells me you were very obedient, slave," Laura said. "She has requested that you keep what you two did between just the two of you and you will keep her confidence. In addition, because you were a good boy during your session with Jen, you will not have to taste my other sweaty gym sock, slave. This is your reward."

"We have been talking about letting you go," Sarah spoke up. "I desired we keep you this way another day. All of us have the day free tomorrow as well. We could play with you all day long."

"However," Kaitlyn interrupted. "We decided you have been tortured enough...this time."

"We are going to let you go, slave," Laura said. "You will be wearing that chastity belt for an entire week. Next weekend, when we're together again, I may choose to remove it and allow you some sexual pleasure...if you behave."

Laura pulled off the spreaders on my toes and started to untie my ankles. Kaitlyn used a pair of scissors to cut off the tape around my hands and Jen untied my wrists from the bed posts.

"You don't have to act like our slave anymore," Laura stated. "You may talk and do as you wish now."

"That....was probably the worst experience of my life," I said. "But it was great!"

"We're glad you liked it," Sarah said. "Up for more next week?"

I was pulling my boxers up my legs when I responded, "Count me in."


07-23-2009, 10:41 PM
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Great start, looking forward to part 2

Thanks Lori...I'm positive you will like what I have planned.

I thought I included it in the intro, but I guess I just planned on it and forgot:

I was going to say that this story will be based around the stories by Lori because I have read yours and they are wonderful. I know this story will seem quite similar in ways, but imitation is the most sincere form of flattery here.

I am fully giving you credit for many of my brainstorming ideas for this story.

...And you keep up the great work too, looking forward to the next part of the online date.

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I hope you enjoy it.

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Great part 2 Skull, I am flattered that you have chosen to use my stories as a background for this. I myself have used the stories of the great Milagros317 when I started writing. I hope more will join and try their penmanship as we all have uniques styles. I truely look forward to the upcoming chapters and really want to see what the punishments will be. The poor guy has got to feel apsolutely helpless in this story.


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My apologies, I have been busier at work and in addition, a bit of writers block. The next part is in the works and I do intend to finish it within the next couple days.

The first few parts were sprinting out of my mind onto the computer screen. This one is much slower and I am sorry.

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what happens, where is the next part, please post the next part. thanks for your story

Be patient. I am brainstorming the story now. This is a busy few weeks for me. Working the full 40 hour weeks finally; 3 weeks in a row. Also, I have a few trips I'm going on.

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I guess the story is done or you have reached a writers block point that you cannot get over. Lets try to close this great story as soon as possible. We await patiently.

Lori :gbtoast:


I predict 2-3 more parts before I finalize it.

Right now, I have planned a long, random session with all the girls(Punishments will be included) Done in 1 or 2 parts.

Also, I want a private session written with shy Jen to end the story.

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It's not nice to keep a girl waiting to long you know!!!!

Lori :YesMaster:

I predict 2-3 more parts before I finalize it.

Right now, I have planned a long, random session with all the girls(Punishments will be included) Done in 1 or 2 parts.

Also, I want a private session written with shy Jen to end the story.

08-28-2009, 02:34 AM
It's not nice to keep a girl waiting to long you know!!!!

Lori :YesMaster:

I guess once I do finally finish it for you, you'll have to punish me.

Good news, I have brainstormed through it all and started writing. I'm going out tomorrow, but have Saturday night off from work and I will work on it then. Highly likely I will finish it in full then.

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Super Great Start, hot middle, weak ending. Overall a great story!



I'm sorry you were disappointed with the ending. I think I did rush through it just to finish since it has been a while.

Was the ending really that bad or were you just upset he was let go? ;)

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