09-11-2009, 03:21 PM
Hello all,

Here is my latest story about Carmellia, the ticklish lawyer, who is captured by a judge who tickles her. Of course, Carmellia gets the judge's beige nyloned soles and more.

Legal Ticklings: The Ticklish Lawyer and the ticklish Judge

Carmellia, the tall, long brown-haired, deep brown eyed, and dark-blue pantyhose wearing lawyer with long toes and a strange attraction towards beige or nude nylons and being ganged upon, didn’t know why she had been summoned to Judge Martine’s office, but she felt some excitement at the thought. Still fatigued from the Thursday night tickle torture she had experienced at the hands of her secretaries yesterday, Carmellia had been distracted today by Martine’s gorgeous beige stockinged feet. Her beige nylons were irresistible. Had Martine noticed her looking at her nude stockinged feet? As she wondered that, she arranged her pure white nylon blouse and her knee length dark blue skirt and she knocked on the door.

After she heard Martine tell her to enter, she opened the door and saw a heavenly sight which froze her.

Martine had placed her strong judicial stockinged feet on her desk, and her soles were facing Carmellia. They were perfect. Carmellia was sure that she could see the muscles of those soles rippling through those nylons. Carmellia, in a maze of excited thoughts, wondered how ticklish they were.

“Sit down Carmellia,” uttered Judge Martine.

Cruelly, Martine had placed a chair in front of her desk so that Carmellia would be inches from Martine’s strong beige soles. Carmellia stumbled to the chair and sat down…only to feel her brain filled with a feeling of truthfulness.

“You love looking at my beige judicial soles, don’t you Carmellia?”

Carmellia tried to lie, but just couldn’t. Saying the truth was the only thing that mattered. With her eyes fixated on Judge Martine’s nyloned soles, she acquiesced softly.

“Why do you love looking at my beige stockinged foot-bottoms, Carmellia?”

“Be…because I can’t resist the sight of beige soles. They excite me to no end and all I want to do is tickle them to death. Like I do my secretaries.” Carmellia didn’t understand. Why was she revealing to Martine what she wanted to do to her soles? And…had Martine’s soles got closer?

“So you love the sight of my beige foot-bottoms. And you want to tickle the bottoms of my beige soles. I am very ticklish on the bottoms of my judicial feet. I’m sure if you look closely, very closely to the bottoms of my soles, you can see I have tender nerve endings,” said softly Martine, as she rubbed her soles against Carmellia’s lips who couldn’t help but nibble Martine’s judicial nylons, and then lick them both clean.

Suddenly, Carmellia felt her body shudder in total truthfulness. She heard herself answer every question Martine asked of her ticklish spots, of her ticklish secretaries, of her weaknesses. She could barely remember being restrained. Suddenly, Carmellia regained “consciousness,” her arms tied to those of her chair and her shoed feet restrained on top of Martine’s desk. The rope seemed to be tied to something else, for Carmellia could not pull her feet away.

“What…what happened?” asked Carmellia, her mind still awash with truthfulness but clearer.

Martine stood behind Carmellia, approached her rib cage and fluttered her fingernails alongside Carmellia’s tender rib cage, enjoying the feel of her nylon blouse.

“Kili, kili, kili, kili, kootchy-koo tender lawyer,” she cooed as she ran her long bright red nails along Carmellia’s tender ribs. Ticklish lawyer Carmellia had no choice but to allow her rib muscles to squirm and jerk and her lips to smile as a sweet laughter, her legal laughter, rose from her lungs to her mouth before reverberating inside Martine’s office.

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” bellowed Carmellia, as she looked at the long red fingernails dancing over her blouse, amazed at the ease at which they produced laughter in her mouth. Looking successively, in a state of laughing panic, at her tormentor and at her long fingernails, Carmellia could only marvel and laugh at her agility at making her ribs muscles squirm and laugh so much. And she could do nothing as she saw the fingertips of her tormentor walk up to her underarms and dig in, dig in for the long haul, enjoying again the smoothness of her blouse as she tickled her precious armpits.

