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08-12-2009, 12:21 AM
Hello Everyone,

We just opened our clips for sale store in June and have had some pretty good success. I had a few questions for the other guys that have had their stores opened longer and have more and various types of files offered in their stores:

1. Do the Ipod download clips have any success?

2. My tickling clips are selling the best, is that the same as what you all are getting?

3. Are your longer length or shorter lenth clips selling better? I have about a 50 /50 sell from my 8 minute versus the 30 minute length sales.

4. Has anyone found any clips host to sell their media on that is similar to clips 4 sale?

5. Any other suggestions or comments about running a great clips store?

Any feedback to these questions would be great. The link to my store is below. I have much more to add to my store but I am still editing most of that work (I still have hours of it). My store is only going to get better, I promise. Thanks to all of those that have purchased from my store so far!


Owner and Administrator of Hangtenfeet.com