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Tickle Stud
06-20-2001, 05:13 PM
Lisa Kudrow walked to her car after the shooting of friends, she was on her way to Courtney Cox's house for a little get together, about a mile down the road she saw the reflection of someones eyes in her rearview mirror, she slammed on the brakes and attempted to pull the handle, only to be smothered with a cloth, soon she was slumped over in her seat...Jennifer Aniston kissed her husband goodnite as she walked towards her car, she heard a rustling in the bushes but figured it to be nothing, a few more steps later she heard something that sounded like footsteps just milliseconds off time to her own, she turned around to see a black shadowy figure that charged her, before she could even utter a scream she was subdued by a white cloth with chloroform on it, she slumped into the mans arms and he carried her to her car...Courtney Cox was tidying her house up, waiting for her friends to arrive (no pun intended) when finally she heard the doorbell, she opened the door and to her surprise stood two men dressed in all black with a girl slumped over one shoulder on both men. "What's the meaning of this!?" Courtney yelled, one man dropped the girl over his shoulder to the ground and came at Courtney, within mere seconds, she to, was rendered unconcious, but how did this all start..."And cut, that's it for the day" said the director. Courtney, Jennifer and Lisa we're exhausted from filming the season finale of friends. They agreed to get together that nite for a little girls nite in at Courtney's. "We could go get pedicures and massages tonite!!" said Lisa. "Yeah that's a great idea, let's do it up" Courtney chanted with that priceless smile of hers. "let's meet at the parlor at 8, sound good girls" said Jennifer, the other two nodded their heads in agreement. A couple hours later and at the massage parlor....