“Yes, I know you’re very ticklish tender Carmellia. I know where you’re ticklish, and I’m going to enjoy touching your silky coverings and making you laugh for hours. There’s nothing you can do but laugh like the ticklish little lawyer you are in my sound-proofed office. Kiiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kootchy-koo soft Carmellia. What smooth nylon blouse you have. It allows me to go from your armpits to your rib cage with ease. Yes, squirm and suffer ticklish Carmellia.”

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” continued Carmellia, as she looked again in horror to her tender torso, especially her helpless ribs, get touched in just the right way to provoke endless laughter. She squirmed, but it was useless. She could not escape the tickle sentence she had been given. She watched through her tears the fingertips of Judge Martine tickle her efficiently. Again, she squirmed a few times, jerked even. But she quickly fatigued, and allowed the fingers of her tormentor to stimulate her. And for the next 60 painful minutes, Carmellia laughed as Martine, this beautiful judge with auburn hair, blue eyes and a turned-up nose, attacked her ticklishly through her blouse. Then, she began unbuttoning Carmellia’s blouse.

“Haaaaaahahahahahaha, my ribs, no, you can’t expose them nakedly, haaaaaahahahahahaha, put these buttons where they’re supposed to go. Ooooooh, I can see my naked ribs, haaaaaahahahahahaha, please stop tickling my legal ribs and armpits, haaaaaahahahaha, they’re too tender,” said submissively Carmellia through the remnants of her laughter.

“Tiiiiiiiiiiickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tender Carmellia on your sweet legal ribs. Yes, squirm in your chair, sensitive lawyer. Oh, what ticklish ribs you have. They’re so nervous. I enjoy torturing them. Another 60 minutes of uninterrupted laughter for you, Carmellia, just because you’re a lawyer. I enjoy tickling lawyers. I believe all tender female lawyers should pass a tickling exam to ensure that they are extremely ticklish. Obviously, you would pass with ticklish colors. Guiiiiitchy, guitchy, guitchy, guitchy-goo Carmellia along your nervous rib cage. Koooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo the ribs of Carmellia,” teased Martine as she ran her fingernails quickly up and down Carmellia’s naked ribs, visiting for a few seconds her underarms as well before returning to the wonderful sensitive realm of Carmellia’s ribs.

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” laughed Carmellia generously, as the fingernails of Martine danced over her ribs and visited adroitly her underarms. As she laughed and she resumed crying tears of laughter, Carmellia lost the ability to see the fingernails of her tormentor who seemed to delight herself in finding the most sensitive spots on her torso and stimulate them. There’s nothing Carmellia could do but allow the torture to overwhelm her nervous system and make her laugh.

Martine licked her lips as she tortured Carmellia’s naked ribs and underarms. It was so stimulating to tickle her and turn her into a laughing little girl, which is was she essentially was. As she counted verbally each and every one of Carmellia’s ribs, the touchy and ticklish lawyer erupted with laughter, a fresh batch of this delicious sound crossing her lips at regular intervals. Soon, Carmellia’s muscles gave up, but not her nerve endings. This allowed Martine to stimulate and torture Carmellia efficiently. “What a kootchy, kootchy-koo little lawyer you are, tenderly-ribbed Carmellia. I wonder how much punishment your ribs can take, sweet and tender Carmellia. Oh, I’m beginning to see despair in your eyes, Carmellia Ticklish. Yes, that’s your new last name: Ticklish. I’ll sign the necessary documents for the name change. In court, you will call yourself Carmellia Ticklish. How do you like your new last name, Ms. Ticklish?”

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” replied solidly soft Carmellia. Carmellia didn’t like that idea at all. Such a name change would be sure to attract tickling attention to her sensitive body parts. This triggered excitement in her brain. Her secretaries would be sure to pick up on this and tickle her even more. “Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha,” complained Carmellia without being able to say it.

