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06-20-2001, 03:22 PM
I cannot really believe that this has not been brought up before. Here in Britain if you subscribe to digital television, there are about 12 channels which show shopping related programming. Most of these have some sort of beauty section and QVC and Ideal World in oarticular, have live shows - well my point is you will often encounter tickling in these shows - let me give you an example - on QVC - there is this thing called "Girl's night In" in which they get the goodlooking presenters and show them late at night in their Pyjamas - after having one too many glasses of wine if you ask me! - trying out bvarious feminine products - predominantly make-up. Well these are shown every 6mths or so and one should be due any time soon and in the last one Alison Young - i am sad to know her name - tickled one of her co-preseters for a couplke of seconds when applying some paint to her toes saying the immortal words "If i just tickle your foot so we can see your toes wriggle!" The reaction was good - My point is i do not have time to watch these episodes always - as unlike they show about twice a day - does anyone know of any other tickling experiences from these shows??
Some examples i have caught include th one mentioned above and:-

On QVC some presenter applies make-up to a model and she laughs out loud sayiong it tickles
On Ideal World the presenter will not try a massageing item on her feet because her "feet are tickly!"
On QVC some woman will not try out some foot scrub product becasue she is ticklih and goes on to talk about how she cringes whenever she is treated in the salon!

Also these shows have a facility to ring up and i am considering ringing up to indirectly get the presenters to tickle the model! I could say i have to look after my mother and need to use product "X" - whatever the are selling - and want them to prove that it will not tickle my mother by showing that the presenter is ticklsh when tickled but not when using the product. TYou might be more inventive than me!!

Oh Well - if i get a couple of nice replies i shall tell you my super trick for getting sexy girls to tell me all about their tickling experiences!!:D :)

06-20-2001, 03:49 PM
I should imagine the reason this hasn't been brought up before is because no one watches those crappy shopping channels! You must have been bored I guess...

But what the hey, good find all the same. :cool:

06-20-2001, 03:56 PM
Lynchy - they certainly are crappy and as i say - i only watch ab out 10 minutes of them every once in a while - come on when there is a beauty laying prostrate with herv feet facing the camera and having toe polish applied to her feet - you gotta hope some tickling will result! no?!

That is why i wanted to know if others had any experiences - and i would reccomend watching these shows for a couple of minutes if you can - in the last few months i have watched about a totl of a couple of hours of these shows and encountered multiple real life tickling!! it might be crapy - but before i discovered the internet 0- and sites like this - it was the only resource where you were guarantee to find tickling!!

Also i would advise any UK person to check out SCREENSHOP and find out when the LOVE GENERATION will be shown again. In this 15 mnute advert (about 10 mins into) for 4 60's cd's, a girl is getting body painted and some guy tickles her foot and leg and she laughs and squirms for about half a minute!!