The girls went into the Red room, the room saved for celebrities who stopped by now and then to get a royal massage, unfortunately for them there were only two massagers on call, Tristan and Scooby. The girls went in anyway and Lisa stayed out and decided to get a pedicure while Jennifer and Courtney got their massage. Tristan and Scooby rubbed the oils all over Jennifer and Courtney while looking at each other and making mental notes of whenever they squirmed. Both girls we're very sensitive on their feet, Jennifer also very sensitve on her stomache and Courtney seemed to have sensitive armpits. Meanwhile back in the pedicure room Lisa was doing everything she could to hold still, but as soon as the pedicurist busted out the nail file it was all over for Lisa, the rough surface as it brushed over the tips of her clear polished toes was too much for her and she burst out laughing and asked if the woman be so kind as to not use the file. Back in the massage room Scooby and Tristan we're just about wrapping up with the girls hour long massage. After the massage was over they talked about where both girls we're ticklish and devised their plan to be carried out a few nites later, they had heard the girls talking about what they were doing all week and when they said they were gathering at Courtney's to hang out, they knew that was the right time to strike........ And so here they were, with the girls unconcious at the mercy of their fingertips, but for now they'd have to find places in Courtney's house to tie them to. They looked around and decided the one with the most ticklish feet should be tied on the stairs with their feet hanging over the sides of the stairwell. They remembered their assistant had mentioned how bad Lisa had kicked during the pedicure so they tied her there using some nylons they had brought in their backpacks full of tickle devices. They then decided to stretch Jennifer out on Courtney's couch with access to that tight, sleek stomache of hers in mind. Finally they decided to place Courtney with her hands bound above her head hanging from a beam about 8 feet off the ground. Courtney was the first one to come to and immediatly started screaming as loud as she could, "Shut her up, we haven't even started with her yet and she's already screaming." Scooby snickered. Tristan ran over and jumped up on the kitchen counter and put a gag in her mouth. "That's enough outta you...we'll remove the gag, but first we gotta tell you what's gonna happen to you and your "friends" Tristan said. "Here's the thing, we like tickling women, and you also right remember us from a few nites ago at the massage parlor" Scooby said. With that Tristan and Scooby took off their ski masks and revealed their identity to Ms.Cox. "you batthhhtards" she tried to muffle through her gag. "Now Courtney, we have reason to believe your underarms are verrrrrry ticklish" said Tristan. "noooo you wouldn't" she muffled through her gag once again. "yesssss we would" scooby mocked. With that said both Tristan and Scooby reached into their bags of goodies and pulled out fans with feathers on them, they screwed them into the wall right next to her outstretched arms. With just one flick of the switch the feathers would spin into her clean smooth shaven hollows and make her beg for mercy. Courtney's gag was removed and she immediatly started telling them she'd give them anything they wanted. Scooby sneered and replied "you are giving us what we want, laughter". Courtney's eyes got as big as half dollars when she realized there was no way out. Tristan decided to give her a few tickles on her feet before the others woke up, by then he'd be too busy with all 3 of them to have the pleasure of a quick tickle. Courtney's leg's squirmed about and her toes tried to clamp down on his menacing fingers. "STOP IT YOU HAHAHAH PRICK HAHAHA, PLEASE NO MORE, HAHAHA I SAID STOP IT RIGHT NOW YOU LOSER!" Cox screamed. The loser comment enraged Tristan because he had always hated those snobby hollywood types, he jumped up on the counter and flicked the switches near her hollows to "on" and the fun started. 'HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA OH MY GOD PLEEEEEASE!!" Courtney was already begging and the torture had barely begun. "I'm gonna check on Jen real quick" said Scooby. He walked over to a still unconcious Jennifer Aniston, surprisingly she was able to sleep through all the laughter eminating from Courtney. Scooby tickled Jen's feet as they layed hanging over the side of the couch "hehe...heheheh...hehehe" and a few twitches was the response he got, she awakened and realized her situation, she looked over to where the screaming was coming from and her eyes grew as round as half dollars, tied up on a beam was her friend Courtney with two menacing feathers under each arm. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH PLEASSSSE NO MORE, PLEASEEEE GOD NOOOOOO' Courtney cried out. Scooby pulled out a feather and slowly dragged it in between all 10 of Jennifer's helpless toes. "AHHHHHH STHAHAHAHP PLEEEEEASHA HAHAHAHA." Jennifer shrieked. Scooby then straddled her on the couch and started tickling her sexy stomache causing her laughter to triple in volume. 'AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA OHHHHH MY HAHAHAHA GOOHAHAHAHD, PLEASE NO MORE NO MORE, AHHAHAH I CAN' TAKE IT, I JUST CAHAHAHA N'T. Scooby then blew a few raspberries on her stomache before climbing off her, only to go back down to her feet and give her a few quick tickles on her defenseless soles. Now it was Lisa's turn, they approacted her still unconcious body and both of them went to work on her feet, Tristan was scrubbing away with a toothbrush while scooby was scrambling his fingers up and down her fairly large feet. 'AHAHAHAHAHAH H WHAT THE HEHEHEHEHEHH HELL IS GOIN HAHAHAHAHAHHA HHAHAHA OH MY GOD STAHHAHAHAP, PLEASE STAHAHAHAHP, I'LL DIE!!!" Lisa screamed as loud as she could. Scooby then went back to Jennifer and coated her soles in honey and let Courtney's dogs out of a nearby crate. The two pitbulls went right to Jennifer's feet and started licking away, "HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAA HEHEHEHEHEHE DOWN BOY DOWN!!! HAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD KILL ME SOMEBODY, HAHAHAHHA....' Jennifer was was beyond hysterics at this point. Meanwhile the feathers we're still spinning under Courtney's underarms making her squeal with laughter but her laughter was now a dry coarse laugh. Tristan was still at Lisa's feet now using an electric toothbrush, going in and out of each toe, over the heels, ball's and her stretched out arches. 'AHAHAHAHHA LIKE STOP IT HAHAHAHAHAH, I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE HAHAHAHA." Soon after that Lisa lost control of her bladder and Tristan laughed hardily before him and Scooby moved to plan B. They untied all the girls who we're too weak to fight back even though they weren't restrained anymore. They sat them all on the couch, tied their hands above their heads and their feet in seperate table stocks. They tickled all the girls armpits first making them howel with laughter for about 5 minutes or so, Then they started tickling all the girl's feet, Jennifer's sexy tanned size 7 feet, Lisa's long size 9 and a half's with cherry polished toes and Courtney's size 5 and a half with dark purple toes, all the girls laughed and laughed, Courtney's laugh still very coarse from the earlier tickling, Jennifer was still laughing hysterically like when they first tickled her, and Lisa was just screaming and begging for the tickle torture to stop, but did Tristan and Scooby stop? Well you wouldn't either!!!:D

Once again feedback would be appreciated since im still new to this, so everyone that reads this show me some love!!!

06-20-2001, 06:21 PM
Awesome Story! (mostly cuz I'm in it :D) I love these gals, and thanks for doing my request so well! No one coulda done it better, bro!

06-20-2001, 11:46 PM
I love the story, Tickle Stud! What I wouldn't give for a go at Lisa Kudrow's feet... Oh well, just wanted to chime in!


06-21-2001, 10:12 AM
Hey, im glad you wrote a story about Lisa, she is one of my favorite actresses. (Not to mention she's hot) But anyway, im glad you put her in here, its actually one of the few i've read. Thx for writing it.:D

Tickle Stud
06-21-2001, 05:06 PM
Well once again thanks for giving me comments on the story, especially positive ones:) Anyone feel free to make requests cuz rather than type up my own fantasies i give the people what they want, so drop me a few messages for requests