After tickling Carmellia’s torso for another hour and for a grand total of two hours, Martine suddenly thought of Carmellia’s ticklish soles. Abandoning Carmellia’s rib cage, she sat in her chair, just in front of Carmellia’s high heels. Inside those dark blue high heels were trying to hide a pair of tenderly warm soles clad in dark blue nylons. Oh the anticipation of removing those high heels, discarding them, and tickling the bottoms of Carmellia’s, Ms. Ticklish, nylons drove Martine wild.

“Haaaaaahahahaha, oooooh nooooo, not the feet, not my judicial feet, haaaaaaahahahahaha, it still tickles on my rib cage. Oooooooooooohohohohohoh, it tickles inside my shoes. Oh my God, you’re slipping them off, you’re slipping off my legal high heels. I’ll change my last name. I’ll become Solicitor Carmellia Ticklish, haaaaaaaaaaahahahaha. Oh no, oh no, don’t apply your nails to my legal dark blue hose,” begged foolishly, uselessly and stupidly Carmellia, as she couldn’t help but wiggle her long toes.

Martine felt her level of excitement rise as she saw the plantar areas of Carmellia after she removed her high heels. Discarding those, she raised her hands and approached the long toed legal foot-bottoms and applied her long nails deep inside the dark blue nylons of ticklish Carmellia. The feet, which had become warmer while Martine tortured Carmellia’s upper body, didn’t like the hardness of Martine’s nails against their nyloned plantar structure. They told Carmellia so by sending up her legs and into her brain, the urge to laugh. Carmellia was too weak a lawyer to resist. Wiggling her nyloned toes within her reinforcements, she began to produce her usual laughter and to experience her usual ticklish submissiveness.

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” laughed generously Carmellia as she felt Judge Martine, stimulate her long toes, the balls of her feet, her tender arches and her soft heels.

Martine looked on excitedly as her nails damaged Carmellia’s judicial nerve endings and forced the weak lawyer to laugh. “Kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo Ms. Ticklish on the bottoms of your dark blue pantyhose. Oh, what is it? Are your feet jealous? Are they jealous that your rib cage and you armpits got two hours of tickle torture? Don’t worry, sensitive Carmellia, I’ll tickle the bottoms of your legal pantyhose just as long if not longer. Kootchy, kootchy-koo, tender little Carmellia. Kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo, Carmellia Ticklish, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, tickle-koo, Ms. Ticklish. Your torture has just begun,” noted cruelly Martine, as she saw the toes of Carmellia stop wiggling, and her feet stop wriggling, allowing themselves to be touched and tickled.

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” replied Carmellia. Her legal soles were so ticklish that her toes were already tired. They now made a perfect target for Martine’s nails.

“Oooooooooh, what tender long toes, keeeeeetchy, keetchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo, you have Ms. Ticklish. Suffer from the toes, Carmellia. Those reinforcements are smooth, gigantic and delicious. They deserve to suffer. I love torturing legal toes. Koooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo, helpless Carmellia. I love your laugh, Carmellia. Produce it for me. In the meantime, I’ll make the name change official. I have all the necessary electronic forms here. I even have your electronic signature. There, it is sent. In a few weeks, you’ll be Ms. Ticklish.”

Carmellia couldn’t stand being teased verbally. It made her feel like that teenage girl who used to be tied to trees and tickled for hours by these dastardly girls when she was young. As long minutes passed – close to 60 minutes again – as fatigue set in, as Carmellia laughed, she had one last hope.

Indeed, today was Friday. Today, Carmellia was supposed to tickle torture her three secretaries through their perfect nude pantyhose. And to make it even more torturous for them, Carmellia had laced the soles of her nylons with a small quantity of the aphrodisiac liquid her secretaries were so susceptible to.

Martine suddenly felt her tits harden. She put it on the excitement of tickling Carmellia’s soles, especially her tender legal toes. As she looked at Carmellia’s soles, she began scratching them forcefully, provoking even more laughter into Carmellia’ mouth. “I could keetchy, keetchy-koo you for days Ms. Ticklish. You have gorgeous ticklish soles. Kooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo through your hose Carmellia. Die of laughter…Carmellia.

“Haaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha,” laughed Carmellia, as she seemed through her tears to notice something different in Martine’s behavior. It couldn’t happen at a better moment. It seemed that the aphrodisiac she had put on her soles to weaken her secretaries would lure another victim.

Her nose mere inches from Carmellia’s ticklish legal soles, the aphrodisiac was ensnaring Martine as it had Carmellia’s weak secretaries the week before. Keetchy, ooooh, I…I love your toes, your long toes Carmellia. I want to slurp, to lick them thoroughly. You have the most gorgeous soles,” admitted Martine before she licked both of Carmellia’s nyloned foot-bottoms. A strange dizziness enveloped her brain. It became fixated on Carmellia’s dark blue nyloned toes. In a last moment of consciousness, Martine understood she was being drugged somehow before trying to gobble all of Carmellia’s toes.

As Martine swallowed all the aphrodisiac present in her reinforcements, Carmellia worked to free herself. “Another one who doesn’t know how to tie someone properly,” said Carmellia, who finally got up. With Martine following her soles, Carmellia walked to her purse, picked up her bottle of aphrodisiac and sprayed some in Martine’s mouth, sending her in excitement heaven. Then, she went to Martine’s purse, banking that it contained the truth lotion. It did. “Why do I think my aphrodisiac comes from the same supplier as your truth lotion. There Martine, feel like telling the truth while I tie you up,” she said as she sprayed the truth lotion in Martine’s mouth.

Martine squirmed in her chair. She could not resist the double whammy of the truth lotion mixed with Carmellia’s aphrodisiac. When Martine came to, she was tied strenuously to her chair, her feet on her desk, her shoes on. She was still wearing her judge’s robe.

And Carmellia was nowhere to be found.

Or was she?

Martine suddenly felt tickling sensations twirl inside the deep chasms of her armpits, as supple fingernails danced over her microfiber judge robe. She smiled immediately and twisted on her chair, trying to avoid the fingernails, to no avail. This strange urge to laugh came over her, easily overcoming her defenses. “Dastardly Carmellia. HAAAAAhahaha, HAAAAAAAhahahaha, stop tickling my judicial underarms, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, oh no, you took off my blouse, HAAAAAAhahahahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahaha, you’re tickling me right through my microfiber robe, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha,” noticed Martine, as she laughed generously.

“That’s right, I took off your blouse AND your skirt. All you have left on beside your robe and shoes are your bright yellow microfiber bra and panties and your perfectly beige pantyhose of pure sheerness. I’m going to tickle you through your robe until I get to the bottoms of your feet. Then, I’m going to slowly disrobe you of your shoes and stimulate legally for at least three hours your nude and sheer nylons who contain no more of this truth lotion you subdued me with. Is that where you’re the most ticklish? On the bottoms of your feet?”

Martine found herself unable to say anything but the truth. “Oh yes, HAAAAAAAAhahaha, the bottoms of my judicial feet, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, are my weakest spot. You’ll derive, HOOOOOOOOOOOhohohohoho, great pleasure at stimulating them. HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, God Carmellia please stop.”

“Stop? No way. I think your underarms enjoy my digital presence. “What part of your perfect nude nyloned soles is the most susceptible to tickle torture, sweet Judge Martine?” asked Carmellia, as she dug her long nails deeper inside Martine’s legal robe as well as her underarm skin.

“It’s my arches, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, please Carmellia nHOOOOOOOOOOOhohohoho more, ticklish, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha,” begged tender Judge Martine.

“Yes, speaking of ticklish, you too are going to change your last name. From now on, koooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo, you’re going to be known as Judge Martine Ticklish. They’ll think we’re sisters or something. God, your microfiber robe is so smooth, it must be unbearable inside your armpits. Koooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, ghili, ghili-goo, Judge Ticklish,” taunted Carmellia, as she pushed her nails even deeper inside the robe and inside Martine’s armpit flesh.

Martine jumped every time Carmellia’s nails penetrated her flesh. A strange urge to laugh overcame her lungs with every touch. “HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I can’t change my name, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I just, HAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, can’t, really can’t. HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, Carmellia, so ticklish, HOOOOOOOOOOOhohohohoho,” complained deliciously Carmellia.

“What about if I torture your beautiful feet right through your judicial nylons? Maybe you’ll change your mind.”

“What, HAAAhaha, no, don’t slip off my shoes, don’t expose my stockinged feet. They very tender. No, please Carmellia, don’t touch them. My shoes, my shoes, You’re removing my shoes anyway? Oh God, I’m in my stockinged feet. You don’t understand how ticklish my soles are. I’ll change my name. I’ll change my name, but please don’t stimulate the bottoms of my feet by fluttering your long fingernails on the delicate areas that provoke laughter.”

Carmellia looked at the beigeness of Martine’s soles. There was a little crease on each of her soles, just above her toes. She dug her nails there, making both feet twist in pain and eliciting a new batch of laughter from Judge Martine. “Kooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo the toes of ticklish Judge Martine Ticklish. Are you ticklish on your feet Judge Ticklish? Are you sensitive in between your toes, Judge Ticklish? Must you laugh and squirm and jump when I touch your plantar areas Judge Ticklish? I’m going to tickle your judicial stockinged foot-bottoms for many hours. Oh your feet are so powerful, yet weak and ticklish. Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle, Martine. I love your feet, Judge Martine. Can’t you feel the love my nails have for your feet?

“HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, wouldn’t call it love, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, it’s too much, just HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAhahahahaha, too much Carmellia. HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I’m too ticklish, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, it’s not love, it’s HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAhahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, tickle torture,” replied Martine truthfully. “And I jump, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, and laugh and squirm, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, because I’m ticklish, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, and my tender tHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhohohohohohoes are very ticklish all around, HAAAAAhahaha,” she continued, laughter pouring out of her mouth.

“I love your having no choice but to tell the truth ticklish Martine. Kiiiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, sensitive Judge Ticklish,” stated Carmellia. As she adored visually the longish toes of Martine, as she played with the creases covering Martine’s nylons, as she made Martine laugh like a tender young girl, Carmellia felt her own level of excitement towards Martine’s soles rise. She was falling in love with them. Concentrating all her tickle power on the nyloned balls of Martine’s feet and on her legal arches, she looked at her nails stimulate the foot-bottoms of Martine. “Kooooooooootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo Martine. Suffer Martine. Laugh Martine. How would you describe the sensations that are exploding inside your tender judicial nyloned flesh as I run my long legal nails from your arches to your lovely toes?”

Martine tried to resist, tried not to satisfy Carmellia with an answer. But a delicious urge twisted her entrails and she smiled as she replied helplessly: “HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, it twirls inside my flesh, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, it dances, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAhahahahaha, it gives me this urge to laugh. HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, no more, no more, no more, I’m dying, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha,” begged uselessly Martine.

Carmellia then attacked the weakest part of Martine’s stockinged foot-bottoms: her arches. She dug her nails deep inside them, from just under the balls of Martine’s feet to the beginning of her heels. Martine’s arches were high, strong and smooth to the touch thanks to her delicious pantyhose, which were just as smooth as those her secretaries were wearing. “How long did you tickle me, soft Martine?”

“HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, a delicious three hours in all, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I love your hose, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I love their color and their texture, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAhahahaha, and I love your suffering,” replied Martine, who this time didn’t even try to resist the urge of saying the truth.

“Then, that’s how long I’m going to tickle your gorgeous stockinged foot-bottoms. Kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, Judge Martine Ticklish,” teased Carmellia, as she scratched Martine’s judicial arches, eliciting pain from every nerve receptors which was then converted into sweet laughter. “Kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, Judge Ticklish. Squirm for a few hours Martine. Suffer. Suffer like I’ve suffered when you tickled the bottoms of my dark-blue nylons,” teased Carmellia, as she dragged her nails across the judicial arches of sensitive Martine.

And Martine squirmed. And she laughed. She couldn’t stop. For a long time, she felt Carmellia tickle her arches before paying a visit to her toes again, which Martine found to be oversensitive, especially when Carmellia pushed her nails deep inside her nylons, touching those little areas in between her immobile judicial toes. With tears in her eyes, Martine laughed helplessly and understood that Carmellia now possessed not only her soles but also her soul. And these tears started flowing down her cheeks when Carmellia began an up and down the plantar attack going from Martine’s heels to her toes before starting again over a different part of her toes and slowly make its way to her heels, which were more ticklish than she thought.

“That’s it Martine. Die of laughter Martine. Get fatigued Martine. Kiiiiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili kootchy-koo, Judge Ticklish. You’ll be happy to know that you’ve gone through a delectable hour of uninterrupted nylon tickle torture. Aren’t you happy that you’re dying of laughter Judge Ticklish?”

Again in Martine’s mind, the truth trigger was set off and she was forced to reply: “HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, no, don’t, don’t please, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAhahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAhahahahaha, don’t tickle me to death. HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, I’m so ticklish, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, my soles are burning with ticklish feelings”, replied Martine truthfully. “HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, your nails are so sharp, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha,” she added before a fresh batch of laughter crossed her lips.

Suddenly and quickly, Carmellia placed two tickle energy collecting devices on Martine’s soles. The other ends of the devices were already placed on her tits and her panties. Like she had done her secretaries, she was now going to drive Martine wild with pleasure and torture. It didn’t take long for the device to make Martine’s bra and panties vibrate softly at regular intervals as it converted the ticklish energy she was feeling into vibrations her bra and panties were helpless to resist. Martine just couldn’t understand how she could feel excitement at being tickle tortured. “HAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, oooooooooooooooooooooh, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAhahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, ooooooooooooooooooooooh, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAhahahahahaha, HAAAAAAAAAAAhahahahaha, ooooooooooh, oooooooooh, ooooooooh” laughed and moaned Martine.

“Oooh, I see. Your judicial foot-bottoms enjoy being tickled. Oh then, kooootchy, kootchy, kootchy-koo, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, tickle-koo, ticklish Martine. You know I so enjoy tickling beige nylons, all you had to do was ask. Do you like it when my nails scratch the smooth material covering your helpless judicial soles so as to make you laugh and moan? I think you’re very orgasmic Judge Ticklish,” teased Carmellia.

Martine was confused. Her tits were so hard, they were about to go through her bra. And what of this absolutely delectable vibration that shook her panties and her bra every 15 seconds or so. Martine’s mind weakened greatly. She was less and less able to resist Carmellia’s stimulations. As another hour of tickle torture passed, Martine was shaken by at least four orgasms, slow orgasms, whose pleasure intermingled with the pain her soles were feeling.

“Tickle, tickle, ticklegasm, Martine. Oh what a sweet and soft ticklish Judge you are, Martine. Kiiiiili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, on the bottoms of your toes Martine, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, kili, on the bottoms of your arches helpless Martine. Are you still there, touchy Martine? What, not enough pleasure? Let me help you,” stated Carmellia as she picked up two magic wands, placed one on each of Martine’s judicial soles and turned them on.

Instantly, weak Judge Martine was rocked by several orgasms. In a maze of pleasure, she didn’t even remember filling electronically the documents changing her last name to Ticklish. As Martine was dancing with joy in her chair, Carmellia excitedly sent the documents away electronically and told Martine: “In a couple of weeks, you’ll be Ms. Ticklish as well.”

The End